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RachelReduces Reply

What a horrible tale, with so many twists and turns. I hope she’s continuing to get help.

ObesetoBeast Reply

Thank you so much for watching! I love you all very much <3

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    Casimira26 Reply

    I think the original video link is wrong

    Kx Reply

    your decoration is cute and you look great

    laurence apitz Reply

    @Casimira26 apparently it was taken down because she got doxed

    Casimira26 Reply

    @laurence apitz oh no! That’s so unfortunate! I have seen her last video now. People can be incredibly awful 🙁

    Casimira26 Reply

    @Nathan Fielder’s Voice how do you know? Is there a link to any proof of it?

isaac jones Reply

okay, horrifying content aside… that denim jacket looks good as hell on you

    Puddah Mae Reply

    Ow Ow!!! Don’t be blushing now ☺

    Sava 123 Reply


    Maggie Probst Reply


    Shannon Hardimon Reply

    Can confirm 💦

    SaintAlessa Reply

    @69SalterStreet he wouldn’t look good in fashion nova clothes…nobody does 😂

Art of facts 96 Reply

This sounds like an episode of American Horror story

    Selena Vasquez Reply

    I got Black Mirror vibes

    LittleMonster gang Reply


    Annabelle nolan Reply

    no DON’T check out Feed. that movie is traumatizing

    Ila Gngngn Reply

    @PlanetSleaze Feed doesn’t talk about feederism..

    Ila Gngngn Reply

    It’s like in American Horror Story Freak Show when the main guy feeds the circus girl.. Maybe that’s why it looks so much like an AHS season xD

Musikenna Reply

Feederism should not exist

    LittleMonster gang Reply


    Bastiph Reply

    That’s sad af ppl need some dignity

    Melanie H Reply

    @Stephanie Charriere Yeah, no Stephanie. It is completely different

    Big UwU Bill Reply

    why are you literally everywhere i-

    Roxas Sora Reply

    Yes. It’s harmful.

Missy Lee Reply

this whole story is like an episode of black mirror! wow

Marie Reply

I have a really hard time believing that any woman (or man, but let’s be honest its usually women) is happy in a feeder relationship. It’s much more likely that they have low self-esteem from being obese and they fall into a trap. They may think they are happy, but they are not.

    Brooklynn Mcloud Reply

    It reminds me more of like an addict and an enabler to the extreme.

    V A Reply

    They are ‘happy’ because they’re being fed duh

    Melanie H Reply

    That’s exactly what it is

    hori zon Reply

    Actually a huge Part of the feederism community are gay men. So there are also a lot men who could suffer in a feederism relationship.

    Sydney Barrett Reply

    It’s tied to dominance and submission I’m sure they are probably getting all their kinks

LH Gunn Reply

I think a huge issue here isn’t the feeder/feedee relationship alone, but the lack of consent in this obviously sexual act. like, rachel didn’t know this was sexual, therefore she couldn’t consent to being in a feeder/feedee relationship. THAT is disgusting. Truly.

    Personne Ici Reply

    Plus the emotional abuse and extortion.

    unicornalq11 Reply

    Yeah, like I don’t agree with it but if you’re two adults in a relationship then you can do whatever the two of you mutually decide on. Doing ANYTHING of this sort non consensually is evil

    Sian Kershaw Reply

    Right!? Why not just be open about that being your thing, otherwise its essentially coercion…

    Melanie H Reply

    A feeder/feedee relationship is horrific and disgusting enough without all of the other stuff on top.

    Feederism is never consensual. It can’t be as the feedee has an addiction and trauma issues underneath, they’re not in their right mind to make the full decision on their own.

    Makeda Dey Reply

    @Melanie H Exactly!

Derek Davis Reply

I have a lot to say about this “terrifying world.” It’s way more than a terrifying world, it is pure evil. In a nutshell, over five years ago I was with a guy who I had no idea was into this fetish. And he was really good at hiding this. I kinda attribute this to the fact that I didn’t know this was a thing back then. It wasn’t until my ankles really started to kill me and ending up in the hospital that I realized this relationship was abusive. I ended up having a very nasty breakup with this person, and unfortunately, he brought a good amount of gay people to his side. Because of what he did, I can’t even attend a lot of LGBT events without encountering some form of hostility. I mean, it’s tough enough being overweight and gay, but now I have THAT added on. Not to mention that I continually get messaged by feeders on apps. the last person who messaged me didn’t waste any breath in asking if I wanted to be fed, so I responded back with, “Only if you wanna sign my death certificate.”

Feederism can go die in a hole!

    Derek Davis Reply

    @Helen Voss I wish I could. My life is one horror story after another lmao but I’m glad I have at least three good friends who keep me sane.

    Helen Voss Reply

    @Derek Davis Good friends are more precious than gold.😊. Take care.

    Oriana Blair Reply

    Aww I’m so sorry this happened to. I’m here for you if you need to talk. 💖💖🥺

    Dizzie Lazickas Reply

    Here’s my email if you ever want to talk <3 I’m here for you!!! I’m in the LGBTQ community and I’ll be a friend!

Annie Reply

I feel so sorry for this woman and I pray she can heal from such a horrible ordeal.

Kandace Ritter Reply

I almost got caught up in feederism without consent in a relationship. He ended up cheating with a bunch of others who were bigger than me and had those girls come after me. He expected me to eat extra large pizzas as snacks and was so insane. Thankfully I wasnt wrapped up like she was. It’s so sad what people will do to others

    Anna W Reply

    Glad that you got out of that situation early <3

    mmmmmmm Reply

    Even when it’s with consent, there are fetishes that should never be fulfilled outside of the fiction realm (feederism, amputations, ppl who gets sexually excited about being stabbed and stabbing, etc). I am glad you are out!!

    Melanie H Reply

    Evil sick man, and his pick me death fatty side chick. Wow. I hope she wises up and gets out as well.

TheDilemma76 Reply

I hate feeders and feederism so much. They are abusive and are all about making the woman become completely dependent on them and dominate their lives. They have creeped me out for so long and I’ll never date any of them. This poor girl didn’t know what she got into and they weren’t allowed to make an informed consent to the relationship. They prey on women that new to an area or have low self esteem.

    M.T.N. Entertainment Reply

    You do realize there are woman feeders and male feedees right?

    Melanie H Reply

    @M.T.N. Entertainment It’s extremely less in amount compared to male feeders hunting bigger females to harm.

    M.T.N. Entertainment Reply

    @Melanie H not from the data I could see. It seems that the biggest groups in these relationships are homosexual males, followed by male feeder/female feedee, then vice versa at a similar level. But much like domestic violence, the actual data tends to contradict public perception so most people just reject the data

    Elmo The Fried Waffle King Reply

    @M.T.N. Entertainment yeah yeah, men are super oppressed and 90% of women are abusive blablabla. The majority of feeders ARE men, in fact men are always over represented in fetish communities. get over it.

    M.T.N. Entertainment Reply

    @Elmo The Fried Waffle King nice straw man you are building, don’t let the breeze blow it over before you do

Des Des Reply

This guy violated her in some way many ways. Disgusting.

GIChiyo Reply

Moving that fast was a huge red flag, this poor woman…

    Ana Estrada Reply

    True! And having separate rooms and clothed sex also! Huge red flags right there.

Tieia Middleton Reply

This subject is so dangerous. I’ve seen a documentary where a woman became bed bound and her feeder LEFT. Her adult sons came to her rescue and helped her become mobile again. I don’t understand how slowly killing someone in sexy.

    Shadow Sun Reply

    They want control and power.

    Tieia Middleton Reply

    @Shadow Sun it’s so icky. I don’t mean that in a juvenile way. It makes me uncomfortable in my own skin.

    Tara Siano Reply

    What was the name of the documentary? That’s so stressful, like I need to watch to see her get better

    Personne Ici Reply

    That can be part of it for some people. They feed the person until they’re bed bound and completely dependent and then starve them.

    kazzuo The Great Reply

    Is that the lady that he encouraged her to go up to 800pounds ?

0Lottee0 Reply

That’s horrific and I am so deeply sorry for this girl. I noticed she kept saying he didn’t physically abuse her because he never directly hit her but I would argue strongly that he very much DID physically abuse her; throwing things at her (whether they made contact or not), forcing her into sex work (sex work isn’t exclusively direct sexual contact, it includes stuff like strippers and ‘cam girls’ and such), threatening her with revenge porn (which is widely gaining criminal consequences in different countries/states), forcing her into homelessness when she was an equal renter, and forcing her into his fetish without her even knowing it was happening (and therefore did not/could not consent). I am not at all downplaying emotional abuse but I very much do think he ALSO physically abused her.

There isn’t enough time on this planet to delve into the psychology behind certain fetishes and at the end of the day if everyone involved is a consenting adult it isn’t really my business to psychoanalyze their sex life. But there is a big difference between equal participation in a fetish and abusing/manipulating/coercing your partner into it, there’s a big difference between true honest enthusiastic consent and literally hiding that your actions are sexual/fetish in nature because your partner doesn’t understand it’s even happening. That’s not just morally reprehensible, I think it’s an act of sexual misconduct.

    Personne Ici Reply

    Good points. I want to mention the term “indirect violence”. That’s breaking things, throwing things, and slamming doors. It is scary and it’s meant to intimidate. It can easily escalate to direct violence too.

    Stacy Sollitt Reply

    Thank you! I was about to say the same thing.

    Melanie H Reply

    I don’t believe BBW women with low self esteem/mental health issues who are actively hunted by feeder men can consent. I don’t think they are of sound mind to. I was one, I wasn’t of sound mind to consent.

GroovyGroot Reply

Near the end of the video when she said “its killing women” I think she was just referring to feeder relationships and not just being super overweight, because (I could be wrong) but I think its way more common for the dynamic in those relationships to be the women who’s the one who is being fed/force fed

    Holly Flannery Reply

    definitely way more common, there’s a reason BBW porn is huge

    Good N' Plenty Reply

    Exactly, abusive relationships (emotional, physical, feeder, etc.) harm women 98% of the time, and all of them can lead to death, by your own hands or your partner’s.

JJ Nevertheless Reply

“Just let me know where he lives…I just wanna talk” – you need any backup? 😏

    Roxas Sora Reply

    I got chairs

BlueSpiritFire1 Reply

I know she said there was no physical abuse, as in physical violence, but it seems to me like what he was doing _was_ physical abuse…

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