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Sara Bentley Reply

Keep inspiring❤it means so much to me.

Sam Elle Reply

I love love love cruciferous vegetables!!! Roasted broccoli or cauliflower is my absolute fav! Because of you, I’ve been having veggies with every meal!!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    they are the best! Keep eatin them veggies girl 🙂

    Ima Purnomo Reply

    Me too. I can even eat bokchoy salad. Eating wfpb is so convenient even for a lazy individual like me.

    Sam Elle Reply

    Ima Purnomo oooo I LOVE BOK CHOY! I steam it

    Patriot Jefferson Reply

    @Ima Purnomo share your Bok Choy salad recipe with us!

Lil Laura's Kitchen Reply

Absolutely loving your content lately 😍

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Glad you enjoy it!

wandadiane .pants Reply

I’ve especially loved your content lately. I’ve fallen off the ‘no oil-lots of veggies’ mindset over the last year, and it shows. The #eatyourvegchallenge inspired me to hop back on the wagon, and I feel so much better. Thank you! Love your cat!

    Amy Kawaii Reply

    Me too and I also need to get away from junk food again. I’ve been munching on too much junk lately!

Taylor Masina Reply

Loved this. Would love to see your jewelry collection next!

    Kayla Payne Reply

    YA! I agree

    nicole rogers Reply

    Me too!!

Lulu's Mom Reply

You were so charming today…but unfortunately, I believe Kitty one-upped you. LOL Burger DID look delish!

buff barr Reply

THE WEED!!!! 😂 😂

buff barr Reply

I miss Derek rating all your dishes an 8!!😃

milanobanano Reply

Just FYI – there is a huge difference between celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that results in health complications due to ingestion of gluten – the body literally creates an immune response due to the exposure. Not all celiac patients experience stomach/digestive issues. There are other conditions that would prompt me to test for celiac disease. People with celiac disease cannot eat gluten, it doesn’t matter the source.

    Catherine Burke Reply

    Thank you. I have celiac and that misinformation scared me a lil bit. I’ve had some pretty intense reactions to “ancient” wheat (ie einkorn) before, and my immunologist includes it in the their “danger” guide for celiacs. I’ve seen a few journal articles saying that einkorn was found to have higher gluten content than common wheat too… Loved the video otherwise

    Amy Kawaii Reply

    Catherine Burke this is why people should listen to their doctors and research reputable medical/dietary sources. I take what YouTubers say with a grain of salt because everybody’s body responds to things differently and she isn’t a dietitian, nutritionist, or doctor.

    Lindsay Cannavino Reply

    Yes you’re right! I have a gluten intolerance and I can eat einkorn, but I know several people with celiac disease who were told by their GI doctor they absolutely cannot eat that.

    Toni Dill Reply

    I think you are a little too sensitive on the topic. Pretty sure people are going to follow their doctors advice, not what Hannah says to a T. She was basically describing the gist of it in case people would question her. I have to avoid it, but no, I won’t get sick from it. I have an autoimmune disorder and it sucks I can’t even eat quinoa, it gives me gastrointestinal upset like wheat. Pretty sure I can’t eat Einkorn as well. But I’m not triggered over what she said about them. I just have common sense to avoid them. Not everyone has our issues.

    Cynthia Zalewsky Reply

    Thank you for that! I literally yelled ” no they cannot” when she mentioned the pasta. Celiac disease is an immune response to a protein found in wheat rye and barley. It does not make a difference if it “ancient” wheat, new age wheat (lol) or any type of made up wheat. Wheat is wheat to a Celiac and is off limits!

Eden of Earth Reply

Omg I’m actually dying here!!! “Probably a teaspoon” – *puts at least a tablespoon of garlic powder* hahah you’re the best Hannah seriously

    Rebecca Varisco Reply

    Id say a cup of garlic powder!!!

    Mad McBain Reply

    that vegan brain fog 😂❤️

    Mickey W Reply

    I was about go comment the same thing. She dumps like 2 tablespoons in there 🤣🤣🤣 still good. Love you Hannah!

    Elise Pavek Reply

    I was thinking the same thing! Girl isn’t afraid of flavor. I always take creative liberty when following recipes and find that I want to double or triple the seasoning as well!

    Plant Plotters Paradise Reply

    Was thinking the same 😆

Jamie Renae Reply

Right before your sleeve went into the sauce, I yelled out NO! I appreciate that you licked it off…waste nothing 😁

Tania Who Reply

Your cat at the beginning, I just could not look away :’D *.*

    Adelina Chiriac Reply

    I kept switching from looking at Hannah, and trying to concentrate on what she was saying…but the cat kept stealing my attention haha

T Will Reply

Your “teaspoons” are a little big 😂 I wanna try the pasta

    Plant Plotters Paradise Reply

    They so are 😆

SaraSmilesandCreates Reply

Has it already been four years in the tiny house?! I remember y’all scootin around Tuscon on your bikes and building the thing! So crazy!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    i think 3.5 actually but itll be 4 by the time we move out 😂

    Patricia Reply

    @High Carb Hannah You so deserve this new house, 4 years is a long time in a tiny house IMO.

almajd mjd Reply

try brown lentils with oat 2 cups of soaked lentils to 1 cup of oat + one tomatoe + one onion + spices of ur choice put them all in food proceser then in ovin for about hour it tastse amazing

Chelsea Wilkins Reply

Quality over quantity all the way! I’ve been getting rid of old cheap stuff and investing in staples that are more eco-friendly and better for humans. It’s more money upfront but I think it’s saving me money in the long run

Ruth Anderson Reply

😂😂😂 “it’s actually just a weed”….after you said that I was like “ya, we’d be great friends” 😂

Laura L Vegan Reply

You crack me up! Between your cat, your sleeves and the weeds…..😆. You always keep it real. Think I’ve mentioned this before but I eat more of your recipes and inspired meals than from any other source. I feel like they’re idiot-proof which is a compliment. I’m not the best cook and definitely not a troubleshooter so I greatly appreciate the simplicity of your recipes and the ingredients. I made your rice noodles and veggie stir fry the other day with the Korean inspired sauce. Damn! So good! I will definitely be making that burger. Looks so good. Thanks for all you do.💚

No one to you Reply

I used to have such minimal clothes. My weight kept increasing the past 3 years (perimenopause?), but I still keep wearing the same pieces, not liking the quality or in-person design of what I’d buy. Need to get back to minimal.
Body seems to be decreasing now that I’m rewelcoming starches in my diet, though I’d been high fruit 80/10/10.

Any content, I’m here for it.

Pam DeVito Reply

I couldnt imagine eating that for breakfast omg😂😂 goals

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