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Natalia Cam Reply

Omg, I’m a fan of her and you, and it feels so weird because all her fans were attacking you during the first video you have made about her. Well, I hope this works out well

    earth star Reply

    I had forgotten about this.

    Julie Morris Reply

    I used to like her but I stoped watching her ages ago.

    Natalia Cam Reply

    @Julie Morris yeah, I feel that her perspective on body positivity is kind of leaning towards fat acceptance at times, so I feel conflicted about that.

    Jewlz T Reply

    @Natalia Cam she spoke out on that not long ago. She was shamed for working out, saying that she was shamed and trying to lose her fat. She said then that caring for your body by eating well, working out, seeing a therapist, etc is the goal. It’s not against body positivity, but should be exactly what it promotes.

    Georgie S Reply

    @Natalia Cam I used to watch her too, but I found she was in denial. When she was doing hauls the sizes she would try on would be too small for her.

Softee Reply

I used to like Sierra but I stopped watching her because she always claims she’s ‘mid-size’, even though her audience can see her fit much better into plus size clothing. She claims to be body positive but doesn’t want to admit to being plus size

    Sarah coolio Reply

    The thing is, when I first started watching her channel at least like 2 years back, she was still mid-sized. She had a rapid weight gain at one point, and maybe it was just difficult to adjust to that. I also used to question the sizes she would choose, but now she seems a lot more comfortable choosing the right sizes and knowing what fits her.

    I’m not attributing her weight to this, but I want to point out that she more recently found out that she has PCOS which can make stubborn weight stick sometimes. She also mentioned in a recent video that she has worked with a dietician now to help her choose the foods that she should be eating and she has noticeably (in my opinion) been losing weight.

    I just really like her because she is so bubbly, genuine, and sweet. She seems like a great person.

    Olivia Camel Reply

    Amber Renee Idk if there is a set size for ‘midsized’ but I always thought it was a space bw plus and standard

    AngelSamBooks Reply

    This really confused me at first too, because I’m an AU size 12 (until recently when I’ve been losing weight) and it took me a minute to realise that US size 12 is actually much bigger (AU size 16-18).

    Michelle Hobbs Reply

    She frequently claims midsize because sometimes 1X is too big for her, and sometimes XL in regular sizing is too small for her. But she definitely claims to be a 14-16 in most items. Different brands and styles fit differently..

    L Ja Reply

    @Olivia Camel I always thought “standard” refers to everything up to a size 14? And for sizes above that, you have to visit a “plus size” store.
    I think “mid-size” would refer to people that are neither skinny nor overweight. So really, quite a lot of women you see in everyday life, just not on insta or youtube.

    I liked that Sierra carved out a niche for herself, but now it might be difficult to leave that mid-size niche because it’s part of her brand.

Kwarkool Reply

I have a person who needs to lose weight. So I have arrange them to see a psychiatrist. there is no point talking about their weight before they can unpack what’s going on in their head.

    Kwarkool Reply

    It seem odd “Who needs to lose weight” context: she needs a knee op but was told she needed to lose weight. Over a year later, she has gained a large amount of weight and can only be on her feet for 10 minutes. Now I fear she will develope type 2 diabetes.

    onions broccoli Reply

    How did this person agree to go see the psychiatrist? Or are you forcing them?

    Kwarkool Reply

    onions broccoli Suppose If I said, I found a person she could talk about her problems, your attitude would be totally different. That’s the problem with labels and preconceived ideas about them.

    Lizzy W. Reply

    After watching a lot of Psychology in Seattle on youtube, I learned that everyone needs therapy and everyone deserves to take care of themselves in that way

    Giulia Ferrucci Reply

    @Kwarkool labels are needed when talking about professionals, though. While I agree that everyone could benefit from working with a psychotherapist, I’d say that a regular person probably doesn’t need a psychiatrist. I don’t mean to go against you (I do very much appreciate your decision and deeper understanding of the situation!!), but I think that the other commenter wasn’t concerned simply because of stereotypes. It’s actually important for the patient to be fully consenting and willing to go through a therapy journey to get real results 🙂

MotherNature14 Reply

When you watch all videos in 2x and john is watching her in 2x….

    Saffron Audrey Reply

    When u suck at youtube and don’t know how to speed videos

    Madyson • Reply

    Saffron Audrey there should be three dots on the right side of the screen when you pause the video, press them and it’ll come up with playback speed. You can change the speed of each video like that

    Isaac Carrillo Reply

    Dude that’s funny

    Joy Okoro Reply


    Nesha Nord Reply

    ADHD be like

ursa minor Reply

The whole “my blood work/lab results” are fine is such a bad argument for a total picture of overall health. Raspatory issues, joint health, dental health, skin and general body pain isn’t implicated at all in blood tests. Also the idea that it’s nobodies business if you’re healthy or not is a weirdly individualistic take, doctors, nurses and caregivers will struggle to treat you over a certain weight, but we expect them to accommodate everybody regardless of if they are risking injury in trying to roll you, turn you, shower you etc. There is no need to body shame, and doesn’t mean people should hate themselves or their bodies, but we should all be striving to maintain our bodies health and mobility.

    Kara Acosta Reply

    Yes! Unfortunately we have to struggle with many overweight patients as a health care worker. Always polite but it would be easier if they were normal weight. The obesity increase in America is definitely a problem.

    olgab170444 Reply

    Hah Blood work. I wonder if they ever have glucose check

    Jessica Akoury Reply

    @Cj Snow For sure, mental health and coping mechanisms have a lot to do with it as well.

Mike Vasquez Reply

Most people who constantly fall back on thee “you can’t tell someone’s health by looking at them” defense are people who are visibly unhealthy most likely due to morbid obesity. They also tend to be the same sort of people who try to gatekeep body positivity.

    Kitty Kat Reply

    yeah, the people that that sort of mentality is actually talking about (someone who is maybe overweight but not obese and eats well or someone who is a healthy weight but maybe they suffer from an eating disorder, disability, or has a horribly unhealthy diet) are very rarely the same people who talk about that

    ForgedFaerie Reply

    I would say – some people. because in my experience, this also goes in the opposite direction. I at least primarily see it used in context of “this person may look healthy to you at a glance, but they could be someone with invisible disability, having a good day or maybe they are having a bad day and you are being crappy to them about their use of disability parking space, when they literally need it because good day can turn into a bad day at a drop of a hat” you can appear to be healthy, and yet suffer from a variety of ailments. so yeah, you genuinely cannot tell solely by looking at someone, one way or another.

    KaynadianGinger Reply

    But she’s not.

    Mike Vasquez Reply

    @ForgedFaerie I never claimed the reverse of what I said is not true. I am simply stating is that the people who use the afformentioned argument tend to be morbidly obese. We all acknowledg that severely underweight people are unhealthy so why can’t we acknowlege that very same principle when it pertains to the opposit unhealthy extreme? I will of course concede that it is possible to be unhealthy at any size, but it is simply not true that 1 can be healthy at any size. Another thing that fat activists like to do is act as if there is no middle ground between being obese and anorexic. We all know that there is a healthy medium.

    Mike Vasquez Reply

    @KaynadianGinger that’s why I didn’t say all.

Kelly E Reply

I’m a fan of her but lately she seems to have gone further into the body positivity realm. Every time she does anything healthy (working out, eating healthy) she ALWAYS adds a disclaimer “I’m NOT trying to lose weight” which is great for her and all but it almost seems like she’s demonizing weight loss? I get that she had a bad relationship with food in the past but she brings it up every time and it almost seems like she wants to imply that losing weight is some kind of negative or not worthwhile thing, it just sort of rubs me the wrong way

    Chelsea Stephenson Reply

    it the demonizing of weight loss that always gets me. I think it’s just a copping mechanism so that allows them to feel better about themselves. All I’m saying is a certain person may be fine with and happy with their weight and how they look, but don’t make other feel bad because they are not and wish to change.

    Aisha Reply

    doc crowley : She has PCOS which is why it is hard for her to lose the weight. Her miscarriage is due to that.

    Sally Greenfield Reply

    @Chelsea Stephenson She has never demonized weight gain. She has mentioned several times that is not good for HER personal mental health to focus on that.

    Chelsea Stephenson Reply

    @Sally Greenfield I honestly was referring to Sierra personally since I am familiar with her content/ mental/ health struggles. I’m just refering to some HAES/ BP advocates who believe that everything in society is built to keep obese people down. Like those who perpetuate that having to buy an extra seat on an airplane or showing before and after weightless progress picture on your own platforms is fatphoic

    Jessica Berry Reply

    remember when adele lost weight and rebel wilson lost weight? everyone freaked out. people attacked them for it. it seems like she doesn’t feel like she needs to lose weight and she does things solely for that purpose of health.

Rachel Phillips Reply

It’s crazy to me that people actually think you have to fit into a certain box with how you look to try to be body positive. Almost every person on this planet has insecurities, you could be super skinny and still have stretch marks from growth spurts or just anything that has taken you time to feel comfortable with. Myself am a 5’11” woman, in school I was taller than all the girls and majority of the boys and that made me insecure about something I literally could NOT change. Also picking on a bigger person who is at the gym would literally be like making fun of an alcoholic at an AA meeting, they are there to TRY, don’t make them lose hope. 💕

M. Grace Reply

Hi I work in a lab and 9/10 times when these people get “lab work” it’s usually just a Comprehensive metabolic panel, a urinalysis, a complete blood count, maybe some vitamin tests, an a1c, and a prostate specific antigen test for men.

Nowhere in these tests does it test for your liver and kidney functions, inflammation levels, potential for other underlying diseases and allergies (Lyme panel, gluten allergens, etc.), cardiac enzymes, c restive proteins, and cardio CRP’s. None of these are included in a standard physical. So yes I believe these people ahve normal lab work. Normal electrolytes normal blood cell counts. Yeah. But the rest is MOST LIKELY grossly abnormal but they aren’t going to test for that in a physical. And these people deny they are SICK so their MD isnt going to order it unless they are seeking treatment.

I am livid at these people for stating their generic labs that don’t tell us a whole lot are normal. Dumbasses.

    Barbara Melo de Souza Reply

    Samantha Rambeau there is no such thing as grammatically correct. There is only correct grammar or something is either grammatical or not. When you go down that road be sure to be actually better than the other person. And I am saying that as a foreign speaker…seems like you’re not quite done learning yourself <3

    L Ja Reply

    @Samantha Rambeau Yeah, well, whatever your version is, it’s not grammatically correct English. I can tell you that and I’m not a native speaker.

    Samantha Rambeau Reply

    Barbara Melo de Souza — Oh Bambie, if something is correct grammar it is obviously grammatically correct. In English we have multiple ways of phrasing things. We are all learning everyday. Today I learned a person named Barbara has stupid arguments 🙂 Best of luck!

    L Ja Reply

    @Barbara Melo de Souza I’m not actually sure about that – it might be one of those things that has finally come to be seen as correct because people often use that phrase? I just googled and there is a book called “Grammatically Correct: an Essential Guide To Punctuation, Style, Usage and More”
    I do love how yt comment sections sometimes wander from the subject 🙂

    Samantha Rambeau Reply

    Martha Villagomez — I’m am definitely not your sis and I don’t think I won anything. You felt the need to insult me first. I pushed back. Welcome to the internet little lady! You must be new here. Soooo hope you enough your busy busy weekend! ✌️

Lily Duvenick Reply

Just because you’re thin, doesn’t mean you don’t have “thin” insecurities.

    Haley Reply

    A lot of body positive activists will say, please don’t compare your thin insecurities to our daily struggle.

    RELkay Reply

    This 💛 I’m thin because of an illness and I hate it. I am so self conscious.

    Les Noticeables Reply


    mel fierce fitness George Reply

    Skinny people face alot of hate comments too i was once told that i will die just because of my looks now mind you i dont know this person from adams

Dimitra P. Reply

‘You can’t tell what goes on inside someone’s body just by looking at them’–I wonder what this woman thinks of Eugenia Cooney…..

    Dimitra P. Reply

    @ImNotCallingYouALiar Exactly this

    Smalls 。-。 Reply

    ImNotCallingYouALiar yesss, people keep saying crap like you’re perfect and love yourself the way you are but some of these people are dying the way that they are and It’s a matter of just getting off their butt and making a change. Eugenia gets comments every day some helpful and some people just being horrid to her but they all center around her weight cause you can see she’s unhealthy. But the last time I saw anyone go on a bigger persons page and tell them they need to get help to lose weight they got chewed out by every angry body positivity fat acceptance fan that could.

    Biser Sable Reply

    Absolutely. There are many health problems when you can tell the person is sick just by looking at them.

    organicallyhannah Reply


    Gina May Reply

    She has PCOS, which makes it extremely hard to lose weight, I have it and the weight comes off so slowly even if you are trying really hard, so stop judging.

Alyssa H Reply

I used to really like sierra but over time she’s made me feel like my body as a “slim” woman is something to be ashamed about. She’s not actually inclusive at all. She’s just trying to milk some cash from the fat acceptance movement.

    Melissa Aponte Reply

    FACTS THANK U I ENJOY her content until she talks abt weigh my eyes rollllk

Adam Roberts Reply

other things that are unhealthy, alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking etc are seen as negatives but obesity gets a free pass?

    Sofia Saetre Reply

    Okay so I want to start tis by saying that I do not like the way that some people in the body positivity movement think about this – i.e. if you lose weight you are fat-shaming others, but I also don’t see people going around and telling everyone who lights a ciggarette that “hey you know smoking is bad for you, right?” Like yeah, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse – super unhealthy and we all know it, but we don’t go around telling strangers this. Obesity should be treated the same way. If someone is trying to quit smoking or trying to lose weight, encourage them! But there is no need to tell them they are unhealthy, they probably know that already, and if they are in denial your comment likely won’t help (of course, if they are a close friend that might be a different situation). A decision to quit an unhealthy habit needs to be come from within, not because someone else told you to.

    Ele pendergast Reply

    People have to want to change for alcoholism etc you can’t force them too

    Gucci As Always Reply

    @Sofia Saetre I mean, I’ve definitely seen people go around telling smokers that it’s bad for you. Very frequently in fact. I don’t approve of it because someone else’s health isn’t really any of your business unless they’re a family member/someone close to you (and this applies even to obesity—the only reason so many people have a problem with body positivity is because of the spread of misinformation which is damaging, not because fat people don’t mind being fat), but it definitely happens.

    Lina K Reply

    @Sofia Saetre Even if people don’t often walk up to strangers to tell them to stop smoking or not to buy alcohol, there is a “smoking kills” picture on every pack of cigarettes, there are health warnings on every bottle of alcohol, there are social ad campaigns that encourage people to stop smoking and drinking. Doctors tell people all the time to stop smoking and drinking. Those “some people in the body positivity movement” are against all such things done about obesity. A doctor shouldn’t tell them to lose weight, that’s fatphobic, putting calories on restaurant menus is fatphobic, publicizing the dangers of obesity is fatphobic…

    Sofia Saetre Reply

    Just gonna quickly reply again, because I belive we are all on the same page in general. What I wanted to get to with my first reply was that you shouldn’t just go up to a stranger and comment on their weight to “help them”. I very much believe that the education system should teach us about the risks of obesity. Maybe I’m way off here, but I thought the fact that obesity is unhealthy was a well known fact (but maybe that’s just something that is obvious to me). So yeah, I agree with both of you, and I am not advocating for “those people in the body positivity movement” (which I don’t know too much about but I have gotten the general impression that it is a bit of a toxic space).

Amber Reply

To add to the comment about lab results – when people get routine “labwork” done, its usually a blood chemistry panel that tests levels of about 17 different organ enzymes and a urinalysis. This is all very critical information, but by no means paints a complete picture of the current state of your overall health. Testing for things like inflammatory markers could give you a better idea about your health since they are usually detectable in the body far before you actually present with a full-blown chronic disease. Anyways, all that to basically just say the point of “but my labwork is fine!” is kind of mute because routine labwork gives you pretty limited information about your body and how it’s functioning.

    Semi Reply

    True! Wenn I was obese (BMI 33) my lab results only said “slightly anemic”,but further testing showed: I was inflammed, had a fatty liver and other things. I was 23 yo and “healthy”….

    Ryan H Reply

    @Semi Even as someone who is not obese but has other musculoskeletal issues, my routine labs often show fairly normal despite a very large amount of bone breakdown/remodeling occurring. It’s an unfortunate side effect of information being given in the wrong direction. A good test that’s testing the wrong things can be used as justification to not look where the problems actually lie.

    Semi Reply

    @Ryan H That’s absolutely true. I only did the test, bc I wa concerned with some illness and my doctor simply went forward and did test the rest of the stuff. Otherwise I would have pretended that everything was okay and I was healthy.

Dimitra P. Reply

Though I don’t agree with him on some things, I definitely agree with what EDDF says about the HAES/fat acceptance movement: it’s all about beauty. Seriously, if you stop and examine the focal point of a lot of their arguments, it is extremely centered on forcing the world to see them as beautiful. And the thing is, sure, there’s someone out there who finds you beautiful, no matter your size. But a) you cannot force everyone to see you as objectively beautiful, when beauty is a subjective thing, and b) your health is more important than your beauty. So to sacrifice your health for the sake of forcing the world to consider you beautiful is the height of false priorities and self-sabotage

    undeadocarinagamer .s Reply

    Speaking of the Beauty/Aesthetic side of things, have you heard about the Hair salon for women who are very big. The chairs can handle the weights of the customers, and they sell Cupcakes and Mimosa.

    Also Every god damn Day Fitness points out Health is more important than Aesthetics.

    Dimitra P. Reply

    @undeadocarinagamer .s Yup I have, Michelle (My Thoughts will Probably Offend you) has made videos on that subject.

    And yup, I know. I mean, that’s why I mentioned EDDF in the beginning of my comment, because aesthetics < health is one of the cornerstones of his beliefs

    Frances Williams Reply

    That’s so true

    mr. dad Reply

    I also notice a lot of BOPO tv shows and movies where a plus size girl navigates the dating world she dates a stereotypically good looking fit/tall guy. What about guys who are short and bald? Why is it only BOPO when the plus size girl dates the hot fit guy? Men who arent the beauty standard need love and representation too.

Phoebe Jane Miller Reply

People with PCOS can reach a healthy weight. To say that having PCOS is a sentence to a lifetime of obesity is dangerous and wrong. I asked my GYNO about this. We had a long talk and she reassured me that PCOS causes 30-40 pound weight gain max, and only for a small percentage of people. Moreover, this can managed through hormone therapy, diet changes, and exercise. PCOS causes weight gain via insulin resistance, which can be treated with blood sugar meds and/or a diet designed for blood sugar control. Shaming people is never the answer, but also, it is just as damaging to make people feel hopeless about their own health.

    Jeni Brownson Reply

    ​@Sam G,in%20the%20pathogenesis%20of%20PCOS.

    I can link a bunch of other resources that back this up as well. Generally, people with PCOS DO have insulin resistance. That’s a big reason many end up obese.

    I’m not saying this is a great excuse for people with PCOS to be severely overweight. But you can’t know what it’s like to crave sugar morning noon and night like you’ll die without it. When I was counting calories to lose weight, I would literally cry when I’d deny myself sugar because my body was screaming at me that I needed it and why was I torturing it like this? I would pretend I was stuck to my couch and couldn’t leave every night so I didn’t go into the kitchen.

    Thankfully, I did find a dietitian who recognized the insulin resistance for what it was and got me on some supplements to help. I had tried medications like to help but they all gave me awful side effects which were mostly wanting to do nothing but sleep all day- not good for cooking healthy meals and working out. But the supplements did help and now that I know what it’s like for a normal person to crave sugar… it’s night and day. Some days I realize before bed that I never even had a dessert… that’s never happened to me before.

    In my opinion, if we recognized that most people with PCOS likely DO have insulin resistance, we could help them with that issue before trying to tackle their weight.

    Emma Reply

    Exaaaaaaaactly. I have thyroid disease but I’m a lean takes hard work, more hard work than non-diseased people, but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not possible. People will coddle themselves into an early grave.

    iloveyou 3000 Reply

    I agree I have PCOS and at 5’8 I weigh 185lbs which is overweight yes but not (morbidly) obese. My diet is also pretty bad with lots of snacks.
    I would lose weight if I had the discipline and stopped snacking and started eating according to my BMR and started to exercise instead of sitting around all day.
    I am just lazy.

    And when I hear other women say they are 250-300 lbs at 5’3 because of PCOS I get a bit annoyed.
    That claim is just not true they might have an binge eating disoder and a distorted view of how much and how calorie dense they actually eat. Or some other health problem instead of PCOS.

    Anna C Reply

    I agree! I have had PCOS for the past 15 years. It made me gained weight during the time I made bad food choices (I never over ate, but the food I ate was sugary and fat dense) and I also had a sedentary lifestyle. I lost weight, at very slow pace, but I lost it, when I started working out and taking good care of what I eat. PCOS does not make you obese, it can make you overweight but definitely not obese

    D Reply

    I’m glad you said this because people are constantly using pcos to justify why they can’t lose weight. You can definitely lose weight. Progress might be super slow to get results but slow and steady wins the race.

Cori Cat Reply

I use to LOVE her videos when she actually tried to give genuine fashion advice for curvy girls. Now she just seems so out of touch. Maybe she is relatable for rich suburban girls, but idk man, her channel just seems weird now.
Edit: I feel like I’m being preached at everytime I watch one of her videos. Like damn girl I just came here to watch a clothing review, I don’t care if you got fatter, you don’t need to give us an explanation like every other video.

    Kris Reply

    I know this is off topic- but I always wonder about the crazy clothing hauls. Like I think the formula they use is ordering everything w a business credit card and then that friend of hers has to box everything up to send back for returns after the video (besides maybe a few pieces) dear god that’s gotta be exhausting. It always just screamed over consumerism.

    Jessica Sturm Reply

    Not true. She sell the clothes from her Videos on Poshmark and then donates it.

    Sheila Fleming Reply

    Amanda I completely agree… I remember her velvet turtleneck dress was not flattering, at all. And there were women in her beautycon video in the background who were bigger than her. She said she loved her look, loved her hair and makeup, so props to her. I’m not the most fashionable person, so I’m one to judge, but I think it maybe had less to do with her being “fat” (which she’s not even that big, she’s average).

    Amanda Reply

    Sheila Fleming I weighed 250 pounds when I found her, so I was always so irritated when she put things on her size. She was fitting clothes from Brandy Melville! Now that I understand body dysmorphia better, I get that she has some issues there. I also agree with Emily- she’s pandering.

    Emma Reply

    She is sooooooooooo toxic, pandering, enabling, and immature. I cannot stand her any more.

Laura Leighty Reply

One of the things that I don’t understand is when they say that you have no right to police someone’s body, yet when someone purposefully loses weight they complain about it. Like yeah, don’t harass someone about their body, but it should go both ways.

Kaya Kat Reply

99.9999% of people at the gym do not judge fat people. I think its just mostly people that are insecure that think people are talking about them.

    Amanda Grace Reply

    Literally no one at the gym gives any fucks about any one else because we are all wrapped up in ourselves lmao. That is why we go to the gym lol.

    Nikki Reply

    Agree! Usually if I’m looking at someone in the gym I am watching them do a movement or use a machine I’m not familiar with so I can learn to do it myself!

    Lina K Reply

    Also, 99.999% of people feel insecure or judged when they start going to the gym. It’s not easy for anyone to show up and not know how to use all the equipment and make mistakes while everybody else can see. But, I guess, insecurity is another thing for HAES people to monopolize. You can’t be a part of body positivity if you are thin, you can’t be insecure, if you are thin…

    Sheila Fleming Reply

    Yep!! One time I put this to the test, and I went on a treadmill in the back of my gym so I had the perfect view of the whole gym, with the wall behind me. I was looking at everyone on their treadmills, weight machines, free weights, etc, and NO ONE was paying attention to other people. Maybe glancing here and there at others, but it had more to do with “are you done with that machine” more than anything. Do your thing at the gym, no one cares!!

    L Ja Reply

    @Lina K I’m so glad you mention that. I’ve felt super awkward and out of place the first few times I went. Of course, now I’m not setting foot in there any more, because, pandemic.
    Next year 🙂

Alibye Baby Reply

Also, not a fan of Sierra. She blames her weight on PCOS. I have PCOS too. It does affect your weight, but not to the point that you’re massively over weight or obese. You just have to make healthy choices and be consistent.

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