What I Eat & Do in a Day (and other stuff): VLOG Ep 1

And so it begins! Lol Mark this day for me – my very first vlog! Here's Episode 1, What I Eat and Do In a Day (and other random stuff). Check out equipment & other FAQs below!

Equipment used & featured products:
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Bentgo Lunchbox –

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Ruben –
Benyam –

Soundtrack (of non-royalty free music):
at 17:31 – Hillsong, Even When it Hurts (on iTunes) –

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Justin Taylor Reply

No way! Vlogs! Im so hypped!!!!!

    Library Adjacent Reply

    @Justin T digging the elevator music♪

Crystal Guzman Reply

YESS VLOGS ! I swear ill watch everyday LOL

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    @Crystal Guzman haha! thanks! i’m gonna do my best to do them weekly at the moment.

    Crystal Guzman Reply

    @Fit Men Cook Well we will definitly be watching 🙂

    Jacob Rex Reply

    +Fit Men Cook can you put your tuna video please i cant find it 🙁

Cibrinca Reply

and i love the “boom” you say every time you end a video. That really cracks me up in a good way tho

Amber Love Studio Reply

I really enjoyed this video Kevin! More vlogs please 😁😎

lenhister Reply

Damn, you definitely do not skip leg day.

    Eric Bishop Reply

    Too bad he half asses it instead dodging barbell squats, deadlifts, and lunges…

    Hopfather & Hound Reply

    @Eric Bishop ya, agree with you but he did say it was more of him playing around then workout.

    love di choreo Reply

    For real

    Justin Lloyd Jimenea Reply

    I use to skip leg day most of the time, it’s hilarious😂

Commitin Reply

I just realized you are a YouTuber full time! That’s awesome man. Hey I’m gonna try this for a day. Could you post in the notes everything you ate for the day including nutrient info for each meal?!

The brunettes win Reply

Love watching your videos so much.  You bring such a fresh approach to healthy food and it all looks soooo good.

Kirsten T Reply

I love this video! It’s always very clear that you’re a really sincere and caring person! I bet you brighten everyone’s day when you walk in the gym… Also HOLY QUADS!!! Daaaaaaaaang.. Never seen your lower body till this! You look great! Thanks for the videos Kevin!

Tony Dang Reply

dude I just noticed you didn’t drink anything the entire day.

YungManTooFresh Reply

i just found out this guys channel and i love it. i want a chill lifestyle like him

PaulTurbo Reply

This dude knows how to live.

    Oleg Berman Reply

    +PaulTurbo and surely knows how to eat 😀

Temp Name Reply

My snack = crisps and chocolate bar from vending machine. His snack = golden kiwi and flipin’ chocolate avocado – rofl, my life sucks

HealthNut Nutrition Reply

Absolutely loved this style of video! I’m filming a similar what I ear tomorrow actually 😉 Keep up the amazing work, love your channel xo

zrebrutibreniti Reply

this dude seriously deserves more attention. his recipes are so original and tasty but still so really clean. this is what hell’s kitchen should be about. give this man a medal pls

Maya Ebrahim Reply

This video is like therapy, youve got such a soothing voice, the food is all delicious looking and you smashed that leg day. I need to change my life to get to your level!

Ivana Chuljak-Cribb Reply

cute and can cook – i need to marry this man :)) lol

    Andristouchofglam Reply

    Exactly lol

    ScreenNameGuy Reply

    Ivana Chuljak-Cribb
    I thought women do most of the cooking…

    Cloud Head Media Reply

    Ivana Chuljak-Cribb and he cleans the kitchen, what a full pack

Mimi Andujar Reply

I love your channel. As a mom and a wife i have to put healthy meals on the table not only for a toddler, but for my husband who is trying to build muscle. You really give me a ton of great ideas to feed my family.

Ashley Holley Reply

Your are one of those YouTubers whom I wish I could like and share your vids 100 times over. Can tell you really care about your audience and are passionate about what you do, its not just about the number and views or who liked it but helping those who watch. I think its awesome you took your original target body builder audience and expanded it. Its really relatable to someone like me who started with a weight loss journey, then to distance running and now lifting, I wanted to find someone whose vids found that balance. Keep it up, your hard work is noticed! Kudos from Arkansas <3

Inquire703 Reply

I know it’s like a whole year later. But I really enjoyed this vlog. You seem like a down to earth person and you really enjoy what you do. I get great ideas from watching your videos and immediately put them into actions. Thanks to you, I will have some great, healthy meals to take to work. Boom 👊🏾

Katherine German Reply

Seeing Rubens picture just helped me realize that weight doesn’t matter

    Dabbinstein Reply

    Definitely! It’s all about body composition =]

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