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Mercedes Reply

Woah I’ve never been this early

Apollo 774 Reply

wow 5 years its gone by so fast

Brian Turner Reply

I never get tired of hearing this story again 😆❤️ I love seeing what this all transpired into

Primal OMAD Reply

I remember this video in the early days. It was actually the first time I was made aware of the loose skin problem. Now I’m facing it myself. Got to lose 200lbs and down 60lbs already. Dunno how it will end up with the loose skin and dunno if I’d get the surgery but we will just have to see when I get there.

    Bríd McGrath Reply

    That is amazing. Keep going your doing really well🙏❤️

    Talking Turtle Reply

    Amazing, you can get there. Look into Keto and intermittent fasting, can reduce the amount of loose skin you experience.

    Primal OMAD Reply

    @Bríd McGrath Thanks dude!

    Primal OMAD Reply

    ​@Talking Turtle My channel is called Primal OMAD – Keto and IF are what I’m all about! Although I’m extremely sceptical about the real potential of autophagy on loose skin. I just haven’t seen any real examples of obese people decreasing their loose skin significantly. Jason Fung claims none of his patients have had the surgery because they have no loose skin… I don’t buy that – as much as I like him. It’s a fascinating topic with no real world actual examples that I’ve seen. No One agrees on how long you have to be fasted. Some say 18 hours and I do 23 hours a day roughly. Some say it has to be past 3 days! No one has come out with decent before and afters of it.

T Dawg Reply


Brian Turner Reply

5:27 this is what I was waiting for 😂😉

Jaime Garcia Reply

Dude, it was around this time 5 years ago that I started my weight loss journey. I remember watching that video and feeling inspired. I was 350 lbs back then and I’m now 196 lbs. It took me 3 years to reach that and I definitely owe a lot to you for getting me going initially.

    bless this crazy mess Reply

    Congrats on the weight loss. That’s amazing!

    natsermar k Reply

    Damnnnnn thats amazing dude

Kean Performance Reply

always had massive respect for how you turned your life around mate!

Sylphadora Reply

John from 5 years ago would be so proud of current John 😃

Fletcher Sykes Reply

The confidence levels from then to now is…over 9000!!!

Brèagha Reply

He just keeps getting hotter

Mykal Wagner Reply

I too ended up with lose skin so, Bro, I feel you! After losing 113 lbs and being able to take my shirt off at the beach without a compression tank top was liberating! doesn’t mean I got totally over it, but your pure honesty helped me to this point. Before that, I would always wear a compression T on the beach.

Astraeanaut Reply

This is what the body positivity movement was intended to be. Human bodies have flaws. Even eating healthy and at a healthy weight our bodies are not perfect. It’s important to love the skin you’re in. <3

James T Reply

John- “this isnt a stripper show”

Also John- *shows boxers*

Justin Kosch Reply

190 pounds down and now I’m dealing with loose skin. Some spots don’t bother me but others do. In two weeks I’m gonna consult with a plastic surgeon about those spots.

Lucy Kassune Reply

*@ObesetoBeast:* hey John, you should get in touch with Cole Robinson (yeah, the Snake Diet guy you read a smear article about on stream lol)

He’s helped a lot of people fix loose skin naturally, plus it would be *AMAZING* to see the two of you discussing your divergent philosophies on health, weightloss and muscle building!

Briana T Ford Reply

This is peak internet wholesome. I love this. You are such a damn inspiration to men and women, boys and girls. I thank you so much for being a light for folks, including me, who get inspired to get in better shape and take care of themselves. I wasn’t around when this first video was uploaded, but I have been a fan for at least a year now. Can’t praise you and your journey enough.

RHot Reply

I found a Dutch study where, of the people who had weight loss after bariatric surgery, only 11% had body contouring surgery afterwards. My loose skin doesn’t bother me as much as how I looked when I was 110 pounds heavier. Besides, you get loose skin from too much sun exposure, poor diet, and getting old. You might as well get used to it.

Leah W Reply

When you said “I am now! What’s up, John from 5 years ago?!” I started crying lol I’m happy for you

George Kemp Reply

John, you have been such an inspiration. I started my weight loss journey back in 2017 at 360 lbs, now I’m around 240 lbs which is actually not the lowest I’ve been about 6 months ago I was 198 where I’m trying to get back to now. I am dealing with loose skin as well and definitely understand where you’re coming from. I’m just going to keep on grinding though to get to my goal weight around 180 or 190.

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