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Sam Elle Reply

Watching this to start my day is definitely going to keep me on track to be more aware of what I’m eating!!!

    Beth Mathews Reply

    Sam Elle yep, lol….

Shannon Alexis Reply

I love your gardening content!

Ima Purnomo Reply

I love your videos. You know you can eat kabocha leaves. I just blend everything

How To Make Dinner Reply

I didn’t know you could eat sweet potato leaves!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    yes! They are very good 🙂

    Robin Weldy Reply

    Broccoli leaf is also delicious so long as it’s not gotten tough 🤗

Silke Dewulf Reply

Ah man I am so inspired by all the food you are growing in your garden 😍I actually found a community garden near where i live that I am going to start volunteering for. I miss having my hands in the dirt so much now that i am living in a tiny studio flat! 🌿🌻Really enjoyed your video as always! 💕

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    thats amazing! I wish we had a communnity garden here, they need to be more common! Its better when everyone gets innvolved because you can grow and learn so much more <3

Aneta Reply

Loved the intro to this video! Definitely trying the last recipe, it looks amazing. Also I would love to see the plants in your greenhouse

Lindsey Courtice Reply

Looks great. Also FYI so much easier to peel ginger with a spoon!!

Melissa Rogers Reply

So inspiring! 👐 Sometimes I get so stuck and can’t figure out what to eat, you help so much! I Love celery leaves…. you could dehydrate them to store them and use them like herbs in so many ways! Enjoy your day Hannah! ❤✌

Kimberly K Reply

Your videos help me stay motivated and focused on whole foods

Jillian Reply

For the celeriac, when it’s root gets big and round, dig it up. You can peel the root and grate to make a remoulade (French salad), you can roast it and mash it

    Jondy Reply

    You can also make an awesome soup with it too!

It's a Plant Life Reply

Have you ever added some raw sweet potato into your smoothies? It adds such a pleasant yum and creaminess.

Esther Loughney Reply

Tip: Peel the ginger with a teaspoon, you will have less waste 🙂

    Manda Mosher Reply

    You don’t even need to peel the ginger! I don’t even bother anymore it’s so fine you don’t notice it and adds Fiber.

    Samantha Leigh 💛 Reply

    @Manda Mosher same im too lazy and i don’t even notice the skin lol

EuroKitty33 Reply

celeraic is a variety of celery grown for the root mainly- dig up the root and it is delicious in stews etc.

Xander Reply

In the Netherlands we eat the root of celeriac. Peel them, cube them and put them in soups and stews! It’s amazing in split pea soup.

    Manda Mosher Reply

    Thanks a great idea! I never thought of pairing it with split pea!

    MsBlooz87 Reply

    In Poland we boil it with carrots, potatoes and parsley, cube them, add pickles, cheese, some meat, mayo, salt, pepper and there you go with traditional Polish salad that we serve on family gatherings. But we also use it in soups 😉

    Yvonne Stark Reply

    In Germany my mom cuts them 1cm thick slices rubbing them with mustard, then roll them in breadcrumbs and frying them in the pan. It’s basically a ” vegan schnitzel” and taste super delicious. 🤤😋
    Thanks for your awesome videos Hannah, always such in inspiration!!❤️

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    awesome ill try that!

Helena Hatzman Reply

the garden is beautiful and i like your way of cooking !

Pernilleisinthehouse Reply

I dont know the species of the mushroom growing in your beds – that would require more pictures from different angels, especially below to show the stem and the slats, as well as a describtion of its smell. But it is probably just a saprophyte decomposing the last nutrients in your mulch (:

Cathy Bryant Reply

Celeriac is grown for the big round root – grate it into salads, or what we do is steam and mash it, then mix sweetcorn in. Make sure to eat that root!

Nokuthula Ndlovu Reply

Watching while enjoying my delicious meal but your playlist makes me crave a nice long jog. Your garden looks amazing and so does your food. Thank you so much for sharing. Take care🙂🌱

Ann Pace Reply

Hi Hannah. I was waiting for your next post. I always look forward to seeing them. I love your recipes so much. I have to tell you that you look so nice with your hair up. I love it like that. 🥰. Thank you so much for all you do and contribute for us with our vegan diet. I am 72 years old and love vegan food. Take care. Oh I also want to say that I hope everything is going well for y’all with your new home.

Gia Chanel Reply

I find a lot of these youTuber that follow a plant-based diet’s live an isolated areas. Were they don’t have the triggers of every day life.🤨

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