This Really Sucks… (Quarantine Life)

Thank you so much for watching. This is going to be a struggle and I am not sure if this video is even smart to make, but I have enjoyed creating this content for you guys during this difficult time. Your support seriously means more than I can express. Thank you again

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Matthew Gremaud Reply

can’t wait for gyms to re open

    Word Man Reply

    I miss going to the gym. I miss the social aspect of it.

    cariad81 Reply

    Same, I miss my gym, my gym friends and my social gym life.

Shea Wineland Reply

Do a tour of your animal crossing town if you get stuck for videos! I’d watch lol

    nikitacole27 Reply


    Misfit Mimi Reply

    100% yes plz!

BMS Dragon Reply

Dude the fact that you stay honest in your videos is the main reason I’ve been watching your stuff for years now. Hope you have a speedy recovery and it’s better to ice and stretch rather than risk more injuries.

sentient biped Reply

Bro you have so much more to offer us than just workout content. Just find some interesting topics and talk to us about that

Steph P Reply

I want to see your animal crossing gym!

Janai ~ CruciaRising Reply

I feel so bad because I cant be bothered to exercise. I’m just so tired.

    Brianna Lizotte Reply

    Janai ~ CruciaRising I find myself doing the same, but we have to take it easy on ourselves because life is very scary. If we gain weight and don’t workout, it’s all good.
    I know I’m no professional but this is what I think any ways ❤️

Rover's Makeover Dog Grooming - Oklahoma City Reply

You can always do more “What I Eat In A Day” vlogs!!!

Hanzysh Journey Reply

You’re being smart take it easy John. Honestly, quarantine sucks in general. Hope you get better soon. Stay safe. 😊❤

Bentley Gray Reply

Hang in there. I’ve been binge watching you and you’re transparency is literally what motivated me to start filming vlogs. So many “fitness” YouTubers don’t show the shitty / real parts of their lives and it’s so awesome to see someone that actually does. I knew you were the real deal when mentioned you used spray butter and didn’t care what people thought 🤣🤣🤣 happy healing 💛

Randy Loses It Reply

Hope you feel better and get back to 100% soon. More time for Animal Crossing!

Frozen Raspberries Reply

I’m so tired of just using body weight. It’s really discouraging to see how weak I am against my own weight. Or just taking faaar too long to get tired.

    Aaron Oman Reply

    Bodyweight is tricky. Progression with weights is easy because you just add or remove weight as needed. With bodyweight it is not obvious for a lot of exercises what the progression should be. Good luck! There are lots of bodyweight progression videos out there, I hope you find something that works better for you!

    Ella Ella Ella Reply

    How many consecutive pull ups can you do? How about explosive pushups? How many pistol squats? What about one arm push ups and pull ups? How many toes to the bars can you do with perfect form? How about skin the cat? If you’re weak, that’s because you’re not training properly. Calisthenics will absolutely get you shredded and strong.

Uncle Paul Persists Reply

You’ll figure it out. I’ll be watching. How about trying some new recipes? Talk about future goals you have?

devilzfood Reply

Your identity is currently through fitness / weight loss / etc. But you are a whole person and that is one aspect of your life. And sure it might be the biggest aspect but we’re all multi dimensional people. I am interested in you as a person, not you as a fitness channel. I don’t want to minimize what you’re going through, but I just wanted to offer a different perspective. I’ll watch literally anything you post, and I think most people here feel the same. I hope you feel better soon John. <3

    superxmike Reply

    I agree. I’d pretty much watch John do anything!

    Mariana Nolasco Reply

    This is very sweet and I completely agree with you.

    Misfit Mimi Reply

    Feel the same way as well! :>

    The Hectic Hawaiian Reply

    100% Same!! ❤️❤️❤️

    x drowssap Reply

    i have to say, weight loss is a very powerful identity, precisely because the deck is stacked against us currently. until the food environment significantly changes, a lot of ex obese people(myself included) have to be constantly monitoring food consumption habits.

R Q Reply

Dude, just talk about anything that comes to mind. People want to hear you. Exercise may be what’s keeping you sane, but you’re what’s keeping me sane!

Jen Kaufmann Reply

Honestly do a play with me animal crossing id watch the hell out of that. I wish you a speedy recovery john, hope you’re gonna be better soon again.

MyKinda Looks Reply

Because of u I stay motivated every day…. I’m trying 2x to train a day and for this week I succeed 3x….woooohoooo thank you..
Sorry for ur injury 😭😭😭

Alice's Busy Bag Reply

Show us all your different CrossFit box t-shirts you’ve collected over the years!

Maddie Kalt Reply

“I have a 4 star island now” 😂😂 it’s the little things!

V Lamont Reply

As someone who’s throw out her back a few time, take it easy. Worst pain in my life was when I threw my back out after I delivered my kids. I would vomit from the pain. Rest that back and recover!

iprefersteve Reply

Hang in there, buddy.. we’re all having to take this whole thing one day at a time. I’d watch you no matter what you want to, or are able to, share. But if you need to take time, don’t feel bad about it. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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