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Ziry Alex Reply

I’m going to the gym to heal myself. Stuffing food into my face never did anything but make me feel worse. The binging is just escapism, and that’s why it feels good in the moment. Having lost weight, I feel so much better now. I am getting stronger and healthier, and I actually truly enjoy what I eat now.

    I'm a fat birb. Reply

    Great job!

    Ordinary Girl Trying to be Fabulous Reply

    Exactly a binge just left me feeling sick and sluggish. Congratulations on your weight loss.

    Laguana Reply

    That mindset switch is the best feeling of all time. Congrats on putting that work in!

    WaresTheWolf Reply

    Losing weight literally saved my life in more ways than physical. It’s incredible that you’re striving for that as well. Love yourself enough to treat it with respect, and it’ll respect you in turn.
    Best of luck to you and I hope you’re doing well

My Final Thoughts Reply

I can’t believe that she is still being supported by some kind of community.

    My Final Thoughts Reply

    @jomar paulo espera I wish my parents tought me how to control it. Now i’m doing it myself which is fine too. We can’t forget about the fact that “Health at every size” simply does not exist.

    Tim McCulty Reply

    Fat acceptance movement: I don’t care what anybody thinks, I love myself
    Also Fat acceptance movement: Here’s how you’re supposed to think, so it doesn’t offend me.

    If you truly don’t care what people think, then why do you refute the health facts. Just say, I don’t want to be healthy, I want to be happy. Don’t brainwash others just to make you feel better. What if you’re wrong? Do you want to go down in the history books and the major influence that killed thousands of people? When oh when can we stick the Fat Acceptance movement into the death merchant category along with the tobacco industry and fast food?

    Naomi S.W Reply

    @jomar paulo espera deep condolences. i wish my parent control my portion sizes too. my mom giving us foods as much as we want because she can’t afford it back then.
    now my family in quite dangerous health, all of us have high risk on cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes, ect. i got my gastric bypass on oct and down 100lbs
    i still trying to change my family eating habits till now.

    Ashley Kleinvehn Reply

    I mean even Hitler had supporters lol

    Alfie Tank Reply

    Feminism. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Poly Steve's wife and girlfriend Reply

I refuse to believe she’s not a troll. I can’t believe she even has a following, how can you take her seriously like wtf

    Lizzie Hotel Reply

    Because people love to good news about their bad habits

Micah Smith Reply

She’s either completely aware of what’s she’s doing to get views / clicks etc. Or she is so solidified in a opinion that lacks any logic and it’s not really worth engaging.

Mr. Gorgenchuck Reply

There’s going to be a lot of sadness and regret within this movement in about 20 years. In the 1990s they would be the “It’s my right to smoke! Stop shaming me!” crowd. All those people are dead.

    Mr. Gorgenchuck Reply

    Jane Smith Tovar and the rest of the fat acceptance movement say the same thing about their eating habits. People attempt suicide and survive all the time. But if you make a habit of it the odds of living a long, healthy life are against you…

    january october Reply

    I was a pack a day smoker since the mid 1970s and only quit last year. Have never had a single health issue and am athletic. Since quitting I feel no different except for better lung endurance when i’m really pushing it on the bike. Edited to add I never felt it was my right to smoke around others and always hated the smell.

    Fortuna Major Reply

    i’m fat and also have been trying to quit smoking for a few years, and it’s honestly crazy to me how many people genuinely believe that someone of average weight smoking regularly is somehow healthier than someone fat who doesn’t smoke. a lot of smokers do the ‘well i don’t feel anything and ive smoked for years’ and it’s no different from the ‘ive been fat my whole life and my blood work is fine’ thing. it’s all the same idea of playing russian roulette with your life and that’s why i’m trying to improve my health in both areas.

    Holly Ann Reply

    I saw a discussion a few months back about a haes website forum. One of the people in this discussion said that they left the community because they were starting to see others die due to obesity and the people running it would delete memorial posts or anything that talked about these people. They and the people they were talking to said that it was basically a huge cover-up and they were trying to lead others to believe that nothing was wrong. They didn’t want new people seeing the reality of what was going on. They also said that when there would be events or photo ops people who looked too unhealthy were asked not to be in the photos and they did whatever it took to make sure that the only people being seen were the young, still mobile ones with no visible health issues other than, obviously, their obesity. The whole movement is a lie.

    WaresTheWolf Reply

    My grandmother died two years ago before her 70th birthday. Cancer spread throughout her body and killed her. She was morbidly obese her whole life and smoked her whole life, but you know what cancer got to her? Not her lungs, it was her stomach. Obesity killed her before smoking did, and yet people support this movement and the slow suicide of their bodies. How sad

Bea Rose Reply

This lady doesn’t know injustice. This country is LITERALLY built for you to be fat, get fat, stay fat.

    Hydrochloric Acid Reply

    Exactly. The US is honestly too accommodating towards the morbidly obese. While being outright mean to obese people isn’t productive, one can wonder how much lower obesity figures would be if it carried more daily consequences.

Jessica Raelene Reply

Virgie is a horrible human being to even think that being obese is anywhere near the same as being black, or any other race or ethnicity that is being oppressed because of their skin color. I hate how obese people in that movement want to acquaint themselves to the evil that happen to people because of something they cannot control such as skin color. I’m obese and I in no way think that I’ve ever had oppression in the same way as someone in the black community. I think the information she spreads is dangerous and I think that her, and other people like her try to play the victim when they’re the reason they’re fat in the first place. I don’t go around blaming others for my obesity and I never would.

    Bri Marie Reply

    She’s whack

    RetroFanaminna Reply

    I’m both black and obese. Like many I struggle with my weight. Like you, I don’t blame others for my weight. Which is why I agree with you about Virgie 100%.

    Catherine Cruz Reply

    I agree, there are lots of jerks out there that feel better minimizing others (so they can fell superior) because of their weight, but when was the last time an obese guy got kill for being obese?

    Ashley Kleinvehn Reply

    I would be offended if I was black. I wonder what black people think when they hear something like that?

    Greg Valdez Reply

    @Leila LaughsAlot same here lool

Sandra Reply

Can these people please stop equating obesity with race?! It’s NOT the same and it’s insulting that they say it is! I’m pretty sure no one has been lynched because of their BMI, but black people have absolutely been murdered and discriminated against because of their skin color!

    Shakirah Reply

    Facts, it pisses me off. They are just professional victims. After graduation, nearly no one cares to comment negatively about weight on a regular day to day thing.

    Shakirah Reply

    @Your Quirk I agree, accept that I would say anyone can speak on race. Maybe there are things you are less knowledgeable on, so you read and listen to those with that have more insight. But your opinions and perspectives are valid when discussing race.

    Your Quirk Reply

    @Shakirah thank you and that’s a good point 🙂 it sometimes feels a bit unnecessary for me to add on to things when someone with more knowledge about it already has said it in a good way yet I wanted to agree with something more than a like :-p

    HeliRy Reply

    @Your Quirk of course you can, never let anyone tell you otherwise. Your thoughts and opinions matter. Everyone’s do.

    Caitlyn Winchester Reply

    THANK YOU. as a poc but not black, I can only imagine what it must be like to feel the racism of a black person. I am chinese and have seen those in my community being physically attacked due to corona, thinking about how this is only a fraction of what the black community has experienced for hundreds of years makes me appalled. It’s offensive and so ignorant of her to trivialize racism.

Moon Varin-Opal Reply

I would just like to say as a trans man, you are not queer/transphobic if you are against health at every size. As the bald angry man has said, your gender does not increase your risk of an early death in the way obesity does. I know this feels obvious, but I felt the need to say it.

And thanks to you, Alan Roberts, and the queen of cosplay, I’m down 30 lbs and on my way to health!

    Buira Reply

    The youtube holy trinity of weightloss.

    Sally OVO Reply

    Awesome work on the weight loss! Love those 3 channels too 💜

    Mew Mew Reply

    Best of luck💙💛

    Naomi S.W Reply

    congrats! hope the best for you

    Ashley Kleinvehn Reply

    Inspiring! 2 difficult struggles and are overcoming both.

Sherri T Reply

Why do they always equate the word diet with disordered eating? A diet just means eating a specific way, it is not offensive at all. My boyfriend is thin and struggles to put on weight, so he’s on a diet where he’s eating more calories than his body burns. Is that problematic to them, or is that okay because he’s overindulging? I don’t eat meat, I follow a vegetarian diet. Am I a part of the fatphobic patriarchy now? Make it make sense. 🤔 Also a lot of people lose weight for specific goals outside of health and beauty standards, does that make it okay?

    Cherise Elliott Reply

    Sherri T Yes!!! Thank you for saying it so well!!!

    harizotoh7 Reply

    A lot of what they say makes sense when you realize they know nothing about nutrition outside of pop-culture. They only know “fad diets” and they rightly critique those as stupid or a scam. They then wrongly conclude that all of health and fitness is a scam and call it the “diet industry”. Proper health and nutrition will most likely save you money.

    Marilyn Beth Reply

    I change my diet because I was gaining weight. I started to lose weight. I then had to change my diet again to stop losing weight. There is nothing wrong with changing your diet.

    Kitty Catcaroo Reply

    They’re obsessed with disordered eating on both ends of the spectrum, but surely there must be such a thing as ‘ordered eating’. Healthy eating is ordered eating and we do not need to fear it.

    Daniel Reig Navarro Reply

    Haha and I’m both as I’m single, vegan trying to put on weight, slowly archieving my goals 😀

Ash O Reply

Why does she act as if a healthy lifestyle is a death sentence? You would think someone were pressuring her to lay on a bed of nails.

    Lizzie Hotel Reply

    Its because she would have to admit her failings and confront herself. And she cant hack it.

esoteriquefille Reply

She’s the queen of conflating issues. She throws all of these hot button topics out at once in an attempt to prevent people from dismantling her “argument”, which isn’t even a clear. How are mass incarceration and r*pe culture related to fat phobia? If she wants to discuss these concerns she needs to actually address them instead of wrapping her fat phobic argument in a shield of racial and gender inequality issues. It’s a lame tactic and it actually hinders the spread of awareness about fat phobia.

Jasmine Duzong Reply

As a black overweight lady hearing someone talk about White Supremacy hurting fat people really grinds my gears. She’s making this a fight that it’s not. She wants privilege, not acceptance.

jomar paulo espera Reply

Dieting is “woundedness”…. so is having type 2 diabetes…. worse wounds heal a lot slower. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ n

Petra Uhráková Reply

Basically, fat “activists” (because we all know they are not really active) are like that one friend that wants you to be miserable just so they don’t have to feel miserable alone. That’s all I gotta say. There’s not one positive message in their minds, they just wants to be comfortable and lazy.

Nani Wajnberg Reply

Obesity = health/wellness

Touching Hot pan/skillet = won’t get burned

Jasmine skye Reply

I think at this point she’s just looking for anything she can to justify being obese.

siriuslyconfused1 Reply

Virgie can talk straight to my fatty liver, she may not want to talk to me because I’m dieting, but that’s 100% cool because I definitely don’t need someone telling me my obesity is healthy.

TangyExplosives Reply

Virgie is so lazy about losing weight, that instead of working to better herself she’d rather bring vulnerable, easily manipulated people down with her so she’s not alone in the cess pit she calls HAES and fat activism. Her attitude about equating weight to race, poverty, etc is disgusting. I was making minimum wage at McD’s, barely enough money to pay rent let alone live, and I managed to lost 70 lbs despite eating McD’s everyday, because I made the best decisions I could with the food I had at my disposal. Not everything you put in your mouth needs to have Mayo or be greasy or be a dessert.

Virgie is disgusting for taking advantage of people and shoving her shitty ideals down people’s throats who are not educated enough to know what she is saying is absolute trash!

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