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Jakayla Stories Reply

You don’t love yourself if you don’ take care of yourself.

    Emily Detert Reply

    I don’t take care of myself and that’s true 🙁

    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    @Emily Detert Start with one little step!

    noone Reply

    I kinda love myself I’m just depressed 😔

    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    noone sorry to hear, sometimes working out helps with the feeling of being depressed.

    noone Reply

    @Coach – Cedric Zebaze thank you. That is true. I’ll give it a try. Maybe just start walking or something

Monkey Ming Reply

Seeing #Effyourhealthstandards made me not only incredibly pissed but also quite scared. These people are so obsessed with not changing, they will willingly hurt their body just to prove a point

    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    Yeah, we gotta put the truth out!

    A person trying to find a decent username2730 Reply

    Let natural selection do its job at this point. I’m tired arguing some sense with those idiots.

    brvihu Reply

    A person trying to find a decent username2730 That’s hard when it affects people we care about.

    Nic Pic Reply

    My worry is young people buying into this crap.

artvandelaythe3rd Reply

Kiana is so well spoken and her videos are excellent. She deserves a lot more attention

    pasta is good Reply

    i really like her but i was kinda scared of her at first tbh cause she reminded me of classically abby lol

    Elizabeth Coleman Reply

    pasta is good her voice sounds like roaming millennial and it freaked me out. But yes.

    Harshita Singh Reply

    You have to check out some of her other videos!!! They are very well researched and put together. The topics she chooses are really interesting

    Reckless Rioux Reply

    @pasta is good 😅 me too

    MademoiselleCl3 Reply

    YES Im so hyped that John talked about her work <3 <3

AdamarisCraftsss Reply

She has a beautiful face, she’s lucky she doesn’t carry the weight there as much as most people do. But even as an overweight woman myself, I don’t find her as inspiration for self love or body positivity. I see what I see in myself, an unhealthy body.

    EUC Xing Reply

    AdamarisCraftsss…I respect you and your honesty. Tess is lying to herself and everyone else. Can’t respect that.

    CPT B Reply

    Tess has stated several times that she gets “non surgical enhancements” to her face, so likely Kybella to dissolve what would be a larger double or triple chin and jowly cheeks, if she was completely natural

    Anastasia Anxiety Reply

    She gets plastic surgery

    Angela Hairston Reply

    Agreed with you and the ones above.

    As a 5’2” woman who used to weigh 285 pounds, I did not relate to T. Holliday.

    I’m still overweight now even after 100 pounds lost and even though I love how I look (in an overweight body), I still do not relate to Tess.

    The way I feel since I’ve lost the weight could NEVER be replaced by acceptance (or lack thereof) from any group of people…no matter how popular.

    LorraineVirginie Reply

    Yeah this is why she was able to make her career. If she had a fat face it wouldn’t have happened.

Plus Size In Canada Reply

Respect at every size – yes!
Love at every size – yes!
Health at every size – sorry, no.
I’m a plus size girl (former HAES believer) on a mission to get my health back!!
I’ve gone down from a 3X to a straight size XL in only 2 months! 💜🥰
Thanks as always John, for preaching TRUTH 🙌🏼

    hektik Reply

    Great job not falling for a load of propaganda. Being genuinely healthy is hard work. But the rewards are so worth it

    Diane Martel Reply

    Plus Size In Canada
    I’ve gone from a 3XL to slightly under a medium/not quite a small in a year and a few months. I was not healthy, no way.

    Karla Malan Reply

    You are awesome! Well done girl💕

    Duh Bruhh Reply


    Cat Reply

    @hektik definitely!!!!

Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

it’s easy to preach HAES and FA..when they are all aged between 20s and 30s..they will change their tune, real quick, when they hit their 40s
It’s basically a YOLO/pleasure first mindset.. people that YOLO are gamblers, people on wallstreetbets and risk takers.

    Michelle Mae Simplicio Reply


    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    Lea Green hey wow ! Crazy story, i would love to feature It on my channel one day. I have to do research and verify/confirm the age ranges of all haes and FA (the most popular ones) it’s a theory I have but there should be a disclaimer when people are preaching their ideals. Also congrats for keeping off the weight. Maintenance is a goal not a plateau, especially through tough times!

    Sharice Bryant Reply

    Exactly. If you don’t watch your diet and get some type of physical activity starting in your 30’s life gets harder once you reach your 40’s and have yet to take care of yourself

    Nic Pic Reply

    This may be off topic but the primary reason I do not believe TH that she can keep up with her children is her belly. I recall when I was in the final trimester of my second pregnancy, I dropped my keys and just as I was thinking how to negotiate getting them off the floor, my older five year old daughter piped up saying “don’t worry mommy I will get them for you I know you cannot bend”. She does not look like someone who can bend. Total BS from Tess about keeping up.

    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    Nic Pic nope right on topic! Great point 👍🏾

S C Reply

I think a lot of women on HAES are just so sick of sexism intersecting with fatphobia, and want to either be left alone or be recognised as people with voices. That’s definitely my own personal attraction to it, until I had an epiphany that I can reject sexism and fatphobia (and racism for that matter) whilst also beginning my weight loss journey and making it easier for myself to move around, getting rid of daily headaches (from all that sugar). I remember when I had the epiphany, it was when I was on the phone to my therapist at a park (during lockdown), I was taking about a bunch of things and then just put two and two together and haven’t looked back. Also, I feel like such a warrior since I’ve been able to get better at cardio/weightlifting. It’s been very personally empowering to make these discoveries.

    Christina B Reply

    @Cat Ooh, burn🥱Who said you had to choose between one or the other? Probably a lazy person 😉 Go do something useful

    Cat Reply

    @Christina B this is hilarious. Are you offended snowflake? So, you’re not obese? You could spend your time doing something useful instead of whining on the internet because you’re fat.

    Grave Heart Reply

    @Cat Why don’t you follow your own advice and find something more productive to do?Cause bitching at people that acknowledged they’ve made mistakes and want to improve themselves ain’t it.

    Little Anina Reply

    yes that is it. just leave fat people be, why are there so many angry videos about us? just workout and shut up…

    Christina B Reply

    @Cat Aww looks like I hit a nerve 😉 Maybe one day you and your imaginary friends can scrape together enough brains cells to understand how someone can be athletic, compassionate and reasonable all at the same time. Better yet, maybe you’ll even manage to take the pacifier out of your mouth and become one of those things. Miracles happen, right?😙

EUC Xing Reply

I’m not a big fan of Jo Rogan but he is on point about health. There is beauty at every size but not healthy at every size. Tess is pretty much digging her own grave.

    some rando Reply

    John: “Well, knowing Joe Rogan and Ethan from h3h3, they’re comedians…”
    Me: [holds up air-quotes around the word “comedians”]

    This is one where I can sympathize with both sides. Joe and Ethan are both assholes, and nowhere is that more evident than in the two clips that Kiana chose to highlight, so I can understand if Tess Holliday’s particular brand of HAES activism came about as a way to stick it to those who would make fun of others for trying to live their best life even as an obese person. I’m personally reminded of the multiple people who have shouted at me out of their car windows as I walked by… yeah, not helpful.

    But at the same time, when you’re that overweight, is there even a “best life” to live… and for how long? And I say that as someone with a BMI of 42 myself, so some people may say I’m a hypocrite, but really I don’t think anyone can live their best life at my size OR hers. I think part of loving yourself and loving your body has to be to make it as nice to live in as it can be.

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    @some rando joes right ethans right, the term comedian used by john is meant that theyre blunt in conversations like most comedians are

    Swedish Mango Reply

    I love joe 😀 he’s a great guy and comedian. His comedy is a little too dark sometimes for my taste but he’s cool

    EUC Xing Reply

    some rando…I love that! Love your body enough to make it the best to live in as possible!

Haley Reply

This body has no limits rhetoric the extreme side of HAES preaches is so hypocritical. They certainly agree the body has limits if you are severely underweight, but hundreds of pounds overweight no, not a problem at all.

Aleksandra Zdan Reply

You can’t be healthy at that size! I’m not even half of her and I have health issues and trying to get to a healthy weight. I think she has underlying issues that she doesn’t admit to.

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    She cant walk more than a mile, she’s just pretending there’s no issue.

    Nic Pic Reply

    somebodyonce toldme can she even walk a mile? Not being horrible just realistic.

dillon cruz Reply

Just a question as I’m watching this video. Shouldn’t the strongest claim that body influencers can make should be that they are sustainably healthy? (In a physical sense) Otherwise these claims of health seem quite shallow

Ryro Simeone Reply

Tess Holliday and her minions have officially gone quackers. Absolutely ridiculous propaganda being spread. Sad thing is most of them really do believe everything they say.

Kaugummiqueen Bloggerin Reply

The mother of a good friend just died a few days ago due to complications because of her morbid obesity. She was 52. Yeah, Tess is young and may be healthy now. But she won’t stay young forever.

    Carrie Reply

    I know a woman about that same age – she can’t bathe herself, cleanse after toileting, basically do anything at all and now has suffered a major stroke. All likely could have been prevented had she lost weight. We all think we are invincible when we’re young, and we all think we are right all the time when we are young.

    dreamy realist Reply

    @Carrie I work in a hospital. Roughly 95% of people I encounter who have strokes, diabetic complications, etc in middle age or younger are obese. There are those who are not obese, but those rare cases are usually heavy smokers, drinkers, and don’t have anything close to a healthy diet.

    Nic Pic Reply

    A friend who is 53 had a stroke at 51 and lost his toe this year, yeah he was diabetic before both.

Becca K Reply

My problem with Tess isn’t that she’s a model or successful or even a “role model” to a lot of women. I think it’s great that a plus size woman exists in a public space. However, my issues is that she claims that she is both healthy and her weight has no potential impact on her health. As much as we should all “want” to be healthy and strive for health, that’s each person’s individual choice. If someone wants to make unhealthy choices or decides to “stay fat,” that’s 100% their choice. But don’t spread false information that weight and unhealthy lifestyle choices have NO impact on your health. Sure, maybe you’ll get lucky and will be fat with no chronic health issues. But personally, I’m not taking that chance. 13 lbs down, 175-200ish to go. Taking it one day at a time! John, thanks for your insightful commentary as always <3

Sara Angel Reply

I do believe that there is some level of “fat phobia” in society, or at least discrimination: for example clothing sizes (specially for women) that are not realistic at all, or assuming that a fat person is ugly just because they are fat (this “phobia” DOES NOT apply when it comes to health and security, for example, a maximum size allowed for a rollercoaster ride), but society does have a role in putting people that do not conform to society’s expectations down (i guess this applies to more than just how fat you are), and saying “beautiful at every size” is something i support… i do not, however, support health at every size because that is a freaking lie.

They always mention BMI, and sure, BMI is just one measurement, and i guess a high BMI in a very muscular person is not synonymous with unhealthy, but for the average person it is more of an applied guideline.

Also, Tess is YOUNG, she is supposed to have “clean” labs because SHE IS YOUNG.
Oh, and Tess has a beautiful face, she is walking proof that you can be beautiful and obese, but definitely not healthy.

Also, as someone that works in the food industry, i believe that the food industry in general is in some level “violent” in the sense that it is causing harm to people with the large servings, excess use of sodium and sugar, and so on for convenience food that is NEEDED in the era we live in right now, where we can’t go back home for lunch and then back to work for the rest of the day.

There is beautiful at every size, and you can definitely love yourself at every size (you should love yourself, actually), but there is no health at every size.

Oh, also, don’t look at someone who is overweight and automatically think that they don’t love themselves because they are fat, you cannot guarantee that they are not doing what they can at that point in time to be more healthy. Also, health is a lot more than physical appearance, but there are some points where you know it’s not right, like Eugenia Cooney or Tess Holiday.

    Kristin Dille Reply

    💯 Perfectly said!

    Tina Reply

    Say it louder for the people in the back!

    Alejandra Moreno Reply

    clothing sizes are not discriminatory, as many are vanity sizes and I as a 5ft 4, 150lb person can always manage to find clothes that fit me, outside the teen shops. Being morbidly obese is not like having a birthmark on your face or anything you are born with. Nobody is born like that, it is a process caused in part by poverty and the economic system. There were hardly any morbidly obese people in the 1960s, was it because people were somehow made differently then? Was society more accepting? No, people just had less access to crap food.

    Nic Pic Reply

    I agree with the other poster that sizing is vanity sizing. I think the hostile food environment propped up by the terrible low fat advice we have had for the past forty years is more valid. America is the worst for bad ingredients, advertising, portion sizes and the world is now following very rapidly.

    Kiki D Reply

    @Alejandra Moreno yeah the “clothing sizes are unrealistic” threw me off unless they mean that the numbers don’t make sense? Like it would be nice if women’s clothing went by waist and bust size. Would make it way easier to figure out if I need a x-small, small, or medium since they’re so inconsistent.

Hailey Abecassis Reply

When you already watched Kiana’a entire video but you love John’s perspective and watch all of his videos 👀

    Rhea m Reply


    Licorne Reply

    Guilty as charged 👉👈

    Brianna Noel Reply

    Literally just finished watching Kiana’s video and clicked on this next 😅

Kathleen Barney Reply

As someone who has lost 162 pounds and gone from class 3 obesity with a 54 BMI to overweight with a 26 BMI. Thank you for point out there is a massive difference healthwise. Lately I see far too many people who act like those are interchangeable yet they aren’t. My doctors are all thrilled with my weight loss and improvement to my health. I have so much loose skin it’s keeping me in the overweight category on the BMI by 8 pounds. I get concern trolled online about being overweight and “unhealthy” still. I was unhealthy with a 54 BMI. At a 26 BMI my doctor says I am healthy and he’s been my PCP for 11 years. I did do permanant damage to my knees and have osteoarthritis due to my former weight. Tess is only 4 years younger than I am.

    James Wong Reply

    Cheers to your success mate.

    Blue M Reply

    congrats 🙌

Sebastiann Kyle Reply

There is no way that she is healthy with the diet that she consumes making her morbidly obese. If she was eating whole/real food there would be no way for her to eat that much to be that size. I love when they bring up the “66 billion dollar diet industry” but never mentioned the soda/processed/fast food industries worth trillions of dollars. If she honestly exercises it lowers her cancer risk, but shes much more likely to get cancer from the crap she’s eating.

    Coach - Cedric Zebaze Reply

    Sebastiann Kyle my point exactly! 100% screaming this to the roof top!

Vivi L Reply

I’ve used calorie counting to relearn portion sizes and regain a healthy relationship with food! It’s been so helpful in visualizing what’s “enough” for my body and my needs. It was also paired with a calorie deficit, but that deficit was only to lose .5-1lb/week. I’m down almost 40 pounds now (that was my goal, I’m at 37.5 down) and am slowly moving towards building an intuitive eating relationship with food. Baby steps are so important!

    blankonga Reply

    hi I’m trying to do the same but it’s hard because I’m used to the fast results of crash diets so it’s encouraging to see someone that has a similar goal being successful. I’m in my second month and I already lost 2 kg but I stop weighting myself because it’s frustrating when I see the changes but I don’t loose weight

    Vivi L Reply

    @blankonga good luck! You can do it for sure. I started losing weight May 2019 and only really got within five pounds of my goal in the past two months. Taking it slow and steady is definitely the way to go. Also, you don’t have to buy new clothes/tailor old ones as fast. I’m down 3 sizes and only two months ago bought a little new clothing (4 pairs of jeans) because my belts weren’t cutting it. I don’t feel panicked about food or get mad about going over my calories like I used to when I’d go on an extreme deficit. I also started my goals with a middle weight on my way to my goal weight so I wasn’t getting frustrated and I could celebrate small steps with a new pair of leggings or makeup etc to celebrate in small ways. Keep your head up!

    zoé Caudron Reply

    What I also did with that was buy new, smaller plates – I realised that a “normal” portion looked super tiny and not enough in my usual big plates, and that skewed my idea of how much food was necessary!

UncleSmack Reply

“Weight loss is pushed by corporations and capitalism”, as the chicken and broccoli barons evilly count their money, MUAHAHAHA! 🙄

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