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• Mara • Reply

Last time I was this early,
Amber still had a Lynn on her username

    Anna G Reply

    • Mara • LOL 😂

    Nutri_Mag Reply

    This 😂

    Izabela Ewa Warszawska Reply

    Wait… What? Now I feel like I’ve missed out on some big update…

    a person too Reply

    Izabela Ewa Warszawska yea me too

Ryan Williams Reply

“I know some beauties in Cali, they all be calling me daddy”

Big Mike Loses Reply

Hey JD, where did you find a camera lens wide enough to contain all your beef? Shoulder beef, arm beef, etc. Lotta sweet beef in this vid.

Artem Ogorodnik Reply

I got very lean before my surgery, just because I wanted to maximize my results. Doc said he only removed 990 grams. About 2 pounds or so…

    Knight of Correa Reply

    If you don’t mind me asking, which surgeries did you get and how much was it. I’ve been saving for two years but I’d like to have a better idea.

    Artem Ogorodnik Reply

    Knight of Correa mine was more than average because mine wasn’t just a tummy tuck, it was a lower body lift, back and front. $17.5k

    Izabela Ewa Warszawska Reply

    @Artem Ogorodnik what’s a lower body lift?

chris burns Reply


Natalie Foote Reply

Taking some risks showing off that leg skin, immediately imagined someone accidentally walking in 😂

    fluffieDOOM Reply

    Natalie Foote He is sharing with the whole world, he’d probably be ok 😊

    Christfollower Love Reply

    @fluffieDOOM yeah but its different doing it in front of camera vs someone seeing live footage.

    Natalie Foote Reply

    Just sayin that from the looks of that thumbnail, by surprise that might raise an eyebrow

Jessie GetsFit Reply

That’s what I the most afraid of, how my skin will look after I reach my goal weight…

    Ambi Cahira Reply

    I think it’s such a common fear as women is particular but when you choose heavy weight holding you back versus wellness and freedom to move and live any way you want then nothing is as expensive as the feeling of healthy. It takes time to adjust to a changed body but like women after pregnancy you can find pride in your body for going through a lot and taking you through so much. Discovering new freedoms you didn’t realize was difficult gives such a unique joy that it is priceless <3

    PerrySport Reply

    It can’t be worse than being obese right?

    Jessie GetsFit Reply

    @PerrySport i guess not, but still makes your insecurities go crazy…

    Izabela Ewa Warszawska Reply

    @Ambi Cahira this!

    zachary bounds Reply

    It depends on alot of factors i lost 160 and i have some on my stomach and legs but i lost my weight slowly but some people lose it slowly and still have alot of loose skin it depends just 100% on each person

Weightbegone couple Reply

Love your vids bro..weighed in today and i loss 80.6lbs since October 1st 2019..watching your vids help alot thank you❤

    Creegan Richards Reply

    great job my guy!!

Its always Tegan Reply

You’re so freaking inspirational. I know everyone says that but you truly are, John. Thank you for helping me & I’m sure so many others stay on track and show anyone of any body type, any weight, going through any battle can learn to live a healthy and even fit lifestyle!

Courtney Benson Reply

So was this just an excuse to strip for us 😅

Ash Jacky Reply

You are like my real life superhero, watching you go through your huge transformation and watching your dedication and positivity is such an encouraging thing to see.

Ps: I’ve just notice it now, but you look a lot like Peter Parker in The new Spider-Man movies… not even the actor, you are Peter Parker 😂😂

Katia Reply

Okay, so thank you so much for your loose skin videos. I watched your collab video where you guys talked about the scars after the surgeries- and decided to get the surgeries, because I prefer the scars over the loose skin. And now after watching this video, I know I have to be leaner at least for the surgeries. I lost 90 pounds, but the amount of my loose skin is INSANE. And there is some fat in there for sure. Don’t know what I’d do without your vids. I know no one who lost 90 pounds, has loose skin or considers surgeries. Not to mention that there is very little info in Russian about that!!! Thank you, you are very helpful!!!

Power Wagon Reply

You are such an inspiration! In down to 252 pounds. At my heaviest, I was 465 pounds. Im having so many issues with my loose skin. I need a circumferential body lift. It is impossible to fill in all the loose skin. Thanks for all of your posts!

    Knight of Correa Reply

    Try to stuff yourself with a bunch of whole filling foods first like chicken, popcorn, vegetables, oatmeal, sandwiches etc. I’ve lost 150lbs and have had quite a few bingeing episodes. A lot of liquids help out too.

    J R Reply

    @Knight of Correa thanks man, I am trying my best. Right now I spend from 6am till 8pm outside of my home, so before I leave, I make myself 2 sandwiches with ham and turkey, I take 2 bananas, and 1lb of strawberries + blueberries. I also take some snacks like pretzel crisps and protein bars, which I know aren’t ideal but I dont have time to cook chicken and veggies right now 😫

    Bugged_Out_Frankie Reply

    WOW!!! Awesome dude!!! Keep it up!

    Power Wagon Reply

    J R Thank you! What really worked for me was intermittent fasting. I had a 8-16 window. I only ate between 10am and 6pm plus cardio and strength training 5 days a week. My personal goal is 199 pounds

Hilary R-D Reply

Thank you. A timely reminder that loose skin is a reality that I need to learn to accept if I am going to reach my goals. If there’s a choice between loose skin and being obese; I know where I am going to be!

    Alex West-Parden Reply

    you got this.👏🏻💪🏻

Arfhat Rana Reply

Bunch of people say John looks like Tom Holland but I think he looks more like the Sprouse twins

Nerd Gains Reply

I use to use loose skin as a reason not to lose weight. You really helped me get past that. Thanks for all you do😊

loveblooom Reply

I’m so glad you normalize loose skin. I’ve lost almost 100lbs and I’m insecure sometimes about my skin which is so STUPID. We’ve worked so hard and our bodies are amazing.

Yeet Reply

Honestly despite the skin that muscle shines through and that’s what I notice a lot more.

Jess G Reply

I love that you seem more self-conscious about your hair than your loose skin 😂

(But genuinely it does put it into perspective how little the skin bothers you)

    PerrySport Reply

    And why should it? Worrying in general is s huge waste of time. You don’t want to grow old and look back thinking about how much time you wasted worrying about nonsense.

    Mature people understand that other mature people aren’t perfect.

    lisa sommerlad Reply

    He earned that loose skin.
    Those folds are battle scars. He saved his life.

Gordon Overkill Reply

Frankly, your “Look how buff I am!”-pose looks alot more impressive with your shirt off! 😀

    Izabela Ewa Warszawska Reply


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