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Kyle Lahmeyer Reply

Bro, every nurse I have ever seen is obese.

    Mythian Reply

    and every doctor I’ve seen has been skinny. It’s almost like medical professionals know a lot about health.

    Kyle Lahmeyer Reply

    @Mythian True. I can not think of a single obese doctor I have met. I honestly can not even remember the last time I have seen an overweight doctor. Strange

    JP Reply

    @Kyle Lahmeyer I can. Several physicians I work with are overweight or have abdominal obesity.

    Jasmine Lovely Reply

    Nurses know t’s not good but they are human and have weakness as well and their are some who have more control

    loveyrae84 Reply

    @Kyle Lahmeyer the one who delivered my twins was obese. He wasn’t even my regular OBGYN. He was a complete jerk to me during my labor.

Shelbi Williamson Reply

Here, as an obese nurse, I can say that it is extremely difficult to take care of yourself while giving everything to patients and family. My health is so far down on the list. Trying to work on this.

    ObesetoBeast Reply


    Kesley GEORGE Reply

    You guys have all my support and respect ! Take care of yourself so you can continue take care of others ❤

    Xavier Reply

    You can do it shelbi!!!!

    Lexxi Kay Reply

    this is me. lucky to be able to it down. lucky to be able to take a lunch or even a bathroom break. it’s hard.

    Shelbi Williamson Reply

    @ObesetoBeast down 20lbs so far, even with the dumpster fire 2020 was. Looking forward to what 2021 brings. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kitty PotPie Reply

I feel like youtbe is not telling me when u go live lol

    Here Be Subtitles. Reply

    Well its obviously worth it regardless of subs, haha, I just meant people are really nice and friendly in his Twitch livestreams, not mean like some of the stuff you see on videos about Twitch uploaded to YouTube, haha

    Kitty PotPie Reply

    Ahhhh ok I don’t usually watch his twitch streams cause there usually later in the day.. thank u lol

    Here Be Subtitles. Reply

    @Kitty PotPie – For me his twitch streams always start at my 10am (I’m in NZ, haha) so it always seems early to me 😀 Happy New Year! ^_^

    Kitty PotPie Reply

    There not super late here but at that time it’s family time lol

    Kitty PotPie Reply

    And happy new year to u as well

ObesetoBeast Reply


OfficialDrValenstein Reply

I wonder how many of those people saying nurses are fat and lazy are the same people that the nurses have called fat and lazy.

Walking three feet away doesn’t mean I can’t hear you bitching to your coworker about me being a difficult patient and how sad it is someone so young cares so little for herself.

Nurses are amazing people, don’t get me wrong, however, they are still people and still have a capacity to be people who act shitty, or have bad days, or whatever else.

Crissy G Reply

It goes to show how difficult it is to be healthy!
If you find the Proper Balance in Life count yourself EXTREMELY Fortunate.🙏🙏🙏

Here Be Subtitles. Reply

I haven’t been able to catch the livestreams over the past couple of days, getting house ready for house inspection. I’m so glad you upload these to YouTube though thank you ^_^

JP Reply

Switching to nursing school was actually one of the things that made me want to get in better shape. Lifting 600 lb patients, but also practice what I preach.

alca pone Reply

I drive semi trucks for 11 hours a day and then have to get loaded/unloaded sitting all day in docks but I still get in shape and stay in shape. If you prioritize something, you’ll do it no matter what.. but if you don’t you’ll have a million excuses, truth is not a single of those is valid.

    Emily Durkee Reply

    Do you have a house to clean and kids to take care of after you get off your shift?

loveyrae84 Reply

These are the same people who will die on the hill that eating less than 1,200 Kcalories a day, will stop you from losing weight. I’m glad I saw this. My mom is a nurse, and tells me how to not lose weight. She’s definitely overweight, and probably on the low end of obese. I’m going to keep doing what works for me. If people tell me it’s wrong, I’m just going to write off anything people tell me is wrong, as being part of the misinformation pushed by the establishment. Remember when they told you eat 11 servings of carbs a day? Yeah, don’t do that.

Lavender Blue Reply

You are just a beaming light in the health industry right now. My God. So positive, empowering and honest. I’m so thankful to have found your channel!

Punk Reply

I used to work at Wingstop for the morning shift and the nurses would come in early to get food and they were always overweight and extremely rude for no reason. 🤷‍♀️ I’m not sure why that is, but the general self importance and hypocrisy was notable.

Evelyn Joy Reply

He just described my weight gain as a stay at home mom.

Dalton Campbell Reply

I’m a nursing student and I thought 55% sounded low tbh… I swear if most nurses that I worked with stopped drinking calories they’d all lose 20lbs

RachelReduces Reply

I’m not a Nurse, but I totally identify with being the type of person that gives so much of yourself that it’s difficult to take care of yourself. Being a former business owner, I worried about myself last and wound up well over 400lbs. Dismantling my business and finally taking care of myself allowed me to lose almost 200 lbs. Unfortunately, most Nurses don’t have the convenience of changing Careers. I empathize with those that give so much of themselves each and every day. May they find a way through, and acknowledgement that they are worth taking care of themselves first and foremost.

Strawberry Jam Reply

Not gonna lie, I saw the title of this video pop up in my notifications and almost had a stroke

Emma Toomire Reply

I am a nurse on a busy ward that was COVID at one point. I also work the night shift. I still find time to workout and eat healthy. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I am annoyed that nurses use the fact that they are a nurse as an excuse not to work on their own health. As nurses we need to practice what we preach. This mindset that we care soooo much we don’t care about ourselves is a toxic mindset. It’s almost an excuse to be overweight. “Oh I am overweight, but it’s okay because I am such a wonderful caregiver.” Just my opinion.

Emily Durkee Reply

It goes to show that knowledge doesn’t equal action. I can know everything about how to be healthy but that doesn’t make me healthy

Definit1on Reply

Hey there. I am an obese male hospice nurse who has struggled with weight and i am working on it. Telling some you think that there loves one is gonna die in a few hours takes its toll. I agree it’s not a good example but there are reasons for weight gain rather then just being lazy. Thanks for the video bro

Kimber Nicholson Reply

I’d rather have a big nurse that can support my weight then a little nurse I wouldn’t trust holding my cat.

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