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Remain Tranquil Reply

The earliest I’ve ever been, nice

Slow Consumerism Reply

So happy to see that you’ve uploaded ! I always love your videos, such a relaxed vibe 🤗💚

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    I’m so glad!

Adriana Lombardi Reply

Greetings from Rome to you Hannah ❤ Thanks for the great recipes, highly recommend ❤
I wanna thank you and in return I wanna recommend you some super cool summer music: Benedict Ammann – Love ain’t cheap
This is my absolute favourite in my summer playlist on Spotify at the moment 🙂

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    You are so welcome!

TheDel1lah Reply

You look beautifully refreshed and relaxed. I find being close to ‘bodies of water’ to be so healing. Thanks for the awesome food options. 🤗

Tick Tock Reply

Hi Hannah! Really enjoying watching the house build. I’m so jealous!

Linds Reply

Your recipe online says to add nutritional yeast but you didn’t add that in these ones right?

Sam Elle Reply

ive been using your pancake recipe since FOREVER!! Literally the best

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    So good! glad u like it 🙂

tracy mcgarva Reply

Love the talk throughs xx

Carmelita.88 Reply

I kinda like the voice overs…but I’ll watch whatever you post honestly

Plant Based Mary A Reply

Those pancakes look amazing! Also, you’ve inspired me to try making sushi and now I just need to go get all the ingredients for it! Thanks so much!!! 💕

Janine Alexa Reply

Love the “talk through” and the recipes!!

Viktoria Rayne Reply

“Alleged” perpetrator … 😁 maybe put mint oil on parts of them – till cat learns they aren’t hers?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

naturally Reply

You motivated me to try and make homemade sushi by myself😁

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    You can do it!

Megan Gentile Reply

The cat pawing at the water 😆🥰

    Victoria V Reply

    I saw that too. Ha ha. Lil paw testing the waters 🤣🤣

    Megan Gentile Reply

    SO adorable!!

Tracy Gaither Reply

I love how simple you make things. I have been recipes for the past month and they are tasty. I have even begun sharing your Youtube channel with other vegans. Definitely trying the pancakes and sushi soon. Yes, I like the talk throughs better.

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Awesome! Thank you!

Momfasa Reply

This is great. Thank you. I’ll try the pancakes tomorrow,

Nikki Reply

Love it! And my fridge is the same. 😂

adam o'neill Reply

me personally, find a mix of over head and strait on (you and food in full frame) better, it just feels more personal than just having the above camera
: )

Ladee Bug Reply

I like the overhead camera….especially when little ears pop on screen….and the little paw dipping in the finger bowl. So cute!!!!❤🐞

Miranda Riley Reply

I think talking while you’re filming is totally fine! I’m new to plant-based eating and your recipes have been a win every time 😘

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