what i eat in a week : mostly raw vegan


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Kenzie Byrns Reply

Love ya Hannah! x

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    love u too babe 🙂 take care

Lucy Bloom Reply

This kind of videos (weekly meals) are the best to me!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    aw yay! they are my fav to make im glad u enjoy them 🙂

    Lucy Bloom Reply

    @High Carb Hannah can’t wait for more then 😘

Christina Marie Reply

Yay a new video! ❤️ Hoping hannah and everyone here in the comments has a great Wednesday, even if we have to spend it in quarantine! Lots of love! Stay safe!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    <3 hopefully everyone can get some fresh air :) its beautiful here today where is everyone from?

    Whole Plant Foods Genesis 1:29 Reply

    @High Carb Hannah I just came from a long walk. Gotta get fresh air!! 😊💙💜💛❤️♥️💚

    Sara Scirea Reply

    High Carb Hannah unfortunately not! We are in the fifth week of quarantine here in Italy! I missed your videos! ♥️

High Carb Hannah Reply

Hey everyone i hope you are staying safe and healthy out there. I know how hard it can be to find fresh produce right now but I have a few tips. Go to the store RIGHT when they open, they stock the shelves overnight and i found they have way more. if you need rice, an asian grocery store is the best (we got a 50lb bag). Also nuts.com (not sponsored) has a ton of dried fruit and beans, lentils, coconut, chia, etc which is where i got all mine. Ive found sprouts and whole foods to have the best selection of produce and I always ask for cases of oranges/grapefruit (which ive always done). You can also call ahead and see when something is going to come in or if they have something in stock. I hope that helps, now is a great time to take the absolute best care of yourself 🙂 Check oiut my book for 50% off till monday http://highcarb.co/ebooks I also have a ton of free recipes on my website http://www.highcarbhannah.co and meal pleans/recipes here on youtube 🙂 Much love

    Whole Plant Foods Genesis 1:29 Reply

    Yes, I went to the local store and there was a TON of fresh produce. I think stores know there may be a shortage if they don’t OVERSTOCK now. Lol 😂

    Simply Pam Reply

    Hannah your videos are always amazing! Where do you store all this food I would love to do something but don’t know where to store it? Also I only have 43 subscribers on my simply Pam channel, but I made my own meditation for allergies. If I do it every morning I have not had any allergy symptoms. I went to days without doing it and my nose was going insane. It really works for me. I swear I’m not saying this just to get you to watch my video! I’m just saying that it works for me. 😘👍😃 Miss you!!!

    Joey Jones Reply

    Hi- was just wondering how the lime leaves tasted? I’ve never heard them used in cuisine. Great video

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    @Simply Pam i store it in my shed lol

    Simply Pam Reply

    High Carb Hannah That’s a great idea. I’m gonna try getting some of the dry stuff like nuts and rice. Thanks 😊❤️

Carly Franklin Reply

Yum raw pad Thai. Red Grapefruit juice is my favorite, you’re right it gives you the vibe that your doing something clean for your body.

Bianca Craig Reply

Your video just made my day!!! So much inspiration and omgosh that juice looked amaaaazing!! Question: I’ve been intrigued with kelp noodles for a while, just haven’t bought them bc I’m afraid of what they taste like. They look like the noodles I use in spring rolls (miracle noodles or udon?) but I realize they are not. Can you describe what they taste like and their texture please? Love your channel so much, you’re glowing!!!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    they actually dont taste like anything which is why i love them, basically just like a rice noodle or something and they soak up whatever flavor/sauce u put on them i love them!

    Bianca Craig Reply

    @High Carb Hannah awesome! Thank you for your response, I must try them now!

McKenzie Redfern Reply

I just bought mine before the sale 😭

Whole Plant Foods Genesis 1:29 Reply

Hannah, alot of people have mentioned your channel on Changing Mr Baird channel. He’s Shaun and is just starting this plant based journey. If anyone wants to support him. 😀🌿💪

Whole Plant Foods Genesis 1:29 Reply


Kristin Harder Reply

LOVE the format! Thank you for all the great ideas/recipes 🥰

Megan Williamson Reply

My absolute favorite fresh juice is pineapple + mint.

krys Reply

How do you stay full from this? It doesn’t look like there’s much you’re eating to stay satisfied for a long time

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    i eat about 2200 calories a day and its a lot of volume. My smoothies are huge and my salads weigh around 5lbs lol its hard to tell from the video but they are huge.

    Sara’s Intuition Reply

    High Carb Hannah thanks, I was wondering that too!

Lori Williams Reply

I would love to eat this way and have all that fresh fruit for juicing, etc. I live in upstate n.y. and sometimes the fruit isn’t always available or it’s expensive especially in winter! I guess just take what I can from the videos and do my best? I enjoy your channel and your method of eating. Your weight loss journey story is very inspirational. Stay safe and healthy ❤

    Lori Williams Reply

    When I scrolled down through the comments I see I’m not the only one feeling this way… Thanks for ideas!!

Fe Rietbergen Reply

This is a pretty cool video, but I feel like you could be making some changes to make your meals even more nutritious. For example, adding some sprouted legumes will really up the protein and iron, using actual greens in your smoothies instead of greens powder, and having some flaxseeds to get some omega-3’s.

    Emma Steinmetz Reply

    Another comment from an RD saying similar things is missing now, not sure if it got deleted or what 😑

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    i usually do put greens in my smoothies i just didnt have a lot this week because i just replanted a ton in my garden, im going to try sprouting legumes 🙂

    Olivia Danae Reply

    Emma Steinmetz I mean it’s her channel she can delete if she wants

    Emma Steinmetz Reply

    Did I say she couldn’t? I also never said who may have deleted it, could have been the person who wrote it.

Amanda Guididas Reply

I misheard what you said in your intro, I thought you said “like I said it’s my last video” and I was like wait WHAT nooo 😅

Allie Swartz Reply

how much did the box of medjool dates cost? theyre so expensive in general!

oyeahkashi Reply

I wish I was this healthy 😢

This Vegan Life XX Reply

Love that you did a week’s worth of food. That helps a lot when it comes to really getting an idea of the recipes I want to make. This video was basically all fruit and salads, though. It’s still too cold for these types of foods and I’d like to eat more than just fruit right now. Thanks for the ideas as I’ll use them in the summer. Looking forward to the next video!

Rachel Farley Reply

Loved this so much Hannah! I’ve been raw on and off and this has definitely inspired me to incorporate more raw foods. I think the key is eating enough and eating cooked food when you want to (like you’re doing). Also, when I felt at my healthiest and was going through major healing I was having a giant green juice and mason jar full on fresh grapefruit juice every day. Seriously something special about it. Going to ask for a case next time I’m at the store 🙂

Veggie Trish Reply

So excited to have caught the sale this time around. I ordered the bundle <3 Thank you

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