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Huge Slipknot Maggot 4 Life Reply

HAES is a lie we shouldn’t be misled. Those who mislead people should be paid penance.

    The Natural Reply

    That’s nearly the whole world!

Magz r Reply

👍❤ glad people are speaking out

Smiling While Thriving Reply

This is exactly what killed my mom at age 49. She ate herself to death and I was a “bigot” when I told her she’d die. I was a fat kid myself believing it was “genetic” and lost it at age 15. I only landed here from landing on ALR’s videos when she was claiming to be the spokeswoman for “bipolar”.

    th1smomentisfate Reply

    When confronted with our addictions we tend to react with anger. I’ve been there myself. I hope you’ll have peace and can remember the positive instead of the negative when it comes to your mom. My own mom passed in oct/2016.

Rachel S Reply

As someone who’s 180 pounds and looking to get back down to 135 pounds, this gal is an inspiration!!

My sister has followed HAES whereas, a few years ago, I joined a community that told me I could lose weight and was turning the HAES BS on its head. I worry about my sister since she’s bigger but I know I have to look out for my health and what I put in my mouth. I felt sad for myself at regaining the weight back but I know that can’t help me lose the weight I want!!

Maaggiie D Reply

Can you talk about the difference in how being overweight is viewed and talked about compared to being underweight? From medical problems I was underweight and I hated that girls wanted to look like me and complimented me when I was sick. Now I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been which is healthy for my height and I’m going to the gym to get strong! I lost all strength in my legs last year and had to learn to walk again. Your videos helped motivate me so much. So thankyou!

    Melissa L Reply

    Woot woot! Best of luck! Get that strength. Rootin for ya.

    Roxas Sora Reply

    Both extremes are bad

Kristian Hellwege Reply

The timing of this is wild. You brought up Holiday but it was Torvar who recently tore into someone who had a heart attack because of their weight. Torvar went full Chantal in that one.

    Roxas Sora Reply

    I call her Virgin Crowbar. It’s mean but it’s funny

Davo Reply

Yo am I trippin or is her fan in background lagging 😂😂😂

pgm Reply

I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I’m turning 17 next month. I’m determined to get ahead of this weight issue so that I don’t have to deal with anymore complications (I can already feel my body feeling the negative affects of obesity). I deserve to live life to the fullest!!💕✌🏿
side note: my mom’s also a nurse. coolest woman ever!

Mindfulness With Sarah Reply

i’m sorry but her low key demon possessed fan is REALLY distracting

    Jenn Righter Reply

    Didn’t notice it but now I’m shook.

    Mindfulness With Sarah Reply

    @Jenn Righter once you see it you can’t unsee it 😅

    Breathless Mahoney Reply

    You’re making everyone notice it lol! It is like one of those possessed faces that go back and forth like it

    Bri Reply

    Lmao! I think its like that because he sped up the video.

    Paige Dawson Reply

    It looks like that because he sped up the video

Garbon Ratslayer Reply

The reason all these people say they’re healthy even though they are obese is because they’re still young. Wait until they hit their 40s, they will change their tune then.

Rose K Reply

the fan is bout to give me a seizure

E K Reply

I’m coming out of a 2 year trip down the HAES rabbit hole. 30 lbs down 😀

    Alhan A Reply

    Good for you! Keep it up.

    E K Reply

    Alhan A thank you!

AngelSamBooks Reply

‘I don’t think you should love yourself to death’. Whoa that’s definitely powerful.

This has absolutely made it clear to me that HAES is just stupid AF.

Key Reply

The fan looks like it’s glitching and it’s all I can see 😂😭

Jenn Righter Reply

Damn I want to know if it’s just genetics or if she has some secrets to her face and skin at 51! Would’ve guessed her a solid ten years younger.

    Anna Reply

    I’m almost 40 XD

    The Natural Reply

    With all the cosmetics and treatments available, and help on goggle and youtube it’s a lot easier today than it was yesterday

Saz Oneevery Reply

Pretty lady. She looks a lot younger than 50

MamaSwole Reply

That “I don’t think you should love yourself to death” is super eye opening

Bypass to a Leaner Lynn Reply

She makes a lot of sense and we should love ourselves. That doesn’t negate the fact that we have flaws and being very overweight is a flaw. I still think body positivity is an excuse to do nothing about yourself.

Anna Reply

I need to say something about the ‘doctor’s opinion’ toipc: yes they’re superficial if their only answer is gonna be ‘you have to lose weight’…but, if you’re been shot, and you’re into a pool, and you’re bleeding to death, your doctor will always say ‘get out of the pool’ first, because yes you’re bleeding due to a bullet but the water is worsening your condition and he cannot operate you underwater just because you want the ‘real issue’ dealth with first.
Sorry, I’m italian and maybe I make strange examples for you. Is it my point understandable?

    Roxas Sora Reply

    Yes. I mean I agree with you both. I strained my back from Yoga for doing a pose wrong.

    Melissa L Reply

    Yeah no worries. Still very understandable. It’s a useful analogy.

    Mary Reply

    Actually yeah, I like that. There is always one thing that is the most obvious first problem, that you should solve first to make it easier and safer to treat the second problem. Sometimes, solving the first problem solves the second problem. Thank you for your insight⭐

    Morisith Reply

    That is actually a very clever analogy. Not to mention doctors are told to go down the checklist route and check off/look into the most obvious and common cases first – and being overweight is very often the most common issue for a myriad of problems.

    Like I had massive joint pain in my ankle, so my doctor asked me to loose weight, which was frustrating to me because I knew it wasn’t that. but I did it anyways, and when it was still painfull, they did an MRI and turns out – fractured ankle. I would love to be mad and say that they should just have taken a scan right away and not blame it on my weight, but to be completely honest, it was such a small fracture and they had trouble seeing it on the scan – so it’s a fair chance that my extra weight would make it even more difficult to see it and possibly be missed. And loosing the weight put me in a better position to heal from the operation they needed to do to fix it, it also made me heal quicker as I had better blood flow etc.

samantha De Leon Reply

Would you say someone who is 10lbs overweight according to the BMI scale is a large amount to be overweight? I have lost 60lbs from 232-170 & I am 5’8. I am currently happy w/ my weight & am definitely healthier than I was before, I work out everyday and eat healthy throughout the weekdays. Some weekends I do splurge BUT always go back to my healthy diet on the weekdays. This weight is very easy for me to maintain I usually go from 170-172 through a week. My original goal weight was 145 but now I believe it wouldn’t be a weight I would be able to maintain. Should I consider losing those 10 extra lbs ? would it even make a difference? Anyone can answer I just want some opinions & also just curious to see other people’s opinion on this topic. Thanks!

    Myra Marere Reply

    Well i think losing the extra 10 pounds would’nt make a difference in terms of BMI and also since you are happy with your weight, you can definitely stay in 170-172 range. If you still want to lose more weight, just make sure you do it right and stay happy and healthy mentally and physically. Ok bye love ya hope you do well stranger💜💜💜

    Mega N Reply

    BMI is not completely accurate, ofcourse it telling you morbidly overweight and underweight is an indication that it’s not healthy but if you feel good in your body those 10 pounds really don’t mean much. Congrats on your weightloss!!

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