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allie loulou85 Reply

I want to take that quiz!!!

    Shannon Sunshine Reply

    I took another test that seemed legit and I didn’t think I’d get it, but I got that I’m body positive. It was on pro puffs . Com and they even agree that bigger people should lose weight , so f that girl’s quiz. I’m sure John is body positive. Just not in a toxic way

    allie loulou85 Reply

    @Shannon Sunshine I agree with you!!!

    Emma Liston Reply

    This quiz comes from a VERY biased viewpoint and the framing is over just sus tbh

    allie loulou85 Reply

    I just finished watching and I went on the website. You are all right it is biased. I feel like some questions are judgemental.

    allie loulou85 Reply

    @Shannon Sunshine I will look on that website later. Thanks!

Tieia Middleton Reply

I’m fat phobic… I never want to be morbidly obese again! I’ve kept my weight off for almost 19 years and I love my active lifestyle now. Yes, my life is better since I lost the weight.

    undeadocarinagamer .s Reply

    I most likely am fat phobic, since needing to control the weight to never be pushed over 260 or go much higher ever again. been overweight/obese from a very young till 3 years ago.

    Are you in your 30s or 40s? I ask since I am in my mid 20s and on the way to entering my late 20s.

    Amanda Reply

    I’m definitely fat phobic. I watched many, many family members suffer and die due to their morbid obesity. Im not going anywhere near the turmoil they put themselves through.

Megan Da Reply

Lol these questions are formulated in a way that make it difficult to truly assess the test taker.

    Emma Liston Reply

    Not very valid

Anastasia Machl Reply

These are so specifically targeted lol! The questions are so badly written it’s comical.

    Kristian Hellwege Reply

    The blanket statement about dieting made it pretty clear this quiz is very biased.

James Haskell Reply

Wow. This quiz is loaded with bias, and it is supposed to measure bias. What a joke!

undeadocarinagamer .s Reply

I want a bigger body aka a minotaur or a orc body.

Sarah Coleman Reply

That quiz is CRINGE CITY. =.=;

norocosul33 Reply

I did the quiz and, as expected, I am very fatphobic, wich is ok. I already knew I am fatphobic anyway.

Kristian Hellwege Reply

I’m tall, am fine with being tall, and find tall women attractive. They badly need to rephrase a lot of these questions. And while they’re at it actually define “Fatphobia.”

Jordannah Galea Reply

When John was in his laughing fit… “Guys we lost him. We lost john. He’s gone”

Goth And The Gremlin Reply

i cant believe some who calls themselves a journalist or a writer crafted this quiz?? The wording and punctuation is extremely misleading

    Kristian Hellwege Reply

    And now you know how video game fans feel about Kotaku.

    Rachmaninov was Emo Reply

    Thats most articles now of days on anything. It’s manipulation

    Lisa B Reply

    CNN, NBC, and CBS will fight over this person as a new higher…since they all lie 24/7 that asshat should fit right in.

Desicated Limbs Reply

This is just a survey to make Ana survivors or relapsers just miserable. I’m one of those people and these questions made my anxiety grow to the point I have to fight to watch this video.

    Emma Liston Reply

    So true, it’s like this subtle air that being obese will solve your mental problems related to body image.

thegiddyowl Reply

That “I find people of all body sizes attractive and am not attracted to people who will make my body look better (big or small)” statement was so unnecessarily convoluted. Have one statement be “I find all body sizes attractive” and the other “I would allow my significant other to influence me to change my body size” or something

    ♡ Cameo ♡ Reply

    Yes the second part of the question muddies the entire thing. It makes no sense

Jarrella J Reply

“Were you watching when John lost it?”
“Yeah man it was nuts. Lockdowns are really getting to people.”

Kirstianna Lombardi Reply

This would be a better test to see if you have any implicit biases against larger or smaller bodies. It’s titled Weight IAT or ‘Fat -Thin’ IAT

    Tylee20 Reply

    I took the test. It was vert interesting, thanks

Emma Liston Reply

These questions don’t measure what they’re claiming to measure

Andrew Oulton Reply

The questions aren’t “weird”, they are outright broken. This was written by someone with a specific point of view and can only apply to those coming from the same. This test is invalid by design.

You're a lah Reply

Why are most questions about ourselves? Shouldn’t they be about other people? I took the test and it told me I have a lot more negative thoughts (or something I don’t remember) than positive but it’s because I think about that way for myself, not for others. And some of the questions were sooo manipulative. This whole quiz is kinda stupid.

popstarprincess123 Reply

Who thinks this way
Women in fat acceptance/liberation
The people this quiz was made for

Fire Fux Reply

When folks say “Treated the same” my mind instantly leaps to plane tickets. If you’re too big for your seat you have to buy however many more you need to fit. Some think that is wrong you shouldn’t have to but you’re literally using all 3 seats and thus should pay for them. Now should flights have bigger seats, yes indubitably, but they have it how they do to maximize profit and thus individual flights would skyrocket to compensate for the larger seats.

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