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UFO Productions Reply

So early that… its still in the seconds

    Yi Ying Tan Reply

    UFO Productions same haha

ChrisTheProgrammer Reply

I really don’t have any funny comment or anything to say 😭

Its always Tegan Reply

Hi John! I hope you have a good day (: so proud of you!

Beatrice Caruso Reply

So happy you’re gaining mobility back! I love feeling those small improvements, it makes everything worth it:)

Randy Loses It Reply

Glad your back is starting to feel better. One day at a time!!!

polloduh Reply

You’re making that man bun look cool. I’ma have to get my hair like that

JarrodGetsFit Reply

So happy to see u moving forward man!

Julian Good Reply

Lol Animal Crossing, workout, sleep, repeat… we are all just living the same lives right now 😂 glad to hear your back is feeling better, and congrats on the views milestone!

Javier Vazquez Reply

You look so happy man! Love it 👏🏼

Megan Catherine Atteridge Reply

Honestly you are such a humble dude, and you have accomplished so much and still give so much to the health community 😀

Richard Field Reply

I believe that you and I have talked about this before when I was injured. You told me that you had not really been through something like that and you apologized. I still don’t think you needed to apologize because you did refer me to the squat doctor and he helped a ton. BUT now you have that experience and have added to your knowledge base to help other people. I know you are not going to be an “expert” on the recovery of everyone’s injuries, but now you can relate to people that you know how it feels, steps you took to make it better, and have a whole other layer to your fitness life. Much love bro! I am glad that you are doing better.

Carlos Rubio Reply

I have a ton of stretch marks because of my weight loss and you have made me feel better about my body and accepting it.

x drowssap Reply

back health is the most important of all parts of the physical health. no back = no movement

Mandy Reply

“I can sit” ….well that was the most adorable wholesome moment!! x

Bentley Gray Reply

My brain can’t compute 100 million views. I’m happy with like 20. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you deserve every single one man.

Sara Thor Reply

Back ache is the worst -I really know the feeling of getting mobility back! Congrats!

Janelle Anderson Reply

What spreads faster than COVID??…Your positive attitude!!

kt Reply

Back injuries seem to be the curse of quarantine because I hurt mine yesterday, and a friend did a couple weeks ago.

stephanie.michelle09 Reply

I’m loving this videos/IG posts 🥰

Side note: Dash has offered Foodie Beauty a membership to the Fam to give her some real support and not just people watching her channel waiting for the next cycle. Help get the word out!

Roxy O Reply

Not even gonna lie, shirtless John with a man bun is hot AF.

    Serge P Reply

    Roxy O agreed. My basement flooded. 😂

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