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High Carb Hannah Reply

I hope you guys enjoyed this random vlog. Sorry i sound so stuffy I was recovering from a sinus infection but we both got covid tests before our trip so do not worry 🙂 Go subscribe to Kiki her vlog will be out next, she filmed way more than I did. Have a great week!

    Larissa Martinez Reply

    So fun to see you girls!!! You both are great inspirations and motivation!!! ❤❤❤😁😁😁

    Plantiful Life Reply

    Wish there was a love button! Next time just sit in front of the camera and talk to us together! We are all so lonely 😭 glad you got to see your friend!

    Plant-based Turneround Reply

    Can you post a link to the 3 barrel curling wand? 😁

    Chynda Reply

    This makes my heart so happy 💕

Pat White Reply

Sedona is so beautiful

Odins Nana Reply

My two fav gals together….all the feels <3 <3 <3

    Vibeke Vale, Plant-based Chef Reply

    Right??? I feel like a proud mom. haha.

Sarah K Reply

Wow, location, location! It’s absolutely spectacular there. You look like sisters🙂

Jackie Hayling Reply

Take me with you pleeeeeeeease and that food omg the donut

Sam Elle Reply

both of yalls hair IS SO LONG AND BEAUTIFUL!!!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    thank you!

    Crystal Moet Reply

    And both so pretty, hair goals 💕

Dawn Large Reply

It’s nice to see eat donuts.

Tessa Reply

Hannah, loved the vid. It’s so amazing how many people come to your video just to leave a negative comment (without even watching the full video most likely). You work hard to deliver free content and some people just don’t appreciate that. But I do. Thanks girl!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    were just trying to help people get healthy, love themselves and spread as much good vibes as we can, so thanks for recognizing that <3

    D P Reply

    I see mainly positive comments. Don’t know what you are talking about

Vibeke Vale, Plant-based Chef Reply

I remember when I first started following Kiki a year and a half ago and I thought how she was your darker twin. I’m so glad you two have met and are working together now. You will be a force to be reckoned with!

    Rebecca Green Reply

    I thought the same thing when I saw Kiki after I had been following Hannah’s channel for a while beforehand!:)

Ana's Way Reply

I started watching Kiki after watching your videos a while back and I absolutely love how both of you make losing weight something obtainable and delicious! I love the WFPB diet so much thanks to you guys ❤❤

Crystal Moet Reply

The food, omg I would eat everything

Rebecca Green Reply

Every time I see anyone filming in the woods it still reminds me of the film The Blair Witch Project! Lol.

The food all looked gorgeous.:)

Sun Lee Reply

I worship you both! Please, even if it’s completely out of the topic, but can you film your hair routine video again? 🥰 Your hair is bliss! ✨🤍

Apartment Copacabana Rio Reply

So pretty everything, the food etc. Only as a european, it always blows my mind to see prices in the US, 9.5 for avocado toast????????

    LasVegasBeet Reply

    it’s our Southwest/West Cost prices for sure lol

Crystal Moet Reply

I’m watching this again, I love that there’s so much food but healthy food, I can eat like this, I usually do.

About That Mama Life Reply

Your friendship is so beautiful that I started to tear up when y’all were hugging goodbye. I usually don’t comment on videos but I realized I’m missing that very important bond in my life right now. Stupid covid!

    You can't leave this empty Reply

    Same here my New Years resolution was to socialise more and make friends! A husband would be nice too😸🔫

Erik and Bridgette Koenig Reply

*pretending to be part of this friend group*
😂 I love how your powers combined are even better!!

Kathy Reply

Makes me happy to see two strong, creative women collaborate and support each other 🙂

Anik Lachance Reply

Count how many times Hannah has her arm up in the air 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    1000000 lol

LorraineVirginie Reply

I went to that shopping center and Chocola Tree when I was in Sedona in February. I’m planning to go back this coming February too, loved it there!

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