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Amy Dasset Reply

I’ve never been so early to a video! Yay!

MrunaalJ Reply

“Member of men” 😂😂😂

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    That’s on science

    Ups Idk Reply


    denhouse Reply

    Certified, even

philip Trevor Reply

why are all male mannequins 6’4 and 160 pounds?

Joe Carey Reply

There’s no husky man mannequins unless you’re in a XL store

    Hershey Beard Reply

    Or an old navy/gap kids

Kevin Nash Reply

Totally conscious of my body an its size an after losing a 100lbs im more self conscious than ever it is so nice to look at cloths an be able to just know that i can find something in my size

zpark plug Reply

another thing to note is that women have a ‘plus size’ section, while in most stores like target the plus sizes are just mixed in, not in their own section

TazeTGD Reply

Strap in boys and girls. This is gonna be a good one.

MrunaalJ Reply

There are infact some very active male representatives in body positivity movement. I have been following some of them for almost a year now. (Until recently when I deleted almost all of my social media)
But yes, the ratio of male to female is definitely weak.
I think one important thing to be considered is also how much the visual media is centered around catering to the “male gaze”.

anna Reply

Double standards harm both sides, I just wish we could all treat everyone with respect and understanding and not like stereotypes (which to begin with is cause of the restrictions society pushes and the ridiculously specific molds)

Leo Nolan Reply

I’m a gay man so maybe that’s why I pay attention more to my body image. I think straight men just see caring as feminine and don’t wanna be seen as that.

    Cantchangemypic Reply

    I think as a whole thats quite a generalisation but there is some truth it. I would argue that men tend to “care” less because they stereotypically don’t struggle to find female partners when overweight as much as a female would. Although there are MANY men who are uncomfortable and most certainly do care about their weight.

    Dillon Bess Reply

    It’s one thing to care, another thing to obsess. I think your income dictates a lot of it. Women don’t like slobs, if you’re a slob and your appearance and hygiene is neglected, you might not be taken seriously in the professional world, and thus might not be as great a provider as the next man that religiously follows basic hygiene and puts reasonable effort into their appearance.

    Epic Reply

    Leo Nolan Definitely don’t look at it as feminine. I think people who don’t understand nutrition or biology or chemistry and pharmacology are missing the big picture.

Epic Reply

No real man gives af. That’s the answer. They’re manikins for god sake. I have REAL problems to worry about.

Karina Fischer Reply

Unrelated,but I love those lights in the background, with the colourful keyboard it’s a cool vibe😁👌🏽

CaptainCastle Reply

I feel like this whole conversation was framed very poorly lol

Ricardo Galindo Reply

From my pov, as someone who was fat, 6’0 270 pounds heaviest with a 47″ mid section, I struggled with my weight since I was a teen. Along with being fat, I was called ugly by HS girls and belittled. I was dateless, I didn’t get to date a lot, ignored by women. From my 20’s, I decided that if I can’t attract a woman with my “looks” I’ll attract them with my career and mind. After starting my career, I’m a teacher, I began to focus on my body. I worked on my diet and my workout routine. How I was treated by women, morphed my perspective when it comes to this topic. I think men hide their feelings due to the fear of being judged, I’ve spoken to lady friends of my view of dating and judgment and how women judge men based on physicality and “look.” Only to be told that I sound like a “woman hater” or that I need “therapy.” When in reality, I’m explaining my experience. That’s why a lot of men don’t talk about it or put up a fake mask of masculinity.

Btw! I dropped 90 pounds and reduced my mid section to 35 inches, 12 inch reduction. With it, came being treated differently by both women and men. When it comes to women, it’s pure hypocrisy with their words vs their actions. Just from my experience.

Seán Hayes Reply

Trying to shame and bully people into finding you attractive isn’t something men can get away with.

GIChiyo Reply

“As a member of “the Men””
lol I didn’t know there was a club, is it subscription based, or do you get a free membership upon birth? lol

dangelowallace Reply

As a man, none of the body-shaming I’ve felt has been from being overweight. I used to be 30 lbs heavier than I am (which made me visibly overweight), and nobody ever treated me poorly or differently. Society is definitely easier on men when it comes to weight, which is part of the reason I believe that the weight loss/body positive acceptance community is majority-women.

But holy crap man this comment would be 10x as long if I talked about all the times I’ve been body-shamed for being “skinny” as a man, (a.k.a not muscular). Especially growing into my 20’s when I became interested in working on my body, it seemed like all the guides and advice posts were for how to get “bigger, bigger, bigger” in terms of muscles, and it started to make me feel bad for wanting to maintain a smaller appearance. I would watch people that looked like me ask for advice on how to stop looking like me and it really did a number on me for a minute. Every time I lost weight, well-meaning loved ones would point it out in a negative way, and they would congratulate me for putting weight back on??? Even when it was fat and not muscle?????

I’m in a really good place right now, though. I’m healthy, active, and I could stand to eat less junk but I don’t eat a lot of it. But I really had to come a long way in terms of being positive about my male body which does not look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and which I have no plans of “bulking up”. By the way, I’ve never shared any of this with anyone because I feel like I would get laughed at or accused of not having real problems, but it’s just been my experience.

    Setareh Sh Reply

    Thank you for sharing! Love your videos, btw

    Sharon Mutoni Reply

    My favourite youtuber 😭… my boyfriend is thinner and hes been made to feel like it’s a bad thing.. for some reason lower weight is only acceptable in women and higher weight vice versa

Luna Grey555 Reply

He does such a good job always making sure it doesn’t offend anyone. One of my favorite health / fitness channels !!

whipsor Reply

If I see dadbod manikins, I’m walking away.

Tom K Reply

When I was at my heaviest, I never really cared about whether models or mannequins looked like me. In fact, it never really phased me.

What always did was the giggles I got from girls when I was thin because I wasn’t jacked. I was married when I got overweight, but I suspect that wouldn’t have changed all that much. A lot of the physique efforts are driven by two things, IMHO.

1) Guys think girls will find it more attractive. That may or may not necessarily be true, of course, and it depends on degree of build, but that’s a motivating factor.

2) Guys want to be impressive to other guys. We want to be the object of respect and guys often respect strength, which is often expressed with a jacked physique.

Is this good or bad? I don’t know that it’s either, it just is.

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