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Elena L. 👸🏻 Reply

The comments under that photo are disgusting.

katie Reply

Imagine looking as good in glasses as this man

    Leslie Michael Reply


    Yo Jimbo Reply

    I wonder if they’re prescription

Jaisean Davis Reply

It feels lonely to be so early. Maybe I should have been a little later.

    Tieia Middleton Reply

    It makes you the OG of the comment section! 😉

Extra Swiffy Reply

Yeah people have a terrible mine against people that aren’t perfect just because she’s trying to change

RachelReduces Reply

Her Body is Perfectly Fine. Gym Shark do be Clout Chasing though. 😒

lolipop8683 Reply

The post is real and very cool! I will support Gymshark because of showing reality! And this girl is beautiful!

    Jonny Simpson Reply

    Exactly. The average person doesn’t look like the models in the rest of their posts

Morgan V Reply

It’s really appalling how the majority of the nasty comments on the photo are from men.

    Jenn Righter Reply

    And let’s be real, those men are keyboard warriors who wouldn’t have a CHANCE with this woman because they’re bitter and mean.

Bre Reply

She had an eating disorder and is in recovery. It’s disgusting the comments

    Mallorie Louann Reply

    My god. I could only imagine what her brain is going through. People are sick.

    Bre Reply

    Mallorie Louann It’s so bad, I genuinely am praying she’s not reading the comments. This would send me into trigger central.

    AndyF Reply

    That breaks my heart. People are so sick…I don’t understand. 😕

    Mallorie Louann Reply

    @Bre me too…I just hope she knows that these people are just trolls who spend their time criticizing people on the internet. It’s just sad cause I know I would not be in a good place reading things like that.

punkybrewstar83 Reply

I don’t think that any of the girls who actually buy gymshark leggings are ever complaining about the compression that is dueled with comfort. That is why I spend that much on their leggings… and this advert is demonstrating how they do that so well. And the majority of us girls who work out are not shreaded to the bone, and appreciate knowing what the product can do.

Jenn Righter Reply

That girl looks beautiful. She’s not obese. There is no way to look at her and assume she’s unhealthy.
It’s fine if whoever doesn’t think she’s attractive. Why would they voice that?! Just ignore the pic and move on if you don’t like it. She’s not there to suit people or to be an ornament. She’s a human being. This is infuriating.

The Blonde Brazilian Reply

This girl is literally not even overweight. Literally just a normal healthy-sized body.

    Pedro Reply


    Vintage Camera Girl Reply

    I’d say she’s actually smaller. The average size is a uk 16, an american 12. And shes like an 8.

    Kodii Ayyeee Reply

    She does look beautiful… Technically tho she is overweight

    Laura S. Reply

    @Kodii Ayyeee She’s definitely not overweight. She has a very normal female body.

    Kodii Ayyeee Reply

    @Laura S. I said technically.. according to doctors for her height and weight she is.. I’m considered overweight too and I don’t have much fat on my body.

Kia Reply

gymshark responded to all these comments and their clap backs are awesome! LOL

The Uncanny Spider-Fan Reply

If you click on her profile it says she’s recovering from eating disorders so I can only IMAGINE how’s she’s feeling reading these comments smh. Like she’s on a journey and that’s commendable. I really hope she’ll be okay. I know my confidence would be shot after that….

𝓬𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓪𝓵 𝓫𝓸𝓸𝓫𝓼 Reply

This is why I don’t use Instagram. Everybody on there is nasty, fake and toxic. That woman looks perfectly healthy and beautiful smh. What is wrong with society!?

    Jenn Righter Reply

    Amen. I haven’t been on Instagram for three years. It made me feel terrible.

roharro2 Reply

She looks just fine. You shouldn’t have to look like a super shredded model to be happy with your body/yourself. Why are random people taking so much offense over an instagram post.

You’re in The matrix Reply

They miss the Arnold era dude they were on juice.😂

Vintage Camera Girl Reply

The comments have very clearly not seen a lot of women naked. She has a muffin top…its quite average boys.

The point of the post was to show our bodies arent always perfect, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying, we aren’t working hard. Hey women bloat, they get bigger tummies with pcos, having had a baby, drinking too much or too little water.

Not everyone is jacked and if that’s what you expect forever….sorry you’re going to be very disappointed .

    Jenn Righter Reply


Georgie S Reply

Can you imagine how she would have felt, reading those comments? Horrible.

Hannah Sturgill Reply

The idea that you have to “earn your body” for it to be worthy of anything at all is sickening

Monika NF Reply

It’s heartbreaking. I went on her page and she has other pictures where she’s very slim and says she was incredibly unhappy at that place. I don’t think she specifically said about an ED but it seems like she has battled with some things. It scares me that people are this mean to her and what effect this can have on her.
Not to mention I think she’s middle eastern and we just carry our chub on the lower part of our tummies and legs. It’s the most common body shape.
This made me so sad. I pray she’s in a good place mentally and this cruelty is not getting to her.

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