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lizziesf87 Reply

I’ve been wondering when you were going to address the controversy. Glad to see your video 💕

    Randall J Reply

    He posted about it on IG earlier today

eman297 361 Reply

I knew nothing considering I thought crossfit was just a style of workout, not a company

    Chen Qi Reply

    The style of workout is cross training, crossfit is a type of workout which includes a lot of cross training methodologies.

    Chen Qi Reply

    jane  crosstraining is the style of workout, atheleneX teaches exactly this. It’s a type of functional training

    Tyler Woody Reply

    Same!! Thought CrossFit was a type of workout or cult 😂

    Lisa Kolker Reply

    I was today years old when I learned this

    Daniella Banda Reply


jae_ Reply

Interesting tbh I never realized CrossFit was a brand I thought it was a work out type like Pilates, or Yoga you learn something new everyday

    AdorzAaliyahSince94 Reply

    I agree, I thought the same.

    Erik Reply

    Bruh same

    Tyler Selig Reply

    You do realize you can have a CrossFit brand and a CrossFit workout right?

    Doorman Reply

    Yeh really interesting, although the business model is similar to an MLM which is concerning

    vanilla g Reply

    @Doorman ‘Actually, it’s completely the opposite.

polloduh Reply

Wasn’t there already problems with the new direction that CrossFit was going ? I think CrossFit was already cancelled and this made it convenient to cut ties with Glassman

    Grimmlocked Reply

    yeah politics aside, if i owned a gym i would jump at this opportunity to save a dollar

    a h Reply

    @Grimmlocked at one point being a crossfit gym helped expand their business. Also they cant call themselves a crossfit gym without an affiliation and you need more money for advertising if you leave the crossfit affiliation.

Tashiba Lampkin Reply

I legit thought crossfit was a type of exercise like yoga or bicycling. I never know it was a brand.

    Christina J. Reply

    Have you never seen any of his CrossFit videos?

    Mphazi Nambao Reply

    i too thought the same, now i know.

    Nemo7The7Pirate7 Reply

    Its a cult. Its like the belief in god and church of some witnesses.

    Amandaxfit Reply

    It’s a brand, it’s on my lifting shoes ha. Never thought of it like that though.

Madeline May Reply

Wow , Greg needs someone to read his emails before he sends them . So unprofessional !

    Jay N Reply

    I think he tweeted it at some company that was wanting to use computer modeling to create some thing based on racial issues. His defense was that it was the same company that did some popular model of covid 19 and many government agencies used that model as a basis to justify the lockdowns. He was angry about the lockdowns and said that as an attempt to say that the results of this company trying to aid the current cause would be as disastrous a failure as their covid model was. Not saying I agree or not, but that’s what I understood he meant from what he said on Twitter. I agree though, 99% of high power people really have no business controlling their own Twitter accounts lol. But I’m glad he said it because now people at least know his mindset and can decide whether or not to deal with him.

    Sachie Kind Reply


TrwSeama Reply

Wait, crossfit is a company? I thought it was a sport, like running, body building, stuff like that.

    dj allstar Reply

    I swear it used to be, decades ago. But maybe it was a fledgling company then

    Laura Rauhauser Reply

    Maybe you are thinking of the term “crosstraining”.

    Nemo7The7Pirate7 Reply

    it a cult. It has as much relation to being a sport as church of some witness has to do with god. That said, technically it is a sport. But with shady pedigree.

AdorzAaliyahSince94 Reply

That CEO is initiating “Pandering 101” ONLY because his money is affected… his twitter statement is too little, too late.

    BamBam Jesus Reply

    Alive Minds Run you’re white. You wouldn’t understand

    Alive Minds Run Reply

    ​@Tricia A Oh please, Malcolm X is rolling around in his grave over you PC warriors. His comment was a bit tone-deaf, who cares, cancel culture is such a pathetic phenomenon.Race is not an individual problem but an institutional one and his comments are not even close to being worth attention or outrage. This is a non-issue and if you think canceling one individual over a tone-deaf comment will fix the problem you are incredibly mistaken. Or perhaps I am wrong but please enlighten me on how this solves the overall problem of race in the U.S. of which is a multi-layered issue.

    Second, on November 15th, 1999 a Tenn court found “government agencies” to be guilty in the death of MLK, where was the outrage then? One of the best known not only black activists in U.S history but human activists and the government was ruled to be guilty and involved in the murder. What happened? Nothing, not a damn thing, and the people went on to elect a black president that did nothing while black people were being executed by police. How quickly people forget eh? and I will tell you that in a couple of months, this will be forgotten and people will move on.

    Third, let me educate you on Covid-19 a bit.

    Numerous international very well respected epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists, and many others have denounced not only the fear-mongering done by the media but also the utterly nonsensical and unscientific way governments around the world handled the situation. So indeed, it is as you put it “overblown propaganda”

    Just a note, these stats I list are from some of the most well-respected scientists in the world including Dr. Bhakdi who is one of the most-cited research scientists in German history.

    -80% of all cases show mild to no symptoms

    -The IFR(Infection fatality rate) is around 0.01% which is on par with a strong seasonal flu.

    -Even among 69-70-year-olds, up to 60% remain symptom free.

    -The median or average age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.

    -In many countries, up to two-thirds of all extra deaths occurred in nursing homes, which do not benefit from a general lockdown. Moreover, in many cases, it is not clear whether these people really died from Covid19 or from weeks of extreme stress and isolation.

    -Even in so-called “Covid19 deaths” it is often not clear whether they died from or with coronavirus (i.e. from underlying diseases) or if they were counted as “presumed cases” and not tested at all. However, official figures usually do not reflect this distinction.

    -The often shown exponential curves of “corona cases” are misleading, as the number of tests also increased exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to tests overall (i.e. the positive rate) remained constant at 5% to 25% or increased only slightly. In many countries, the peak of the spread was already reached well before the lockdown.

    I am going to stop there because I’ll be surprised if you actually read this.

    Lastly, you clearly did not read my other posts as I have studied, listened to and read individuals such as Malcolm X, MLK, Du Bois, James Baldwin, and others to understand race in the U.S to the best ability that I can, so you are dead wrong with your comments and attacks on my character. What I take issue with is this exact nonsense, people, up in arms over a comment made by an insignificant individual with no power or clout what so ever and with regards to his money, people were dupped the moment they decided to pay 3000$ a year just to associate with a name.

    I hope you are not a Hilary supporter who once called black people “super predators” She seems to still be in a position of power after such a remark and last I looked is a multi-multi millionaire who is involved in the upper echelons of society.

    Anyway, I hope you take care.

    AdorzAaliyahSince94 Reply

    @Tricia A thanks for the breakdown! You have more patience than I do!

TheMagdalenaBB Reply

Oh sounds like Crossfit might go the way of Bikram. You never see Bikram studios, it is all Hot Yoga now.

    ddt0889 Reply

    There’s several big Bikram yoga studios still. The Vancouver one is really popular with the lesbian crowd.

    Marsha A Reply

    Hot yoga and sexual harassment.

    I’ve watched the docuseries on netflix and i’m disgusted.

    Derek Cunningham Reply

    I’m pretty sure the CEO of CrossFit hasn’t had civil lawsuits charged against him.

    That Weird Black Girl Reply

    Still pissed that Bikram is roaming free

Jordan Guernsey Reply

I had no idea there was so little benefit to being an affiliate in the first place. Seems like with how long it’s been around, the name is more of a liability and with some effort at running a gym’s own social media and outreach, you could get the word out on your own well enough.

    a h Reply

    it actually does help a lot with advertisement being an affiliate. At least it used to. If you werent one it was difficult to get your name out there. If you were an affiliate you showed up on there map. So finding the gyms is much easier if they are an affiliate. Also you cant call yourself a “crossfit gym” without an affiliation. Its a copyrighted name.

    vanilla g Reply

    There is actually a very small COST to being a Crossfit Affiliate. A maximum of $3000 per year and not upfront cost. MUCH, MUCH cheaper than any other franchise. Greg set this up intentionally, to enable his health philosophy/method to be spread to more people. He has turned down BIG money to sell out his company and health mission.

Bentley Gray Reply

Judging by the comments, the gen pop has no idea that “HQ” even exists. For the every day crossfitter like myself, HQ really doesn’t even matter. Your affiliate holds so much more weight.

    Derek Bamford Reply

    Which is why this won’t really matter to the vast majority of people that participate.

    Brenda Evangelista Reply

    Power to the affiliate! 😊

Fitness and Firearms Reply

It appears that Glassman should have thought out his words a bit better before he opened his mouth and spoke them and it appears too late to save him now.

Jennifer Nguyen Reply

CrossFit’s response is a PR stunt. He is insincere. He knows he’s about to lose money so he apologized. He’s sorry that he got caught

    Tito Tim Travels Reply

    I am sorry people got at me, please keep sending your affiliate checks. (I translated it)

    Mew Mew Reply

    @Tito Tim Travels literally what the man meant

Case Reply

So the head of crossfit not only balked at taking measures to protect people during a pandemic, he’s also trying to convince people he’s not racist after calling a woman mentally ill for supporting BLM and openly disparaging George Floyd and the movement that was catalyzed as a force for change after his death?
He sounds like an arrogant prick.

    A Mac Reply

    Yep. He sounds like an a-grade wanker.

    Justin Sevakis Reply

    Hi. 8 1/2 year crossfitter and part time coach here. You are 100% right!

    Alive Minds Run Reply

    There is no evidence to suggest that a lockdown is effective, none! Further more, basic epidemiology was ignored all throurout this covid scam.

    Tricia A Reply

    @Alive Minds Run yup… totes a scam drs all colluded.

    And Dems cooked it up. It took a bit to convince all the other world leaders to tank their economies too- but they did it! They did it all to defeat Trump.

    Because they were capable of pulling this off all along but not winning the EC to win the election


    Katherine Carda Reply

    Yup sounds like an ahole

Chris L. Robinson Reply

The “apology” doesn’t matter–the Zoom call gives the game away. You can’t say several times that you don’t mourn the man one day and call his death a “murder” the next. What continues to amaze me is just how easy it is for the affiliates to walk away. Much respect to them, but really, they get so little.

    BamBam Jesus Reply

    Idiot said stupid things on 3 different occasions.

Anya Reply

Pretty sure what he meant by “Floyd 19” is that BLM/racism is a fake issue as he believes Covid 19 was a fake issue.

    Tricia A Reply


    chlorhex Reply


    Google This Reply

    YES! Thank you for ARTICULATELY clarifying.

Dallas Move Reply

“Incident with George Floyd”… READ: murder.

    Alive Minds Run Reply

    @Mew Mew murder is not but the manipulated emotional response is.

    The problem with this is that in couple of months people will forget because they will be bombarded by the next “big story” and nothing will change.

    How many folks showed up for occupy wall street? Millions, and still nothing changed.

    This is multi level issue and not one solution but several is the answer and for me, it all starts with education of black youth, and I’m not talking about indoctrination camps with the government education system but educating them on how they are manipulated, the private prison system, Malcolm X, MLK, Huey P Newton, Bobby Seal, Angela Davis, James Baldwin and others. Learning the history and how the government was involved every step of they from infiltrating the black panthers, to introducing crack cocain into ghetto’s. Only until folks understand andearn about these things and can no longer be manipulated, then we can go from there but as long as people like Obama are around to appease with platitudes, I’m afraid things will not.

    I hope I’m wrong but I would not be surprised if this changes nothing.

    Alive Minds Run Reply

    @Mew Mew also, Just to elaborate on why I said bandwagon. I know folks and I bet there are many more who don’t know a damn thing about race in the U. S and have barely even given it a thought but did their duty and posted the black out Instagram screen because there favourite influencer did and the influencer did so out of peer pressure or for pr purposes, this to me is the bandwagon. Not saying all did this but there are definitely a lot who would.

    pelican perspective Reply

    @Alive Minds Run did you miss Trayvon Martin? Eric Garner? And so many other times people spoke out? Do you think people don’t love their sons, daughters, husbands, brothers etc because you had a black president? Really? Do you think people speaking out against brutality is new or just politically convenient? I mean seriously, FFS.

    vanilla g Reply

    @Jonnie Hickson The George Floyd VIDEO.

    Nemo7The7Pirate7 Reply

    I prefer “execution”

Mel Barrera Reply

Glassman is so shady. Just saying, if the CEO of CrossFit doesn’t even DO CrossFit, you know it’s suspish lol

    LizzerdLegz27 Reply


Jt Tobz Reply

Realisation of being ‘wrong’ after hundreds of no longer affiliated emails arrived in his inbox 😩

    Brenda Evangelista Reply

    Not to mention getting his Reebok endorsement yanked away!

Ashely Bourgeois Reply

“Let me give you more context on why people are upset with Crossfit.”
*gives even more details*

I’m even MORE horrified by his tweet now. Thanks for the info. This is scary.

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