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Taco soup recipe
1 can of pinto beans and 1 can black beans drained and rinsed.
1/2 bag of frozen corn
2-3 yellow potatoes
1 tsp each, onion, garlic, chili (or chipotle powder) and cumin, 1/2 tsp cayenne.
1-2 tsp better than boullion
1/2 cup dry red lentils
3 cups water
Cook 20 min and lightly blend

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Our Vegan Kitchen Reply

You’re always inspiring us to include more greens and salad in our recipes! Thank you! 😊😋

Ginny Williams Reply

Delicious looking recipes! Yum!

High Carb Hannah Reply

Hey guys thank you so much for watching! And a BIG Thank you to Ritual for sponsoring this video #ritualpartner
Click here http://ritual.com/HIGHCARB and use code “HIGHCARB” to get 10% off your first three months with Ritual.

Mary L Reply

Yay a 9. Love when hubby gives your food a high rating.

Rachel Lyn RN Reply

Love how simple and healthy your meals always are. As a nurse it give me hope that there are people out like you teaching people to avoid chronic diseases and be healthy! I wish I got to do more of that at my job!!

    Katie Reply

    I’m in nursing school and I’m struggling so much to find time to eat, let alone eat healthy!! Do you have any tips?

cater chatter Reply

Haven’t watched in awhile,enjoyed today’s menu. Looked delicious. I’m surprised to see that you guys are still in your tiny house. Thought you had practically finished your new house. I’ve got to restart keeping up again with you.❤️

Autumn Sky Reply

The taco soup looks bomb!! Just got my first Instant Pot after years of telling myself I didn’t need it. Now I absolutely love it and will be making this asap! Thanks Hannah.

Bumble Bee Reply

hi babe! just checking in. You’re a white girl. White girl+pale skin=no sun damage. less wrinkles when you’re my age. xo

Lexi DeLorme Reply

why does ritual have to force its affiliates to say they have “gaps” in their diet :/ same thing for sweetsimplevegan’s video that was sponsored by them…

Raining His Presence Reply

We need to be reminded. So I am glad you tell us these things for us to continue on the right path . The path of compliance. Lol lol

Alexa .S Reply

If you buy frozen raspberries, try putting them on top of your hot oats and let them melt a bit. Tastes like oatmeal with natural syrup and it’s a natural seeetener

Maxine Pagnotti Reply

Any tips for gas and bloating ? Been plant based over 3 years. Ty Hannah

    Michelle Boudet-French Reply

    You may want to check out the book Fiber Fueled.

    Maxine Pagnotti Reply

    @Michelle Boudet-French ty

Debbie Blackman Reply

Thanks Hannah, I love you simple “what I eat in a day” videos. I love eating this way and I get so over complicated recipes. This keeps it real to me.

Masha J Reply

Thank you so much for discussing how this diet affects your cycle. I’ve been doing the starch solution for a few months and my last period was SO much more bearable and I had no idea why. This makes sense!

Laura Castillejos Reply

I nearly dropped my laptop when Dman gave it a 9 😂
Would love for you to do a video on simple “bowl” meals! Thanks for the video Hannah! 😘

Brianna ***** Reply

I pretty much eat this same way expect i use quinoa instead of rice, and add kale to everything else

Justine Vlogs Reply

gorl i have THE SAME experience with my cycle and fats

DaBlondDude Reply

I’m SO-O-O tempted to pull a dramatic sigh of relief and say something about my period but I’m sure that would get my lynched lol.

Simple, flexible, fast is my preferred way of preparing food. Taco soup and sushi bowl look interesting. Did I understand properly that you throw those frozen corn on the cob in the air fryer with fries? ÔÔ

Crystal Moet Reply

I usually make a similar soup like the taco soup, stops my cravings for fatty food, but it’s super healthy

Damn Tasty Vegan Reply

All the meals looks so simple and delicious. Now I”m craving a sushi bowl!

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