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Izanami Reply

Just when I gave up hope on something to watch, you’ve blessed me.

    Izanami Reply

    @Lambochaser Sure what would you like to know!

    Lambochaser Reply

    @Izanami Spare me, but I have tried researching. But the basics is what I want to know. What exactly did you eat and what things were cut out?

    Izanami Reply

    @Lambochaser Carbs and sugar were cut out. I eat meat, cheese, eggs, bacon, chicken. Carbs are in a lot of things people don’t really think of like fruits and veggies. So depending on the type of veggies/fruits you can just google their net carbs if you’re not sure. Most people who do keto do about 75% Fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs for your macros. So around 20 net carbs a day. For me though, I was really strict and for the first few months I did 0 net carbs so I basically did carnivore dieting. Then introduced about 10 net carbs per day, but it fluctuates depending on what I want to eat. I also fast twice a week. I know it’s a lot of info, but if there is anything in particular you want to know just ask!

    Brad Henderson Reply


    Beatriz Aceiton Reply

    The laugh is like diabolical

Emily Pinto Reply

Yes I’m early. Even though I watched the livestream I’m rewatching.

Hayley Anachronism Reply

Everyone sucks. Fitness, body pos, fat acceptance… take what you like and leave the rest.

    cosmic witch bitch Reply

    Literally. This is my philosophy for nearly all movements, even spirituality. Walk to the beat of your own drum, and I promise, you will be so much happier.

RachelReduces Reply

Megan is an Angel on Earth! Love her and will gladly join a Body Competition with her anytime. 😉😆

Plus Size In Canada Reply

I’ve just gotta tell you… I was a subscriber for a long time – then I real life listened to the HAES… and even though I know you’ve been in my shoes – I decided I had to unsubscribe from you because it felt like you weren’t falling in line with my “new fat accepting life”…

Flash forward a few months and I was over 300lbs, just turned 35 years old and I was so close to diabetes that it was scary.
I was nutrient deficient, had severe anemia, fatty liver and high triglycerides (just to name a few issues)
I found your videos again and started watching… and watching.. and basically binging everything on your channel and it CLICKED.
I am body positive.
I am body positive enough to take care of my body.
I want to live!
I’m now getting my life back and a lot of that is because of you, John. 💜

Thank you xo💜

Thank you so much for being that voice of reason so many of us need xoxo 💜💜

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    Woah, this is an amazing comment! Thanks SO much for sharing ❤️

    Plus Size In Canada Reply

    ObesetoBeast 💜💜💜

    RachelReduces Reply

    what an incredible timeline Miranda! So glad you finally got to see the truth.

    ellen stacey Reply

    Thats amazing 👏 join us in the discord we’d love to have you ❤

Blaire Reply

I don’t know what people expect overweight/obese people to wear when working out… Are they just supposed to wear old sweatpants and baggy tshirts until they get shredded? It is great that companies have seen the market for larger sizes. Overweight/Obese people like to wear workout clothes too. That are moisture-wicking (fat sweat is no joke ya’ll) & stretchy clothes in cute colors and patterns, as much as the svelte ripped athletic individuals. These people want obese/overweight people to get up and be healthy, but they don’t want to see them doing it, especially in the gear they like for themselves.

    CJ Plick Reply

    I wish a lot of great looking activewear fit me when I was still at a larger size. Living in Asia all the cute ones were waaay too small for me when I started exercising a year ago (I started as 4XL). I now fit medium/large and it’s such a confidence boost to be able to fit into stylish and trendy clothes.

    Scarlet Reply

    I really don’t think many people feel that way. It’s just a few weirdos online who are overly critical of other people in order to make themselves feel less insecure. IRL the vast majority of people just go about their business & don’t pay much attention to strangers around them. Like I couldn’t tell u what type of clothes other girls are wearing at my gym, bc I just have no idea

Owls Odyssey Reply

The camera shift for “Body Competition” is killing me! thank you John!

    poornima krishnan Reply

    Ikr 😂😂😂

    Courtney Jewell Reply

    Best part of the video. LOL.

Ashley Banks Reply

Another problem I have with these people, lol, is that most of them are “influencers” for a living so this is their whole life. Not saying anything is wrong with that but we can’t compare ourselves to that.

    Marjorie Bruton Reply

    I completely agree- my concerns are my now and future health (I’m only mildly overweight, but have family history of health issues that make being overweight even a bit dangerous) I’m not concerned with my appearance- if someone wants me to look like the fitness influencers than I need to be getting paid to look like that, because otherwise appearances is not my focus

Jenn Righter Reply

You used a clip of Dr. Mike once that really resonated with me. He said, “so many people let perfect get in the way of good enough.”
It’s awesome and admirable and cool if someone decides to be really fit and get super lean and cut. That’s awesome and no one should take away from any person committed to that. But for those who don’t enjoy working out and are doing it just to better their health, those that struggle to maintain a healthy diet, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just good enough to be healthy.

    Jenn Righter Reply

    I mean, surface level, yes, it would be great to have some rocking bod. But there are very unhealthy habits within the fitness community, physical and mental, and it does not cure one’s mental health to look like an Instagram model. Exercise and eating well definitely help physical and mental well being. But it doesn’t have to be some level of absolute perfection for the average person.

    Ciara Reply

    @jenn righter I agree100%! For so long I would discourage myself because I didn’t look like these people I was striving to be like. I wasn’t able to move like them and I SURELY didn’t want to eat plain chicken breast and non-starchy veggies 3 times a day. It took me a while to realize I really don’t have to be perfect. I just have to get myself to a healthy point and maintain that while still enjoying my life.

    Ciara Reply

    Also, I see your comments a lot and it looks like we enjoy a lot of the same people so I wanted to say hey 👋 😁

    Blissful101 Reply

    This comment! This reminds me of the one time I commented under a female fitness influencers post, asking about how I could help myself stay motivated to workout during quarantine, for someone who doesn’t like to do the same exact workout routine for more than 3+ months. This woman told me “training isn’t about variety of workouts, its about progressively lifting heavier using the same movements.” She could have said anything, even “try using new bands” or “try experimenting with tempo,” but no lol she basically implied fitness is only weight lifting and resistance training containing only a few set of exercises. I’m just trying to stay fit not enter into a body building competition. I just unfollowed, and I have since ventured into other “forms” of fitness such as yoga, and flexibility training, with a little bit of resistance training and I’m a lot happier. Sure maybe I may not be consistently working my pec minor AND pec major, but I’m working my body overall and it feels good 🙂

    Jenn Righter Reply

    Ciara aw, hey! The good side of social media 💞

Case Reply

Reading the chat on the stream lol. I used to watch Alan Roberts and Papa Swolio too – Alan is okay, but he really rubbed me the wrong way when he started posting about COVID stuff and I haven’t really looked into his content since then and Papa Swolio, while funny, has started annoying me more and more as I work on my own weight loss. The “all or nothing” sort of mindset he promotes is, in my opinion, toxic and unhelpful. Maybe it’s good for some people, but definitely not me.

Now I watch Obese to Beast and Michelle McDaniel – my wholesome compassionate nerd babes. Their positive mindsets are contagious and they help me feel like I can really make changes in my lifestyle. <3

    doc crowley Reply

    @Case kind of ironic for a man who claims to be a supporter of health and FACTS. i got tired of him putting on the tough guy act with the yelling and swearing thinking it’ll make him immune to criticism on top of him just refusing to leave this one girl who blocked him alone and constantly dropping her name like he wants his audience to go swarm her or something

    doc crowley Reply

    @H Hoges every american flag papa swolio puts in the background of his videos he gets a little more racist. the american flag bandana is actually sentient and taking over his brain

    doc crowley Reply

    @Katy Bee swolio be like: rape jokes are the holy grail of comedy

    Case Reply

    @doc crowley I didn’t realize he was doing the name dropping of someone who blocked him? I remember him calling out really big name HAES ppl (like Tess Holliday) and that’s fair, I think, because of their influence, but I didn’t realize he was doing it to just randoms.

    Yeah it’s the hypocrisy that made me drop him. I even joined in in calling him out (along with tons of other people) in his early COVID posts and he just brushed everyone off and yelled at them for letting themselves get scared and not looking at “the FAcTS”, like he somehow knows better than the WHO and the CDC :

    cosmic witch bitch Reply

    Yes!!! Let them fester in their lower vibrational frequencies. Some people thrive there. It’s okay to want kindness and positivity. It’s much better for your chi and chakras, which is all directly tied to physical health. This is why I love John and people like him; they use a gentle approach, a REASONABLE approach with encouragement. People are like plants, okay… they need love and nourishment to flourish.

Madeleine Berry Reply

The thing I notice with more “opinionated“ fitness channels is that you can usually tell who’s been overweight once and who hasn’t. Same with anyone who commentates on HAES and body positivity.

    Scarlet Reply

    yeah, & anyone who encourages you to eat/ drink certain products, be it grass-fed expensive cuts of meat, flat-tummy teas, special mushrooms, or whatever – either has no idea what they’re talking about or they’re intentionally scamming you

    Frida Warnemyr Reply

    @Scarlet Generally speaking, I agree with you, especially about detox teas and flat tummy teas, but this is not necessarily true about the “grass fed expensive cuts of meat” part. Some people (myself included) have histamine issues and need to avoid meats from animals that have been fed “feeds” as opposed to grass (pasture raised is preferable), so that’s a product that makes sense to promote as it’s a much healthier options for us. However, if someone promotes these high quality cuts of meat and prepackaged “put me in the microwave for seven minutes and serve” meals, now that’s hypocritical (prepackaged food generally contains high levels of histamine). And you certainly don’t need to eat pasture/grass fed meats if all you’re looking for is losing weight and you don’t have histamine sensitivities.

    Joel Brewer Reply

    @Scarlet so how would I be scamming you to suggest eating the best quality food you can? I don’t work in the fitness/nutrition industry or profit in any way from them. As an ex obese person I simply suggest this as a way that worked for me. Elimination of processed foods and refined carbs helped me recover from many health issues, drop massive amounts of weight and keep it off for half a decade so far. I would get what you are saying if you were saying that anyone who is trying to sell you ‘health products’ is scamming you since all you have to do is eat real, unprocessed food if possible and your body will do what it’s meant to do, be healthy.

James Beavis Reply

Alan Roberts is the king or yelling at people for being fat. I’m not even overweight and I feel bad about myself watching his stuff lol

    Gloria Tesla Reply

    @SooJin Cho Same here ! I was having my first french toasts thanks to Coach Greg… and I’m French, isn’t it ironic :-))) What’s your favorite recipes so far ?

    SooJin Cho Reply

    @Gloria Tesla hahaha that’s awesome that was your first recipe. I really like his pizza with the flat out pizza crust. I can’t make a lot of the desserts right now. Both of the sweeteners he suggested aren’t available. Even on amazon… 🙁 So I need to do some research to find a good alternative

    Lady GreedyShrimp Reply

    He is very harsh but if you listen to him he is very similar to Obeast to Beast. Actually Obeast to Beast and Every Damn Day are in the same group of fitness channels that disagree in the fitness community as a whole. Him, PapaSwole, Allen, and Michelle have actually done videos together and all have the same thoughts about the fitness community and health. I actually really like this because they are 4 very different people that come from fitness at different ways but ultimately agree. That means there are different outlooks and videos for a variety of peoples weight loss journeys.

    Paije Peri Reply

    SooJin Cho I used to work at a gym and there was this one trainer who was just this drill sargent. She was always yelling at people that they were weak and lazy etc. and people Loved her. Her schedule was always full. I don’t get it but it works for some people.

    sleepyinsomniac Reply

    Tbh i like alan roberts but watching more than a few of his videos is tough for me cause he starts to sound a lot like my thoughts during the worst period of my eating disorder

gingerlinguist Reply

she is so talking about swolenormous – he yells about grass fed beef a lot

    gingerlinguist Reply

    @Perrie Facts I don’t watch him anymore, very repetitive

    Samantha Martin Reply

    Also he said to be careful of GREEN BEANS because of the sugar… wtf!? Even claimed YouTubes self confirmed subscription bug doesn’t exist and is your own fault, guy’s fricken off.

    Roderico Reply

    Yeah, I would be very wary of Swolenormous. He means well, but he seems to have a very single minded idea of what fitness should be. And his “anti-PC” attitude can get grating sometimes.

    Cerulean Blue Reply

    He’ll probably end up getting colorectal cancer one day with his eating habits.

    gingerlinguist Reply

    @Roderico It looks like an act to me. He thinks he has found his niche. All power to him, but to me he id boring (and not helpful)


TW: Some disordered behaviors

This is such an important conversation to have. I was a person that became orthorexic while losing weight by employing an extreme approach. I remember refusing to eat APPLES and CARROTS because of the sugar content. So, at first I loved the more aggressive influencers (because they reinforced my behaviors and mindset). Now, I have finally unsubscribed to some of them because I cannot tolerate the condescension, disdain, or lack of empathy that I pick up.

Moral is: You can get healthy by making small changes. You can get to your goal without limiting yourself to grass fed beef, chicken, and broccoli.

    Roderico Reply

    Yeah, I nearly fell into that when I first found out about keto. And while all the victory stories on r/keto were super inspiring, I didn’t pick up on the growing extreme views until later on. The “all or nothing” approach really fucks with the mind sometimes

    Kira Eckard Reply

    I try to know vaguely about nutritional facts now for general goals in fitness and maintaining weight, but nothing like I used to do. Many of the people I followed 2-3 years ago are putting out videos now talking about how their old ways were ridiculous and held them back from enjoying life. I’m glad more health influencers seem to be leaning towards this more casual lifestyle approach.

Emma Boxer Reply

I think swoleenormous is the perfect example of a bad fitness influencer. His message is complete clean life and if you dont accomplish that your just weak. I’ve heard him say you dont need treats because your not a dog. It’s bad from both ends of the stick. People who are starting their weight loss journey will find it unattainable and those who are losing weight might spiral into orthorexia

    Ashley Miller Reply

    I actually bought his plan, and while his workouts were pretty good for a beginner, the elimination diet was intense. I ate so many sweet potatoes. And if you asked for help in his Facebook group, they all just kind of mimicked swolenormous about “just doing it” or whatever. Even with an objectively good day of eating, I felt like I was failing constantly.

    Gloria Tesla Reply

    I think Alan Roberts is angry but benevolent… but papa swolio is just plain scornful.

    Haley Reply

    @daisyplayer while you may not need treats nutritionally, eventually it will drive you crazy if you have to be perfect and clean all the time.

    Nick G Reply

    Nancy Gonzalez Why don’t you like Alan Roberts? I think he’s way better than Swole for sure, curious your thoughts

    cosmic witch bitch Reply

    daisyplayer Yeah, how DARE someone enjoy a cookie every once in a while. The horror.

Olivia Rose Reply

I cut out fast food, stopped snacking as much and started walking more. I went from 154 pounds to 128 pounds in just a few months! It doesn’t have to be a crazy diet/workout plan! 😁

Rebecca Brown Reply

‘don’t need to listen to the screaming shirtless man’ if that’s not aimed at swolenormous I don’t know what is.

    Tiffany E Reply


    Kacie Warren Reply

    Yassssss lol

Mia B Reply

Honestly sounds like she’s talking about Swolenormous. He’s very Trumpian in his approach to obesity

    chirlishgambin0 Reply

    His content is too much for me, imo comes across as more criticizing others than being helpful. To each their own.

    Martha Villagomez Reply

    “Papa Swolio”‘s whole shtick is too much for me. The yelling, the American flag bandanna, the “nuts on yo chin” garbage. Even if he gave amazing info (which he doesn’t), I can’t push past his aggressive persona.

    doc crowley Reply

    @teeamabry his manner of thinking is very black and white too. either youre full on paleo and trying to specifically get lean muscle or your diet and exercise regime is garbage. his commentary is also unfocused and not educational and mostly just him ranting about stuff that no one cares about while dropping hints that hes sliding farther and farther to the fascist right end of the political spectrum

    Shonna Cirone Reply

    That was my guess as well

Rattlewings Reply

She is definitely talking about Swolenormous.
I used to enjoy his content, but he’s become really horrible and nasty lately.

His recent take on larger sizes is particularly stupid. He basically insinuated larger people don’t deserve clothes.
Larger people need fitness clothes too or how are they comfortably going to get fit?
He’s become a real gatekeeper.

    nancy klingler Reply

    I stopped watching Swolenormous after his comment that if you are trying to stop drinking you don’t keep hanging out with your drinking buddies, so if you are trying to lose weight you need to stop hanging out with shitty people…many of us have people we love that are overweigh and in no way think they are shitty people, that was the last time I watched him.

    net punk Reply

    I like a good amount of his older content but he’s gone off the rails lately.

    zöe weitzeil Reply

    Oh dude maybe I’m just too nice but I never liked that guy’s content, he’s always been pretty mean-spirited.

    Kacie Warren Reply

    When he brought out the “Tess Horn-aday” bit…
    Used to love his content, but I agree he’s went off the rails.

Perrie Facts Reply

She’s gotta be talking about Papa Swolio. He constantly does that crap

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