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Ky Reply

Thank you so much, John. You have helped me lose 20 lbs so far and shown me that it is possible through small changes. You teach me so much about health and patience. Much love to you!

    Tyler Blay Reply

    If your reading this, stay safe In these tough times, it would mean the world if you checked out my channel❤️✨

Bailey Kathleen Reply

I need “carbs are my life force” on a shirt 😂😂

    Tyler Blay Reply

    If your reading this, stay safe In these tough times, it would mean the world if you checked out my channel❤️✨

    Ana Guadron Reply

    AHHAH omgg so trueee I hope he sees this

Audrey Sayer Reply

I’m going to need you to drop your workout playlist 🎶👇

    Jill Reply

    time after time- cyndi lauper

    KidCoby Reply

    Darude- Sandstorm

Uncommon Angel Reply

I started working out today… My poor knees have been ignored toooo long.

    Brynn Stoll Reply

    Try diluted apple cider vinegar; it helps with inflammation (along with Omega 3 and MTC oil 👍); also it helps digestion and keeping your stomach full (during a fast).

    Brynn Stoll Reply

    Also collagen protein (**start** **with** **coffee** **flavored**):

    Because plain bone broth is, an acquired taste.

    Uncommon Angel Reply

    Thanks, guys! …actually, I HATE the taste of coffee…lol, and apple cider vinegar…meh. BUT, I DO have tubs of homemade bonebroth in my deep freezer. I use it for soups n such. SO… I think I will try sipping some during the day, like tea.

    Esmee Reply

    @Uncommon Angel Bone broth is so delicious to me, wish I had a freezer stocked with it 😀 Best of luck with everything!

adrienne ngo Reply

I like the simple editing style of your videos. Aesthetic, but not pretentious. Clean and doesn’t give me a headache with screeching music. You have the proper music volume that doesn’t overwhelm the video! Thanks for that.

Joshy Washy Reply

Celebrating the little victories is a lost art my friend. Good on you 4:08

RachelReduces Reply

YESSSSSS, for the ENDING!!!!!!!!! Giving us what we all want to See and Hear!!!!!! 😍😍😍

    Joseph Norton Reply

    Look how buffed i am

    jahsin Reply

    Can’t express how much I missed that. Lol

    Lee S. Reyes Reply

    Finally! 🎉🎊😁

    RachelReduces Reply

    @jahsin SAME!

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Lee S. Reyes yessss 🎉

Jane Bell Reply

Ya boi got form, AND good taste in music.

golden Reply

my hope is that by watching John work out I’ll also burn calories

    Brooke Smith Reply

    Golden is right! You can’t out exercise a bad diet!!! But you can lose weight without working out. Facts all around!

    Jay Mackinnon Reply

    Lol!! I guess it depends on how hot and bothered you get by it

    Dabeez Kneez Reply

    @golden Best wishes… come back and keep us posted here ok. Also, thanks for registering that my tone is good natured chiding to spur you on. Happy New Year!

    Dabeez Kneez Reply

    @qrowley hey don’t worry All advice on YouTube is unsolicited… and often unwelcome😛 but we still give it nontheless🤷🏽‍♂️… 🤣

    golden Reply

    @Dabeez Kneez yeah, I’ll be staying in this community. It’s really supportive over here 🙂

Starch Wreck Reply

1:05 That’s the walk you do when you’re out of toilet paper and exiting the bathroom for a fresh roll.

Celine Chabot Reply

Tried to give up carbs one time trying to lose weight…worse decision I have ever made! Carbs are definitely my life force 💪🏻🙂

    HealthyFit&Free Reply

    I gave up carbs once BUT I was not able to do cardio for very long. I just watch how many calories I take in everyday.

    Wendy Muller Reply

    I cut carbs too much and my sweat was straight up ammonia, plus I couldn’t finish my workouts. I love cardio and don’t really need to lose weight. Sure, 5lbs would be nice, but I get way too cold weighing much less…and long winter hikes are my jam 🙂. My carbs are mostly beans, lentils, quinoa, and oat bran though – my PCOS body does not do well with refined carbs. My wallet does well with cheap 😆

    Jay Mackinnon Reply

    Carbs are life!

    Celine Chabot Reply

    @Krystyna 1polishchik When I reintegrated the carbs I lost 30 lbs. CICO is what worked best for me 🙂

    Massachusetts01 Reply

    I can relate. Trying to find a healthy balance is hard.

Joshua Walter Reply

Pain cave? You mean GAINS GARAGE!

Choux Reply

“they thought I was gonna share this with someone… Bless their hearts” this needs to be a sound bite on stan twt

Audrey Clark Reply

*hears your music* *gets emo 2008 flashbacks* …*dyes hair black* (yes I actually dyed my hair black xD

Choux Reply

I’m noticing your voice has gotten deeper and more assertive over the years

    AN HE Reply

    He’s growing up 😢

    Janinibo Bo Reply

    He is literally getting older. Most people become more assertive moving from 20’s to 30’s as well.

    Darky Doom Reply

    Also testosterone has probably gone up and made some changes

Anthonyad8 Reply

I’ve been watching your videos for years now but I’ve never left a comment but what you said at the end really resonated with me. Two & half months ago I was the heaviest I’ve ever been (315) but I started jump roping & running everyday & now I’m down to 247. The past 2 weeks I’ve been at a stand still not losing or gaining & I really beat myself up over it but I have to look at the bigger picture & see that my body has made a huge improvement in a short amount of time. My goal is 180 & it may take some time but I know I’ll get there & your videos are helping me a lot.

Emanuel Gonzalez Reply

I’ve been dropping pounds off and on for the last 5 years, I’ve lost a net of 55 pounds since I started but its always been so hard to really just stay consistent and push to lose the final 45 that I want to get rid of. This year I am gonna get back into the groove and am already on day 2. Here is to the rest of the year.

    Leanne Reply

    Go you! 👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Emily Pinto Reply

As your resident Panera employee, the bread be worth it.

Michael Savidis Reply

Not gonna lie, I too have lost some weight but you are so jacked considering the loose skin. It really shows how buff you really are!
Keep up the vlogs i love them

Bonnie Baldwin Reply

I am in love with this man… and I’m lesbian so that says a lot

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