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Adrian Nuno Reply

Thank you for addressing this!! I definitely wanted to get your thoughts on this topic.

projectzad Reply

Between scams, mass hoarding, and price gouging, we are seeing the worst of humanity right now. Using this incredibly difficult time to “line your pockets” is extraordinarily morally reprehensible. Thanks for bringing attention to this.

    Savannah Davis Reply

    These people taking advantage of others right now are disgusting.

    Summer Graham Reply

    What about the only fans people 🤣

    Gina G Reply

    Also a lot of good too. Lots of people helping each other in my area. Lovely to see.

    Mimou Reply

    I see a lot of great behavior as well. I think we should not just focus on the bad. There are many people helping each other selfishly.

    steve1711 Reply

    On the plus side a lot of good. In the UK the government asked for people to help out the health service and 500,000 people offered to help within just 24 hours.

Alex Yehorov Weight Loss Journey Reply

😎 Scammers and Viruses won’t stop me! I lost 17 pounds in 30 days. I have been doing my weight loss journey using IF and Low carb Diet principles.
Who else is on his weight loss journey?

    Heidi J. Reply

    I’ve lost 36 pounds since January! Keep up the good work!

    Alex Yehorov Weight Loss Journey Reply

    @Heidi J. Great results, let’s crush it!

    Christine Kreißl Reply

    I’ve been doing IF (without low carb) for a long time and had fantastic success. No I only do it for the health benefits, not weight loss.

    Tawanna Mcclendon Reply

    I’ve lost 46 lbs since October of 2019. 11 more pounds and hopefully I’ll be at my goal weight. Congratulations to everyone still being health conscious and staying on track. Even if you have a bad day just get up and get back on track. You can never fail unless you stop trying. We Got This!💪🏼

María Cali Reply

But most importantly
He wants you NOT to fall for this scam!
You tell them, buddy!

Christina J. Reply

Yesss join the anti-MLM movement! I posted on the reddit page a while ago when I saw someone shared your tweet and I said I love obese to beast!!

    Marissa Morrison Reply

    Dude. As a stay at home mom, the MLM thing is real. Like no, Susan, I don’t want your nontoxic hypoallergenic nail stickers. Or your 100% organic nonharmful cleaning supplies.

Infinite Text Reply

As a medical librarian (PSA) if you want the latest ACTUAL research on this virus look up National Library of Medicine and they will have the latest information. Also the Johns Hopkins University has a live map with real-time updates and cases worldwide. John thank you so much for fighting on behalf of the vulnerable right now. Stay safe everyone!

    PortiaPans Reply

    I’m (supposed to) graduate in May with my MIS! Thank you for the resources and your work💕

    Paula Jean Reply


Brian Wuethrich Reply

You use the essential oils, and then you smell so bad, no one wants to stand within 6 feet of you, thereby promoting social distancing. It does work….from a certain point of view…

    J P Reply

    Hahaha, that ought to do the trick.

    Moto G Reply

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

    Marissa Morrison Reply

    Ah man, I love the way they smell. Do they cure me? No. But my house smells bomb.

    Gin F Reply

    Wait 😂

Ruth Michalec Reply

Some idot posted under one of my husband’s posts that vitamin B1 will cure this virus. I got so angry.

    Miriam Havard Reply

    Ruth Michalec 😮😡

Summer Graham Reply

You’re the most humble person I’ve seen and you radiate so much goodness. Thank you for all the knowledge experience wisdom abs inspiration you share with us.

Summer Graham Reply

You’re the most humble person I’ve seen and you radiate so much goodness. Thank you for all the knowledge experience wisdom abs inspiration you share with us.

Brigitte Donker Reply

Here in holland they are going to track down the scammers who use corona as a marketing tool and take them to the judge. Its either a high fine or going to jail. Because its repulsive that they are making money over the back of scared people.

philip Trevor Reply

big corporations are also using this pandemic to scam people

net punk Reply

Ooooooh the fitness/anti-MLM crossover I’ve been waiting for 😋

Joslyn Schmitt Reply

Three things.

1. Thank you for bringing these thoughtful videos on the forefront.
I really like your Sokka hairstyle
3. Keep up the great work!


net punk Reply

Watching you discover anti-MLM and words like “hun” is so awesome I love it 😍

Linh Nguyễn Reply

Whenever i think i am in a bad situation, I remind myself at least i am not a part of MLM and think i am a “business owner”

melissa j Reply

I used to be a hun. 😬 The bonus to that is I see right through the scripts. A lot of the huns out there have good intentions to help people, and they literally don’t realize they’re being shitty humans right now. Those ones I can give a bit of a pass to. Their eyes have not yet been opened. It’s the ones who know EXACTLY what they’re doing and the CEO’s of these companies who tell them how to take advantage of people during times like these that I want to throat-punch. How about you stop trying to “grow your business” for a while and use your manufacturing facilities and resources to support the medical community. I know at least one skincare MLM has put a pause on manufacturing their own products and will switch to manufacturing hand sanitizer for the time being. Good press for them? Sure. Will they probably use it in the future to make their company look attractive for recruiting? Probably. But at least they’re actually contributing in a tangible way. I can have a little respect for that.

Kaitlin Hall Reply

When John jumps into the anti-mlm world. Honestly a king

mbd Reply

All the girls who bullied me in high school are jumping back into my dms to recruit me into their pyramid schemes🥰✌🏽ya love to see it lmaooooooo ALSO i love r/antimlm its one of my fave sources of entertainment

Mimou Reply

I love the anti-MLM subreddit. It’s very informative about MLM and how they try to recruit you. Also it gives great insights in how it financially is not a good idea to join. Knowing this information works as a protection 🙂

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