What’s in my Kitchen? Ideas to Get Started Cooking Healthy / Esenciales de la Cocina Sana

(traducción abajo) Part 1 of 4 on jumpstarting your healthy eating plan! Topic: mini-tour of my kitchen, products I like, favorite seasonings and spices.

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Parte 1 de 4 de una serie sobre cómo comenzar su plan de alimentación saludable! Tema de hoy: gira de mi cocina, los productos que disfruto, condimentos y especias favoritas.

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Fit Men Cook Reply

Iniciando un año impresionante en la alimentación sana con una serie de 4 videos. El tema de hoy se trata de los elementos esenciales de la cocina! Voy a regalar 3 copias de mi libro de recetas de 2014, No Cheats Needed.  Voy a enviar a cualquier parte del mundo. Sólo comparte tus ideas y sugerencias con el resto de nosotros para que todos podamos aprender y crecer juntos! Vamos a alcanzar todo en 2015!

    Dagm Pride Reply

    ADOPTAME!!!!!!! 🙂

    heather congdon Reply

    What’s brand of chicken sausage do you recommend? ?

Matty Fusaro Reply

Took the top of my finger off trying to make sweet potato chips with a mandolin!  Awesome video man loved it!!

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    Hahaha Strong!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    HA! oh man i hear ya! i stopped using it for a bit when it first happened. kinda shook a brutha! @Matty Fusaro 

ObesetoBeast Reply

Man your are really doing alot of good for people. Keep it up!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    thanks man! that means much coming from you. let’s make 2015 epic in health & wellness. @ObesetoBeast 

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    Yes sir! We can do this!

    BellicIV Reply

    what if I’m not obese but I wanna be a beast??

melkh3 Reply

Kitchen essentials – high power blender, measure spoons
Food tip : chia seed soaked in almond milk overnight w/ honey for breakfast. Keeps you full and it taste like desert – can add different toppings for desert like consistency

knarFc14 Reply

Actually just came back from the Container Store, haha. Trying to revamp everything as we speak. Thanks for all the great videos, keep it up!!

Donovan James Reply

Did you take Spanish classes or are you just naturally fluent?

    Snazzle Snazz Reply

    No he was born fluent in all languages from the day he came out of the womb

i L L Y | G H A N i Reply

You’re a true inspiration and such a humble and kind hearted YouTuber!!! Your passion for a holistic lifestyle is contagious and I just love how you share all of your knowledge, and of course your creative healthy cooking is beyond anything I’ve seen before!!! Finally somebody who loves using ALL kind of seasonings and spices 🙂 God bless!

curlyblacksican Reply

Thanks Kevin, it feels good to know that I have MOST of what you’ve shared. This is my first time commenting on your channel, you have been a friend in my head for awhile now. I’ve done a few of your recipes and loved them!

Naomi Soto Reply

you are incredibly likable! im glad you found youtube and i found you!!! love your videos!! please make some on recipes for slimming down!!! THANKS! YOU ROCK!!!

Alex Nunez Reply

Props on the Spanish bro, very impressed better than some people that I know who “speak Spanish”  I wanted to say, you have inspired me to cook more, I used to think meal prepping was a drag but you make it simple man, I appreciate the videos so much, I’ve shared them with a buddy who’s transforming his life now, keep up the great and inspirational work man. also continue to just say BOOM!!!!

abyami BarRoa Reply

You are an organized man!!! I love your kitchen and everything you have there!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

L Lin Reply

I really enjoy your videos, I was wondering if you would consider a student series for meal prep with dorm material (i.e. microwave) and how doable it is (i.e. how to fit everything in a mini-fridge). I’ve been doing that for some time now (through college and med school) so I think other people would find that very helpful. 🙂

Anita Adams Reply

Cooks, lifts, and speaks Spanish, can you get any sexier?!

    PoetYK Achieves Reply

    +Anita Adams Me too.

    Cindy Yaworski Reply

    He should do his videos shirtless! Yummy!

    S M Reply

    Anita Adams and edits his own yt videos

    S M Reply

    Cindy Grey feminist

mbnl Reply

I can’t stop watching your videos! I’m a female but I want to build muscle and watch my diet. I find your videos really helpful.  Keep up the good work!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    @mbnl awesome! my videos are for EVERYONE so very glad you are enjoying them. women can build muscle and get lean & mean just like the fellas. Boom.

רוני אלרואי Reply

How can anybody dislike this awsome dude helping others change their lives ?

Ana Forever31 Reply

You just inspired me to clean my fridge and kitchen! 😁

    Vianca Medina Reply

    same lmao

Christy L Shedd Reply

Saw you on Live with Kelky this past week and found your channel. This is an AWESOME video. Love it.

JL kids. Reply

Me encanto tu canal!!!! yo en tiendo inglés aunque mi primer idioma es español y me gustó como explica! gracias por tu tiempo y ideas para cocinar más saludable y mejor!!!

TheBritFix Reply

On a video binge of yours! This is my ninth video, soo happy I found your channel, you gave some new ideas #fitmenrock # instant subbie <3

Big Carlos Reply

señor, your Spanish is fluent.

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