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Lori Williams Reply

That is wonderful. So great to grow your own food! Lots of work and determination. Thanks so much for sharing your life.

High Carb Hannah Reply

Hey guys thanks for watching! Today was a really random day of food as i was testing out some things and using up leftover produce before my big grocery shop for the week, i hope you still enjoyed it 🙂 Have a great weekend <3

    aftonmcaferty Reply

    Wait, what happened with the sesame leaves??

    DaphneDesigns Reply

    I want to live off grid in the future I think! Just nervous I’d get lonely

Sam Elle Reply

YESSSS we have to do things with passion!! Having a positive mindset is a GAME CHANGER

Claudia Glows Reply

Love how you pet all your plants 💕
Your greenhouse is incredible

timothy george Reply

Greenery gives one a sense of happiness
Lush leaves and Rollie Polies on lawns
With a dog or two

Lacie Pratt Reply

I love that you grow almost everything you eat. More people need to grow their own food. Small gardens or even just a few in pots can make a huge difference 🍓🍋🍇🍅🥕🥬🍆🥔

    27otherside27 Reply

    We try, but climate change is so tough. Every year it’s different and the fruit trees don’t know what to do

Claudia Glows Reply

Your talk on self love, self acceptance and putting out positive energy was the beautiful reminder I needed today ❤️

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    So glad!

    Morning Star Bedell Reply

    Yes me too!!

Laura Jackson Reply

Thank you, Hannah. After a heart attack 5 years ago (age 66), decided I’d had enough of Western ‘medicine’ and spent 3 months reading and watching every video I could find about diet. You were one of the first I followed, so I made huge changes in my diet and lifestyle and never waivered. Over the weekend, I had a health emergency and spent Saturday and Sunday in the hospital. Over and over, the medical staff who stopped to see me commented surprised they were when they realized my age. My primary care physician calls me her success story. Diet, exercise and attitude! You’re so right on, Hannah, keep saying it – people need to hear it! P.S. The health emergency was NOT another heart attack!

How to Reply

🐻 Be Vegan and Spread Love in the World 🌍 പ്പല്ലട്ട്പ്പെ 💞❤️💕💗 പ്പെട്ടത് 🎱 ട്രൂപ്പ്ജീള്ളറ്റഎ 🐻🌱🍎🌱🍊🌱🍇🌱🥥

Leo and Longevity Reply

Amazing video Hannah, I learned so much!

Edda Damatta Reply

I couldn’t agree more when it comes to your energy-related comments. It’s something I try to promote whenever I can 🙂

Olivia Armand Reply

I always love watching your garden tours! You’ve been such an inspiration for me. I have a box garden growing around our deck and just started 4 raised beds. Gardening is so fun and therapeutic!

Ella L. Reply

Can I please hire you as my personal motivational speaker/life coach?? Lol! I really needed to hear this (and probably still will have to, many times). Thank you, Hannah ❤

East Willow Grove Reply

Trim the bottom of the tomatoe plants, when the leaves start to touch the dirt they will get root rot from being too wet and die. Roots and refuge farm on YouTube has given me so much great info!

Mind Over Bread Reply

14:40 thank you, I needed to hear that. So so true. 🙏

De6Klompjes Reply

I really enjoy cooking and growing my own food. I really struggle to lose the weight even though I changed my lifestyle since January. But I do notice I have more energy and my thyroid is working a bit better again and I could lower my medications. So even though you can’t see it on the outside yet inside my body there is going on so much. I really believe the weight will follow. When the gym opens again I’m one happy pear. I miss everyone I talked to and trained with

jenna daneels Reply

It’s perfectly stated. Thank you! Our thought processes are in synch. We must treat ourselves as we would our best friend because relationship to self is the longest and most important one we probably will ever have. ❤️

iwantchickennuggets Reply

I love your channel! There’s lots of other Vegan Youtubers who keep throwing shade at you and saying your lifestyle habits are “unhealthy.” The ignorance on their part really shines through. You are one of the few vegan yotubers who eats on a fully plant-based diets and focuses on the health aspects of food. Congrats on being you!!! Your house is gorgeous! You’ve helped me so much through my vegan journey! I’m actually having one of your potato salads for breakfast.

    Bea E. Reply

    What? That’s crazy!! I’ve only heard one person hating on her. But she was clearly bananas. kwim? Hannah is awesome!

imfittted Reply

I can’t wait to buy a house so I can start growing food.

TheDij Alazam Reply

When you gave the tree analogy I started tearing up…. I hand’t heard that before..I hope we can all see ourselves like that. Actually everything you said about gratitude and self appreciation really hit me today. Thank you Hannah. Literally such goddess, love the garden!!

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