Would you eat..crickets?! Low-carb Muffins!

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T T Reply

Before i even clicked the video my answer was no 🤣🤣🤣…. then I had to think about it! lol

Linora Low Reply

Finally!! some cricket muffins!!! i cant wait 🙂

Natasha Vincent Reply

Wilson’s a real one

Julian Caba-McCarthy Reply

Chapulines ay no

Jono Reply

Perfect timing i just spotted the cricket flour at the supermarket the other day and picked some up. Now i have a recipe im definitely going to try these.

Deb Reply

My son wants a pet lizard…but I’m too afraid of bugs to accommodate their diet…when he gets old enough, he can make and feed them these 😂🤣

ABetterLife.Inc Reply

I don’t mind eating crickets at all.

Jack K Reply

I was looking on forums where to get some. Someone asked of the ones sold at petco are safe. We have to eat more bugs if we want a sustainable future. Eating bugs are more sustainable than veganism.

Johannán Sánchez Reply

You can get chapulines from Mexico too, they are very popular called chapulines 🦗.

M V Reply


bobert59 Reply

hard pass, whats next mudcakes?

ymb6987 Reply

Why did I just yell “Run Wilson – you’re about to eat crickets!” LOLOL Seriously though, I am thoroughly loving all of the different content as it is never.ever.boring! Keep it going Kev, Jessie, and Wilson!!

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