World’s Best Chicken, Brown Rice & Broccoli Meal Prep / Pollo, Arroz Integral y Brócoli

Here's my secret to making the tastiest chicken (or tofu), brown rice & broccoli for #mealprep! Bodybuilding may never be the same! Recipe – | Get my t-shirt:

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Fit Men Cook Reply

my followers on IG and FB requested this quick video! this is the one meal my friends ALWAYS ask me to make them b/c it’s so flavorful, yet simple. hope y’all enjoy! send me pics of your recipes here!

    Warren Viegas Reply

    How is barley as a replacement for rice

    Youngla14 Reply

    This is only for bodybuilding right. Could this be used for weight loss

    Maria Vazquez Reply

    Fit Men Cook i

Heghineh Cooking Show Reply

Looks so good😋

Big Carlos Reply

my favorite channel for healthy cooking

Jason Bouck Reply

DUDE! Yes! This is perfect Kevin! thank you

Judith Loue Reply

The Five-Spice powder is a good addition to anything that seems a bit bland……..This meal does rock!!

Eric J Reply

Chinese 5 Spice:

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
1 teaspoon ground cloves.
1 teaspoon fennel seed, toasted and ground.
1 teaspoon ground star anise.
1 teaspoon szechuan peppercorns, toasted and ground.

Definitely easier to buy premade.

    Amy Thanina Reply

    +Eric J thank you !! All to be found in my country easily but that shiz….I really have to google it 😀

    ucanthavemysn Reply

    The chinese five spice blend i found at the grocery store was a bit different because it doesnt have fennel or peppercorn but it has ginger. McCormick’s. Ingredients say: anise, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger. I didn’t love this recipe though even though i tend to love asian food. Wondering if it could be because of the blend. I am going to keep playing with the recipe to see what I can do.

    SurferHawa Reply

    What’s the name of the premade sauce?

    Eric J Reply

    You mean the soy sauce?

    AB HU Reply

    Lol, Szechuan sauce

Holly Bate Reply

HECK YEAH BABY. Nailed this one, no more Tupperware nightmares thank ya very much!!

bloche1231 Reply

Since I started making these recipes (approximately 4 weeks ago) I’ve dropped about 13lbs…thanks man, god knows I’m a picky eater couldn’t have done it without the recipes

Brianna Najera Reply

i don’t know how to cook but you’re the only person that makes me want to learn how to cook 🙌 great video 👏

Inquire703 Reply

You video have inspired me so much, what I view I immediately want to cook up myself. Plus, I now have more than enough ideas for lunch and dinner. Thanks so much Fit Men Cook. Boom! 👊🏾

梁汕齐 Reply

It’s nice to have subtitle ! ! ! It is easy to watch it and understand it for foreigner

Travis White Reply

Is it just me, or does he have the most epic of t-shirts in every video?? haha I want the bugs bunny one!!

Justin Carpenter Reply

I freaking love this guy. I don’t know what I would do without him

Halim Werghemmi Reply

Nice one but I suggest you cook the chicken before the rice, raw food first,

Duc Le Reply

In my opinion, i would stir- fry the chicken with oil and garlic first instead of brown rice. And then toss the frozen broccoli (the frozen veggies need time to be cooked) in and the rice will be the last with the green onion. Oh, and always seasoning at the beginning.
What do you guys think?

    bigdicktoe Reply

    Same and dont forget the Chinese five spice.

Abby Edejer Reply

I’ve been looking for 5 spice everywhere! I can’t find it. Might have to order on amazon…

Keturah Sylvain Reply

a a fit man cook I’m continuing on a healthier lifestyle and I enjoy watching your programs I was wondering is your videos more targeted towards men if so can you recommend a good one for females to lose weight

Andrew Mack Reply

I love this guy, dude inspires me to cook healthy as opposed to all the other bodybuilding bros out there who cook death meals.

    M_ Afif Reply

    so true, need to be creative so we dont eat healthy (shitty) foods.

    AP JP Reply

    I was a victim hahah so glad i found him today. Time to not eat a dry af meal

Den Dem Reply

it would be great to know nutrients amounts(fat, carbs, protein)

Volodymyr Hirnyj Reply

Just made this, absolutely delicious! I did not have the Chinese 5-spice so I used cumin, curry powder, ground ginger, and smoked paprika and it was delicious (easy on the ginger though, it’s powerful). I also added some fresh cilantro at the end as it really brings out the other flavors. Thanks for sharing your secrets, Kevin! Love your recipes!

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