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Improvement Through Movement Reply

Take a shot whenever someone says flatten the curve or new normal

    Andres DeLaTorre Reply

    Imma blackout

theFitty Reply

*You lost over a hundred pounds. You can definitely get through this!! Your tensile strength is absolutely insane you’re such an inspiration to all of us. Sending you so much love!! ❤️❤️❤️*

PowerWeight Training Reply

Injuries are you body telling you to slow down or bettering your technique.

    Alex Anabolic Reply

    Transforming weight training into a cardio exercise is never a good idea. Do cardio if you want to do cardio. Jerking weight is not a good idea.

Wanakin's Kitchen Reply

So happy I stumbled on your channel! You are truest an inspiration I have lost over 100lbs and now I want to go into best mode lol

    asia allen Reply

    Congrats to CJ and you 🙂

    David Davenport Reply

    Wanakin’s Kitchen yo already went into beast mode you lost 100 lbs. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. I’m doing the same thing

    Wanakin's Kitchen Reply

    @David Davenport Thanks David! All the best to you David on your journey!

Big Mike Loses Reply

Just logged onto OnlyFans and your shower stretch/twerk practice routine hasn’t been posted yet. Can you update us as to when you might upload that? Thanks

    Mr-panda 47 Reply


Randy Loses It Reply

Me: Injures back “well i’m no good”

John: Injures back “let me do a whole work out for you”

    bootstrappers Reply

    A lot of injuries can be improved with intentional movement. If the injury was caused by weaknesses in other parts of the body, rest alone will not help.

Let's GO Reply

How can i lose weight in Ramdan ?

    janna b Reply

    Let’s GO when you eat after the sunset, try to eat wholesome food and loads of veggies – maybe somewhat try to avoid the big family feasts (they probs aren’t happening anyway due to social distancing) or bring something like a fruit salad to it :). Incorporate workouts, during daytime sth what doesn’t make you sweat that much (since you can’t drink during the fast; at least my students told me that over the last years when the holy month was in the hot summery months) like a nice walk in the outdoors – at night, you might want to do sth that gets you sweating.
    Enjoy the time, have a blessed Ramadan (!) and a very tasty Eid after that 😋.

    TheDeathopper Reply

    This is what I’ve done so far. I started Ramadan at 88.8 kg and have now dropped to about 85-86 kg in the first two weeks. First of all, try to have a nice big healthy iftar. Make sure to eat some salad, and eat until you’re full. Do not however binge eat or overeat. Just eat until you’re no longer hungry. Eventually, you’re stomach will shrink and you’ll start to eat less and less at iftar. Afterwards, I like to have some fruit with a cup of tea after Iftar. I would reccomend cutting out all sugar and processed junk food and sticking to fruit for dessert. Just make sure to eat in moderation. Finally, I like to have green tea with suhoor. I make my suhoor relatively light. I try to eat low-carb to a certain extent, but a slice of toast here or there won’t hurt. And make sure to drink plenty of water!

onelowx Reply

off-topic, but looking at the stairs in the background looks like a big pain to get large furniture up to the second floor.

Weightbegone couple Reply

Glad to see you doing well lost almost 200 lbs you can handle this💪🏽..on my way to 120lbs down hopefully I’ll get there by end of this month!!

Mindfully Manda Reply

“That’s for my OnlyFans” 👌😂😆

damian lara Reply

Im so glad you found a solution bro. Hope you recover quick!

OutSide the Box Kids Reply

Yes! I love it! So many people give up and throw in the towel when they get injured. Worse many don’t do their pt and wonder why they never get better. Nice.

Remulate Reply

I love how far you’ve come. I have recently lost 134lbs and I really want to get into strength training to improve my shape but I am so weak now compared to before. Everything I do just seems so difficult and it feels like I’m always using the wrong muscles 😕

akaMissFierce Reply

“that’s for my only fans” lmfao

TempraTantrum Reply

I can’t believe I only just found out about this channel! You’re an inspiration and a total cutie. 🙂

Savanna Trombley Reply

“I’m not gonna overindulge because I’m sad”
Me: *stops mid Cheez-It bite as I lay in bed with sun poisoning realizing I am overindulging because I am sad*


Adam Reply

Do you count macrosand calories? Or just eat intuitively and whenever you’re hungry as you’ve stated in the video?

Madeline May Reply

Just wanted to take the moment to let you know , your legs look amazing !

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