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Honest Plant Mama Reply

Gosh making a ‘what I eat in a day’ is a lot of work I can’t imagine what goes into a week!!

Brenda Sullivan Reply

So weird , was missing your videos so I was binge watching your videos and this popped up lol😍

Cat Hugs Reply

I haven’t even watched this video yet. I already know I’m gong to love it. I love all you videos ❤️🙌🏻. Your recipes are fabulous

High Carb Hannah Reply

Hey everyone thanks for watching, i hope you all have a great valentines day this weekend, Much love <3

    Team Broccoli Reply

    High Carb Hannah Happy V day!! 💕

    Fgarcia_4 J Reply

    High Carb Hannah – Hello! Where do you get your sushi ginger? Thank you! ❤️

Emma Broadie Reply

You’ve just made me crave mashed potatoes, peas and gravy!!! Do you have a recipe for vegan gravy? x

    Kolla Kling Reply

    Emma Broadie in her dressing e-book, 10$

Holistic Hearts Reply

Dr Joe Dispenza’s books and meditations are amazing! Check out his YouTube channel w everyone’s testimonies from doing his meditations. They are life changing.

Amber Katie Reply

Yay, a new video! Was hoping you’d put up a new one soon. Have you and Plantiful Kiki talked about making a video together? Because that would be amazing!!

ThatHealingTribe Reply

You’re such an inspiration, Hannah, and you always look so genuinely happy 🙂

Lalita Zatz Reply

What happened to the 30 day raw food challenge???

    Vegan Bee Reply

    Lalita Zatz that’s what I wondered too! What happened Hannah?! Did you miss mash too much 😂

    sn232 Reply

    I thought the same thing, thought that maybe I missed a video, or something she said in a previous video about it. I know I’d miss the potatoes LOL!

PapayaJoy Reply

Looks like raw till 4! 🤣🤣🤣

TheSarota1986 Reply

❤️ Im sooo happy you are still doing videos and being fabulous 🙌🏻

Faye Schettino Reply

Love this video!! You always inspire me and you make the simplest food look amazing and do able .. thank u😊💚

Mountain 🏔 Girl Reply

Love these recipes, thanks for uploading 😊

Amy Bunnage Reply

After watching this I feel like I need an air fryer

Maritza Valenciano Reply

Omg I love this definitely gonna do on my channel!

Intentionally Kimberly Reply

Love this video! This really helped me see some easy meals I could throw together on the fly. Omg thanks bunches! This will help my family on nights when we have evening sports games and little time to get it going. I love you so much right now omg!


GORL! I need those mashed taters and peas in my life!!

Trisha Matthews Reply

The amount of potatoes you eat is goals. 👍 All that l-lysine knocking out any lil’ bugs that decided you were a nice place to live in 🤣

Robie T Reply

I really enjoy all the recipes you share here. Thank you for helping me to lose 15 lbs so far!

Lydia Sharp Reply

I find so many inspiring ideas every time I watch you prep meals…thanks again Hannah

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