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Ask Dr. Swole Reply

It’s ironic how a movement like body “positivity” contains so much negativity

    lushpapaya Reply

    And no movement

    laura bados Reply

    Well they considere a 300 pounds lady “perfectly fit and healthy” (example: tess holiday) I will never want to be part of that group anyway. 😅

Haley Reply

The body positive movement is one of the most negative and judgmental groups out there. If they are so confident in their bodies, then why are they so fixated and triggered by smaller bodies, sensible eating and exercise?! They seem to care about it more than the people who actually partake in living a healthy lifestyle.

    Sahbi Rose Reply

    Because they’re not actually confident in themselves or their bodies. Anyone who ways they love being fat is lying. Yeah I’m sure that extra weight sure makes you feel great physically and mentally. It’s a lie they like telling themselves. I’m 70 pounds overweight for the first time in my life and boy can I tell the difference in how I feel. I even struggle with sleeping because of the added weight it’s just so uncomfortable and hurts my back. I don’t believe for a minute they enjoy feeling that way. I’ve lost 20 pounds and just 20 pounds off me I feel better. Not great but better.

    thatdamnstarship Reply

    @Sahbi Rose actually being friends with plus size models some people have accepted and feel comfortable with extra weight. You have no clue. But anyone who brings people down like this is insecure, that is true. But don’t conflate issues here

Faith Crisis Reply

You are the most positive person I watch when it comes to loving yourself. That’s literal body positivity, why are people so judgy?

Kyle Smith Reply

Not sure how anyone has the audacity to say you can’t be body positive, you can do what ever the hell you want. Being body positive surely just means loving your body no matter what, why would someone even care if someone else is body positive it doesn’t matter and it does concern them.

Hannah Pryer Reply

‘Body Positive isn’t toxic’, insists on pulling everyone down because they aren’t ‘fat’ enough. They really are just the opposite of the 90’s modeling era (and I don’t mean in a good way).

    Lisa H Reply

    That is what you call history repeating itself.

    laura bados Reply

    I was always too fat to be called skinny and nos I not fat enought to be part of the bodiposi comunity , oh well I will found my own comunity then… 😅

    Nicole Allan Reply

    I agree its a complete joke

    Nicole Allan Reply

    @laura bados I was just about to say this, mid size struggles are still struggles!!

Ashley Goodwin Reply

I totally agree with you, i used to say i’m body positive, but not the toxic way. I think everyone should love theirself, no matter what their body looks like, and should be confident but as someone who is trying to lose weight herself, I would be shamed for trying to better my life by these toxic “body positive activists”. If someone wants to be overweight or obese, thats up to them, but body positivity isn’t just for really overweight women. It should be for everyone.

Marcos Alexander - Mastering Your WL Journey Reply

Body positivity should be for anyone who feels uncomfortable with their bodies. Fat people, skinny people, and everything in between. discriminating doesn’t push the ” positivity ” notion

    Maenad Reply

    I actually now resent body positivity as entire concept because of these people. It’s now just body vanity & self complacency.

    Body neutrality is better —> Get over your fucking pride and realize that being disappointed in yourself means you aren’t doing well enough. Fucking improve— BUT you don’t *have* to feel *ashamed* of your self either

    Foster R Reply

    Yes body positivity used to mean radical self acceptance for EVERYONE. not being hated on because you don’t fit the norm of what other people consider to be a part of their idea of “body positivity”

    Erinn Enchanted Reply

    My belly is covered in stretch marks from carrying a 9lb+ baby. I posted them under #bodypositivity, I have less than 1k followers, and I received about 40 negative comments because I’m not huge. I think some people are literally policing the hashtags.

    Mike Vasquez Reply

    @Erinn Enchanted You sound pretty proactive to me.😁👍

ylimets h Reply

I feel like more midsize women get more attention in the movement because a lot of women are midsize, people like to see beauty in people who look similar to them because it increases their confidence to see things that they perceive to be flaws in themselves on other beautiful women

    Marta Leszkiewicz Reply

    There’s a reason why it’s called “average” size.

Jon Ritchey Reply

Its always rules for thee but not for me with the woke intersectionalists. No one cant ever do anything positive for themselves unless you play by their rules. Block and ignore them.

Mike Vasquez Reply

The “we don’t care” comment she received was SO ironic. A person who doesn’t care doesn’t need to seek out and actively engage in a comment section in order to say so. A person who truly does not care says nothing and goes about their business as usual. Fat acceptance masquerading as body positivity truly exhibits the weakest and most pathetic aspects of humanity.

Armed NotTriggered Reply

I’ve never understood why it was okay for someone to tell me (I’ve always been thin/fit) to eat a donut or accuse me of having an eating disorder when it’s wrong in our society to tell someone who is overweight to eat a salad or accuse them of having an eating disorder. If I’ve expressed wanting to change something about my body, I’ve been torn down and disregarded. The double standard for what is allowed and what is off limits is insane.

    Sami Lambi Reply

    Armed NotTriggered — your body doesn’t get ridiculed for just existing. Someone joking a about eating a donut isn’t the same as getting mooed at when walking by strangers.

    Both can be hurtful but it’s like being called a nerd for having good grades. You’re “winning” and people don’t have to care as much about your feelings.

    You’re not oppressed for winning the genetic lottery. Don’t be disingenuous.

    kawaiikidney yy Reply

    @lushpapaya being fat isn’t an identity. you can change yourself if you’re fat, and you want to change yourself. otherwise fat ppl shouldn’t let what other people say abt them bother them so much; they’re fat, and they should probably lose weight if they’re genuinely unhappy with themselves/at risk of diseae or even death. people shouldn’t be mean in general but being overtly sensitive isn’t a good thing imho. life won’t cater to fat people just because they hijacked body positivity for it

    Maibenn Reply

    @Sami Lambi what you just said has to be the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever heard, so people’s feelings only matter if they’re fat and unattractive?? Also fat people are not oppressed, they get shamed for their life choices which is shitty but don’t you dare compare it to the oppression minorities go through. And calling them oppressed is quite ironic seeing the overweight/obese people are the majority these days

    lushpapaya Reply

    @kawaiikidney yy i agree but saying its frowned upon talking crap about fatties is wrong. Its always been ok joking about obese ppl.
    I dont think anyone should cater to obese ppl and i personally believe,, that the bodyposy crew is just a bunch of obese ppl circlejerking bc they cant be bothered to change their lifestyle

b33lze6u6 Reply

some people just need to belong to a cause to feel good about their identity

Foster R Reply

Body positivity = radical acceptance of the body your are in. How did this get so damn splintered?

    Hungry SideChick Reply

    I accept your obesity 😀 I make eating videos because I too am HUGE😀

    Foster R Reply

    @Hungry SideChick if that’s what someone wants to do more power to them. However I am accepting the body I am in as I lose weight and the body positive movement should not shame me for that.

    Hungry SideChick Reply

    @Foster R I agree…No shame in being super duper fatalicious

Katerina Grinina Reply

I needed body positivity my whole younger life, and this concept never existed back then. Now when we have it… It’s become too twisted too fast. It’s as painful as the body-shaming I had to and have to face.

helloqable Reply

This is part of why I don’t call myself body positive. I’ve lost 66lbs so far (last 9 to go!) and I feel like body positivity has changed a lot from when I first heard about it years ago. These days, it really seems like it’s exclusively for overweight and obese women.
When I was an obese woman, I didn’t love my body. I only started to like my body after I’d lost about 45lbs.
I like the concept of body neutrality more because it moves away from self hate but doesn’t pressure us to love our bodies if we don’t. It emphasizes inherent worth no matter what you look like and doesn’t focus on how “attractive” you are to other people. No matter what you look like, you’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea.
It also doesn’t attack people for wanting to change their bodies either. It’s sad when body positive influencers are attacked for losing weight.

    Whipped_for_bts UwU Reply

    Omg same! The last 9 too!!

Christy Guichard Reply

Even if someone has the “perfect” body you don’t know if they have body dysmorphia or an Ed or just too into the media and they can feel waaaay more depressed about their body than a plus size person who is welcomed into the body positivity movement and through that have body confidence
Shouldn’t everyone strive to be confident no matter what size clothes they wear or body fat percentage?
It’s always a mental thing anyways so treat everyone by their mentality and whether or not they have the right kind of mentality for the movement you associate with

    Hungry SideChick Reply

    ED is erectile dysfunction 😂

    Marta Leszkiewicz Reply

    @Hungry SideChick it can also mean “eating disorder”, and that’s what I think the person meant. An erectile dysfunction can also make you uncomfortable and uneasy in your own body and make your relationship with it difficult though.

LilMissTravelPants Reply

I remember reconnecting with a girl who was my friend in HS and who got me into the body positive community. We were talking about the gym, and how she hates the gym, etc., because she could only manage to go for 15 minutes or so at a time she said. I told her about how I used to struggle to also do 15 minutes to be supportive, half an hour was an achievement for me at the beginning but it got easier with weight loss as well (less to carry around doing cardio) and she said, “But you were never that big to begin with.” I was 220 lbs. The shocking thing is that even as an obese teenager, no one in the group saw my weight as extreme- it was. And I think it’s that delusion that helped keep me unhealthy and refusing to take accountability for so long. It’s not now until my 30’s that I finally, for the first time, weigh what I did before my thyroid disease began.

Librinaut Reply

I am “thin” and I have very intense and aggressive body dysmorphia. My weight, my size, my face (!!), my scars… Everything feels so alien to me that I would like to rip myself apart. I can’t shower or dress myself on some days because I am so disgusted by my body. It makes me literally scream or claw at my skin. Leaving the house and being seen by others feels nauseating. A few weeks into lockdown my eating disorder came back and my bdd got extremely bad. I see a lot of body positive posts on my feed so I decided to post a story about how I feel. How I feel triggered by everything, how exhausting this illness is and that I feel like many people in lockdown experience something similar right now. I got a lot of hateful messages about how privileged I am to be “so skinny” and that I have no idea how it really feels like to hate my body. How talking about anorexia is triggering and I should shut up about it.

    Derek Cunningham Reply

    I’m so sorry. As a BDD patient myself, and as a man, I understand your struggles just a bit differently. Your words resonated with me. It’s so difficult, take care and be easy on yourself. Surround yourself who remind you of who you are and who love you during this time. Take care.

    Claire McCallum Reply

    Wow! I’m sorry that you posted your experience and people took it the wrong way. Just because your “skinny” doesn’t mean you don’t struggle. I feel like people need to be open to others talking about their struggles rather than shaming them for it. Take care of yourself, maybe reach out to some understanding people like a counselor, that could help. Hating yourself is a trap I fell into to and its just a bad cycle. Sending good thoughts your way!

    Orsolya Fülöp Reply

    I am really sorry you are going through this. Being skinny does not automatically mean that you don’t have any struggles. I have body dysmorphia and anxiety disorder but my symptoms are not this bad (just can’t see my reflection on certain days without having an anxiety attack) and I can not imagine how hard it must be for you with all those comments on top of everything. Just know that you are extremly strong and your battle is valid. You deserve to be heard too. Don’t let them make you feel like you don’t matter because you do. You are going through a lot of hard things and there is nothing wrong with being open about your struggles. I hope you are doing a bit better now then at the start of quarantine. I am sending you a lot of love!💖

    Rutmary Bucarito Reply

    Aww sweetie I’m really sorry, I wish I could hug you and tell you everything will be fine but I know it’s not that simpler. I just want to keep fighting and getting help. You are beautiful and nobody has the right to make you feel unworthy or ugly. I send you lots of love.

Emmy Maria Reply

I need body positivity, but not their positivity. I have “interesting” facial features. I have moles all over me. I was slightly overweight, now a normal weight, and need to be positive about my progress. I have never been conventionally beautiful, and body positivity could help me if they actually focused on what body positivity was supposed to be. The gatekeeping of body positivity is so unhelpful.

    Veronika W Reply

    I kinda like the look of moles I feel like it adds interest to someone’s skin 🙂 got a lot myself (just gotta get them checked regularly 🙈)

    Sloane Healey Reply

    Veronika W there’s a lot of pressure on women to be “attractive” and not take up space. I think letting go of the notion that I have to be beautiful made me see beauty in myself. I hope you find your positivity!

Jordan's Unix-based Machine Account Reply

I wish more people understood that saying “I struggle with x” is not the same thing as saying “I struggle with x more than anybody else!”. Getting mad at some relatively thin white girl on Instagram for expressing insecurities is not going to help anyone. I know this has been said a million times, but I find it funny that usually the “You’re a white girl! You don’t know struggle!” crowd is usually just other white people.

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