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AJ Leistner Reply

holy crap im actually first

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    You are! Congrats!!!

annie hall Reply

not sure why Im so early, but even though I haven’t watched the vid yet I already know I’ll agree w you!

bash Reply

Its sad that things like this have to be covered. I just don’t understand fat acceptance! There’s always a way to lose weight and be happy

    Chris Wainwright Reply


Kelga80 Reply

I enjoy Dr. Mike. I’ve never heard him be rude to anyone. I find both you and Mike to be the most respectful YouTubers.

    someinteresting Reply

    Sadly, he was very unpleasant towards another doctor and I unsubscribed. But I’ve not seen “fatphobia”.

    A Reply

    @someinteresting really? I didn’t know that, could you elaborate some more please?

    Shadowcast Prime Reply

    @someinteresting Really?when?

Deji D Reply

Am I the only one that thinks this guy kinda looks and sounds like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker?

    pfg Reply

    He’s dressed up as Spiderman in his video with Michelle from ‘my thoughts will probably offend you’ because so many people have said this

ashleymtang Reply

It’s unfortunate that people are criticizing him simply because he doesn’t 100% agree with their opinion. I don’t think fat shaming is okay and I think it’s beautiful for everyone to love their bodies regardless of their size. However, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that obesity significantly increases your risk of many systemic diseases that decrease your lifespan. If doctor’s don’t talk about their patients’ weight, then that would be neglect! It’s their job to educate patients on what they are putting themselves at risk for and to try to help the patient achieve the a healthier life.

libertines Fink Reply

Lol the HAES movement literally tried to argue with a doctor. These idiots don’t know anything about the human body

    A Reply

    they called him ignorant too and said they couldn’t blame him for that since doctors apparently don’t get educated enough on health and nutrition- um what? They really think that they know more than a doctor because they read an unworldly amount of biased websites

    Marney Olson Reply

    Exactly. Imagine being so ignorant and irresponsible for one’s own decisions and argue with a doctor.

    Happy_Healthy_Jenny Reply

    And an educated and respectful doctor at that. There are bad doctors out there. There are arrogant doctors, doctors who think they know everything and still have outdated views, and there are doctors that are heavily biased to the point of neglecting patients’ health. But you can clearly see Dr. Mike’s personality and point of view, and see that he is a doctor who wants to be good for his patients. People just need to stop and think, but that’s too much to ask from certain people 😒

annie hall Reply

BMI is like IQ: not an accurate measure of intelligence (or health) in all scenarios, but points in the right direction 99% of the time.

Star2Be5394 Reply

I don’t watch a lot of Dr. Mike’s videos, but I feel his particular video on this topic was fair, kind, and thoughtful. I think he addressed each point his critics made with a lot of nuance and evidence, and I never once thought he was trying to be cruel or fatphobic. It bothers me that the critics in question made very broad statements about his work and one even admitted they hadn’t watched his videos. That just hurts their individual arguments.

Max Sullivan Reply

dr mike 🤝 obesetobeast – being the two most polite and wholesome youtubers

    Bill Leach Reply

    Good thing we have Alan Roberts to “angry translate.”

faris idzwan Reply

Dr. Mike always tries his best to be polite yet people still find a way to feel offended with him. Lol I don’t take people seriously now.

    Chris Wainwright Reply

    Dr Mike has thin privilege

eman297 361 Reply

Calling Dr. Mike Fatphobic is disgusting (from an obese person)

Kristy McNulty Reply

I loved seeing Every Damn Day Fitness’s anger translation of Dr. Mike as well. Literally the most offensive health YouTuber combined with the most polite. And it was beautiful. I love that y’all are all commenting on this and I’m glad Dr. Mike made this statement because it’s an important one coming from a big platform.

helloqable Reply

Some obese people take any type of criticism as “fatphobic”. When I was obese, I never pretended that I was carrying extra weight for any other reason than taking in too many calories.
I took personal responsibility and didn’t complain. And once I was ready, I made a lifestyle change last February. I’ve now lost 66.5lbs so far. Last 8.5lbs to go.
No need to shame fat people but no need to coddle them either.

Amy B Reply

Lol, at this stage anybody that has ever entered the gym or is remotely interested in nutrition is ‘fatphobic’…the very people that are complaining they get treated differently for their size are the ones building ridiculous social barriers between them and everybody else. It’s nonsensical 🤷‍♀️

Jenn Righter Reply

I watched Mike’s video, and he seemed genuinely hurt by what was said. Of course he addressed it all factually, and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but he seemed distressed by the accusations.
I’ll also point out, I love Mike, especially his videos getting teen boys to have to remember information about menstruation for rewards and his on the street videos. He normalizes topics people are unnecessarily embarrassed to talk about. It’s unfortunate that he was called fat phobic.

Gabi Reply

Knowledge is fatphobic I guess.

    Chris Wainwright Reply

    Dr Mike has thin privilege!!

Haley Reply

Extremists just want to hear that they can eat whatever the hell they want with zero consequences, and anyone stating facts and opposing views is labeled fatphobic.

Fadalerab Rasool Reply

i dont understand why anybody would be mad over someone that is just spitting facts, and not supporting something that is flawed, and dangerous.

Jenn Righter Reply

“So many people let perfect get in the way of good enough”–THE BEST ADVICE ANYONE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT COULD EVER HEAR.

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