Weight Loss Motivation (360-190 pounds)

I really had fun making this video for all of you! It is my first time really trying anything like this, so please forgive me if it is not PERFECT!

So many people struggle with weight, so I wanted to make this video to show people that they are not alone! YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Brian Turner Reply

Damn man, I’m stoked that you are pushing yourself to edit!  This was awesome!

Razmataz3 Reply

Losing weight is hard for me. I cant seem to keep myself motivated to run every day, and dieting sucks also.

    pineapple Reply

    @Razmataz3 There’s a great app called “Nike Run” also. Which encourages you to run and even has a setting called “Coach” where it tells you how far to run everyday 🙂

    Sony Reply

    @Razmataz3 I suggest u start running the moment u wake up bescause u will burn the fat faster then if u were to run later on during the day. And yeh dieting does suck. at least try to only “cheat” eating when yer out with yer friends. But other then that start buying only vegetables. And get rid of all the junk and whatever u dont want to eat lying around cause trust me u are going to cave in with those sht lying around.

    Arber Beqiri Reply

    @Razmataz3 just prepare your meals in the beginning of the day and put them in these boxes (i forgot their names) and eat it through the whole day believe me it’s easier than u think


    @Razmataz3 The great thing about THE 3 WEEK DIET system is that you can actually begin the program in the next few minutes because I’ve made the entire system (all four manuals) available in http://051dd367ijzx0z3fqe8ekmnp94.hop.clickbank.net/

    One Ravioli Reply

    @Razmataz3 My motivation is not about my weight, but it can be held similar to it. I had trouble with loosing motivation a lot also. I would be so motivated until after awhile I was like, “I’ll just skip it today.” The way I got over that was when I made this one particular friend who makes me want to do better than I am now. He would always tease me about my flaws, but he never really cared about them in the first place. Even though I knew he didn’t care, it made me want to work on them. I kept going and eventually I was able to forget about that flaw. Running may suck, but I would give the world to be able to run again. I have a RARE disorder called exercise induced anaphylaxis, so I put my life at risk when I do. I use to dread running long-distances until I was diagnosed with it a year ago. For dieting, always keep your mind busy on something. When I was 10 I looked like an elephant. Eventually, I got obsessed with art and went hours without eating. I only stopped to get water and maybe small snacks if hunger bothered me.

Josie Mai Reply

AHHH amazing motivation this AM! Watched during my cahh-dee-oh 😛

Shadowgur1 Reply

Really great video man. I’m making conscious choices every day to better myself. I decided I’m not weak or a victim. I decided I’m strong and that I can be whoever I want to be.

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    @Shadowgur1 Keep it up!

Jabba Wabba Reply

117 days and i’ll hopefully be at my goal and can buy a sweater

    Will Rodriguez Reply

    I was over 50 pounds overweight 3 months ago. Now I have lost all of that weight and feel better than ever. If you want some great weight loss tips then go here now: HootFat.com

Chase Advantage Reply

Im 270 lbs and want 190 lbs plus muscles, my dream is a 6 pack, I need some motivation, I have lost 10 lbs so far

    Freddy Trujillo Reply

    With u man

Rhyz Bell Reply

Man, seeing how you have evolved and retained that motivation makes my own journey that much better!! 240b to 150b and making more improvements every day!! m/

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    @Rhyz Bell Thank you!

Lucy Furr Reply

I’m 14 and I’m tired of being unfit and instead of eating my feelings I’m going to try my best to change my life while I’m young and still can! Thanks for the inspiration :))))

    sAvAƨ・サヴァス Reply

    Lucy Furr hello please tell me how did it all work out?

    Dorothea Reply

    You are 18 now… Any update?

    theothermaverick Reply

    @Dorothea yes he’s an adult that’s the update

    RetRActeR_GD Reply

    I turned 14 recently, can you give some advise if you got fit?

Alisha Lindstrom Reply

Maybe someone will be interested in how I lost 10 pounds, look here @Emilie Kesinger

    Loida Nevarez Reply

    @Alisha Lindstrom Thanks

    Audria Shuford Reply

    @Alisha Lindstrom I am very grateful to you

    Anjelica Allred Reply

    @Alisha Lindstrom Thanks, I take note

    Shela Berge Reply

    @Alisha Lindstrom it may be useful

فهد الدليمي Reply

(: thanks bro u really inspired me Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Gugu's Journey Reply

    lol bro I was inspired too but with that profile pic, it seems as if you’re being sarcastic😂😂😂😂😂

Cowboys86 Reply

Good for you man. Hell of a transformation!!!

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    +DCBoys86 Thank you!

    Michele T. Cooper Reply

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Tyler LeFear Reply

great job man! this is very inspiring. I weigh 335 right now my goal is to be down to 235 by 2017. I’m going to watch this every morning lol

    Abraham Aleman Reply

    Tyler LeFear did you make it

    Tine Vlekken Reply

    Tyler LeFear it’s 2017 did it go well?

    godbout stephane Reply

    Tyler LeFear keep on going !

    godbout stephane Reply

    Keep on going Tyler !

    Justas Juodeikis Reply

    Hope you made it and even more!

Ramon Rivera Reply

R.I.P Dj khaled

    D7ooMx501 Reply

    another one

    Emilio Reply

    +Special Legends And anotha one

    Cacoetion Reply

    secure your bag alert!

    Ruth Marsha Reply

    I bet he’s handsome, love u John

CO2 Vodpyre Reply

I watched this, summer of 2015. Gave me some damn motivation. After a few months, man, I myself could say that I am in the best shape. And I am not stopping there. Thanks ObesetoBeast for the motivation that you spread out.

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    Karin Smith Reply

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    William Rodriguez Reply

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j Reply

i watched your video about 9 or 10 months ago and it really inspired me to start my weight loss journey. as soon as i watched your video i started losing weight, and I’ve lost 56 pounds in 8-9 months! thanks, man.

    Teddy Chihuahua Reply

    That’s amazing! 😄👍👍

    John Carilloae Reply

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    hope it will help

    marcela silva Reply

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    Cutie Kawaii Reply

    Well done!

JuanjitoFitness Reply

I remember watching this video a long time ago I was like 280 now I’m 190 looking forward to be 170 by the end of this summer

wise woman Reply

Much respect! You continue to inspire me on my journey. Down from 334.6 pounds, now 251 with a goal to be in the 160s by the end of 2017.

    Kaiyoda Reply

    wise woman how’d it go?

    Mohd Izaan Reply

    wise woman , you can do it ! wuhuuuu

    Victor Ximenes Reply

    Waddup fatso. 160 yet?

    21 Chavage Reply

    Victor 96 lol

ramon avalos Reply

I use to be 296 and went down to 257 but then lost motivation.. I’m sure I’m in the 270s now…. wish my depression didn’t eat me up at times..

    Liorer Reply

    you can get back on track!

    Nicolas M Reply

    ramon avalos don’t give I believe in you!!

1 Hour Buzz Reply

who want my weight updates? :p

    Mcrgregpr Ronald Reply

    An Average Indian me

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