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Barbara Förschner Reply

First! And by the way, you‘re the sweetest and nicest person 🙂
(And i still love the shirt)

RachelReduces Reply

Love how she said that food shouldn’t be your primary source of happiness, and went on to talk about how that was the case for her, but how she’s making changes. Really Insightful Vid. 💖

    Laura Lynn Reply

    RachelReduces thank you! it took me a long time to learn that lesson 😁

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Laura Lynn Never too long, Never too late 😍

Laura Lynn Reply

Oh my goodness…still kind of in shock right now! I know I’ve told you already but you can never have too much gratitude in your day so… Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my video and I’m excited to see so many people who have similar perspectives as I do 🤗

    Marie Odu Reply

    Yes yes yes I’m a sub – straight to the point through and through 😁🥳

    Laura Lynn Reply

    Marie Odu thank you Marie! 🤗

    Laura Lynn Reply

    @Gabriella Gulyás thank you so much and will do!

    Rebeckah Iding Reply

    I wanna see and support your journey! I have binge eating disorder, mdd, and a sprinkle of ptsd. 😅 I took the plunge 3 years ago to really look at my mental health and try to manage my weight. I have a long way to go, but I’m finally feeling free from my eating disorder. I haven’t binged in almost a year and it was because of the therapist (who has a very similar personality to you) that helped me fight my demons. Maybe I can learn to love myself and be more patient with myself as well when it comes to my personal weight loss journey. Best of luck to you!!! ❤️

    Desiree Flint Reply

    You are wonderful 🥰

Jenn Righter Reply

I immediately love her. I’ve always been lucky to have the friends that love me no matter what , but hold me to task and give me honest feedback. Love her.

    Laura Lynn Reply

    Jenn Righter haha, thank you for the love 🥰and I LOVE this! I have never understood this idea that loving someone means loving and supporting ALL of their behaviors. I have teens in my office every day who’s parents didn’t set boundaries with them because of this idea and it never leads to anything good.

MademoiselleCl3 Reply

She’s so so good. She really put words on how I viewed all of those issues.

    Laura Lynn Reply

    MademoiselleCl3 thank you so much 🥰

Zach Holz Reply

you gotta get her on your show! Call in show between the two of you would be LIT!

    Laura Lynn Reply

    Zach Holz haha, thank you 🥰

Frances Williams Reply

She’s awesome. She just gets it.

    Laura Lynn Reply

    Frances Williams haha, thank you Frances!


Inanimate objects have no ability to be phobic

Katrin Roth Reply

Who else doesn’t miss their feet(soles?) Burning like fire after a day of average movement?!

    Goon Cookie Reply

    Katrin Roth 😂

Emily Veale Reply

Pride is not the opposite of shame but its source. It’s not unusual to see a group of people that have been shamed to try and counteract that with pride.

    Christina Munro Reply

    That’s a great comment!

    Yeontan is my bias Reply

    Uncle Iroh told you that, didn’t he?

    Laura Lynn Reply

    It’s definitely not unusual, but when it leads to people supporting and advocating for lifestyles that put peoples health in danger on a large scale, it has to be called out 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Christina Munro Reply

    Laura Lynn it certainly does. It’s one thing doing harm to yourself (that needs calling out too) but it’s a whole bother kettle of fish when you are taking lots of people down with you. That will never be ok.

    Elizabeth Williams Contreras Reply

    Yeontan is my bias just proof that uncle iroh’s advice is applicable in unlimited contexts

MakeshiftMelody Reply

I found that losing weight helped my mental health but not because I was thinner but because I did it slowly and there was a moment when I realised that I no longer felt like I took up space and was in people’s way (not that overweight people are but it’s how I felt) followed by the fact that I got in to working out which boosted my confidence, my gym taught me about normal human healthy nutrition and I started eating to help my fitness with weight loss on the side as an additional benefit 😅 love your videos x

    Maria Ciappara Reply

    It helps because taking care of yourself is a form of self care, the same way you’d want to put on the best face masks and face creams as a form of self care you’d want to eat the best fules for your body.

Christina Munro Reply

I got a sore neck nodding so much through this video. I said, “yes” so much I’m pretty sure my parrot will be mimicking me.

    Laura Lynn Reply

    Christina Munro 😂🤣😂 I’m glad you could relate to my opinions!

    Christina Munro Reply

    Laura Lynn you’ve got a new sub!! You are spot on!

Jennie Marie Reply

I was one of those people who thought I was healthy because my blood and labs were fine…

Then I had an MRI, a mammogram a few ultrasounds and a CAT scan, and I had breast cancer, uterine cancer, fatty liver, Gallstones, I also had muscles tears in my legs and I had no Idea how I got them I just remember walking and getting bad pain, I also had a few other issues…

Just because my blood work didn’t show diabetes at almost 400lbs (highest weight was 400lbs) I convinced myself I was fine but in reality I wasn’t ok at all I can honestly say that alot of these people are kidding themselves and if they did a full body scan they would be shocked at what’s really going on in their body…

    Raven Reply

    Daamn, I hope you’re doing better now!

    Jennie Marie Reply

    @lushpapaya I’m ok just had a mastectomy in January because I found out I had my 3rd invasive cancer diagnosis (2nd breast cancer diagnosis) so no boobs at the moment but I’m 200lbs down so I’m doing ok. Just continuing to work on my physical and mental health 🙂

    Jennie Marie Reply

    @Raven doing good 3x cancer survivor had another breast cancer diagnosis in January and ended up having my breast removed but had lost 200lbs am just continuing to take care of me and get as healthy as I can be 🙂

    Baby Nakey Reply

    Really crazy experience. Glad you’re here to tell people about it.

    PicturesquePrincess Reply

    I sure hope you’re feeling better and doing better! Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

dreamy realist Reply

What kills me is when so called .registered dietitians saying that obesity killing people is a myth 🤦‍♀️

    Asia Reply

    YESSSS, I see so many online “dieticians” (mainly instagram) claim that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want and a bunch of other bs. I see them and I wonder how they can call themselves dieticians

    Haley Reply

    @Asia yes, if they really practiced what they preach why aren’t they eating whatever and overweight?! The vast majority of IE RD’s are very thin.

    Asia Reply

    @Haley I often see that! They usually have never had to lose weight (& with a fast metabolism) and it seems like they’re just going off of what they see is popular. I’ve never seen a dietician supporting healthy eating (with of course, a lil bit of unhealthy stuff like chocolate bc jesus christ chocolate is good)

Hey Yahhh Reply

Actually when I go to doctors when I can’t walk for an hour without loosing my breath etc they tell me I need to loose weight or get more active (which would lead to weight loss). I think you underestimate doctors they are good at telling people when they are becoming or are obese especially when 1in 3 adults are obese. If you can’t walk for an hour and you are not disabled that’s a red flag:

Teewinot Reply

She seems like a good soul and I appreciate her honesty. Having an eating disorder is so hard. I wonder what it’s like for her to treat clients who have them while she has one herself. Wishing the best for her.

    Laura Lynn Reply

    Teewinot it’s actually kind of therapeutic because when I’m helping them I’m also helping myself. And as they go through ups and downs on their recovery and I reiterate to them that this is normal, it’s a good reminder for me to not be so hard on myself.

Karla Santillanes Reply

Yo, I’m a former smoker. I started at 18, and after I joined the Marine Corps, I was smoking like CRAZY. I knew it was a problem. Did I look healthy?? Yes. I felt healthy too. I was exercising minimum 1.5 hours every day, I ate pretty healthy, and I drank a water of gallon every day. But I was smoking half a pack a day. And so were a lot of people around me.
Now that I’m home, I realized that I should stop. And even tho I have not had any consequences for years of smoking, I’m scared I will have problems in the future. My family also called me out on it, my fiancé was on to me about it and I finally decided they were right and I had to stop. So I did.
Yes, it was hard, it took me a whole year to actually stop. And from time to time I will still have a cigarette here and there if I go out to a bar, but it’s no where near where I used to be.
Moderation is everything. Being conscious of what you put in your body is not fat shaming, and I’m glad that my family called me out in my bullshit of straight up not caring about the smoking. I understand that other people who didn’t know, would not know that I was a heavy smoker and how unhealthy I was, but those around me (outside the marine corps) made it perfectly know that it was gross, and that I was being gross by smoking.

Samy Reply

Gets a clear blood test: See? I’m totally healthy.
Gets an unclear blood test: The blood test is fatphobic.

Michell Waterman Reply

“It just means social media isn’t a healthy space for me…” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I deleted my Facebook for that very reason. I’m very selective of who I follow on Instagram as well. Now my Twitter is all drama all the time lol. But I don’t follow people I actually know IRL there. Strangers on a screen that I have zero emotional connection to at all. I couldn’t care less what they think of me.

If your social meads are making you bitter or angry, time to walk away from them. I think a lot of people would be better off without them altogether.

some rando Reply

“Health at Every Size” should be called “Mental and Lifestyle Health at Every Size”

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